donovan davis

SHERWOOD, Ark. -- Sylvan Hills High School senior, Donovan Davis, wrote this monologue as an assignment from Ms. Alaquinez (Theatre, Speech, and Forensics teacher). Davis was the lead in the Sylvan Hills high school play that was set to open Friday, March, 13 (the first day of AMI quarantine).

Donovan Davis - Monologue
It seems like yesterday was my first time walking in these halls. Anticipating the last day of high school as a freshman. People told me to “take my time”, “don’t grow up so fast”, and “enjoy it while it lasts”. Looking back… I could relive this experience for the rest of my life and still not want to let it go. I’ve had so many ups, like being in every play with my theatre family. Then there were classes where no one knew each other at the beginning of the year, but by the end, we were the best of friends. Also the time we spent in special curricular activities. So many great memories have been made. There is also a downside to things too. Like the fact that I never got to do my last high school play, or that I can’t go to my senior prom. The biggest is that I probably won’t get to have formal graduation. However, even had I finished the way it was intended to be, the “goodbyes” would still be the hardest part. I guess eventually the curtains have to close and the show must end. High school might be over, but there’s still a lot of adventures I’ve yet to explore. So don’t cry. Grab your popcorn and a front-row seat, because the story has truly just begun.