Sylvan Hills High School Threat Investigation
PCSSD joins forces with local law enforcement, State Police and FBI

SHERWOOD, Ark. -- Pulaski County Special School District appreciates the hard work and cooperation with the Sherwood police department, Arkansas State Police and the FBI as we continue to investigate the threats made against Sylvan Hills High School. 

After coordination with these law enforcement agencies, PCSSD has decided to open school on Friday, February 14 for Sylvan Hills High School - main and north campuses.

The safety and security of students and staff is our top concern. Therefore, we are grateful that Arkansas State Police and Sherwood Police will offer additional security at the main campus and north campus. We will also have added law enforcement at Sylvan Hills Elementary and Cato Elementary due to their proximity to each high school campus. Sylvan Hills Middle School will have PCSSD security on campus throughout the day as well.

In addition to the security presence, PCSSD security will have metal detectors and scanning devices set up at entry points for Sylvan Hills High School main campus and the north campus.es Every student and staff member will be required to enter the building through the designated areas.

Also, the FBI recommends that parents who own firearms ensure they are accounted for and securely locked away from children.

The following is a summary of communication from PCSSD to the public as the investigation began and progressed.