Hutchinson Computer Science Tour

Governor Asa Hutchinson visited Sylvan Hills Middle School as part of his Fall 2019 Computer Science Tour. This is his ninth tour which includes more than 70 Arkansas schools since he took office in January 2015. 

More than 1,100 students from three Sylvan Hills campuses attended the event which included 8th through 10th graders. Several legislative and district leaders attended the event as well. 

  • Dr. Charles  McNulty, PCSSD Superintendent
  • Jessica Duff, PCSSD Executive Director of Communications
  • Mike Hudgeons, Sylvan Hills Middle School Principal
  • Leslie Ireland, Sylvan Hills High School Freshman Campus Assistant Principal
  • Quynci Williams, Sylvan Hills High School Assistant Principal
  • Shelby Thomas, PCSSD Board of Education Vice President
  • Mayor Virginia Young, Sherwood
  • Beverly Williams - Alderman, City of Sherwood
  • Marina Brooks - Alderman, City of Sherwood
  • April Broderick - Alderman, City of Sherwood
  • Mike Sanders - Alderman, City of Sherwood
  • State Representative Karilyn Brown

Governor Hutchinson spoke about the importance of computer science to the crowd of students and teachers. 

“Computer science and tech innovation have become a movement throughout Arkansas in the past four years," said Gov. Hutchinson. "I look forward to what this next year will bring as we continue to lead the nation in computer science education.”