teacher leadership program

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. -- Sylvan Hills Elementary’s music teacher, Ms. Beth Hendrix, recently completed the Teacher Leadership Program through the Arkansas Leadership Academy.

Ms. Hendrix is part of the first leadership class of the Teacher Leadership Program, which included nearly 30 educators from across the Natural State.

“It was an honor for me to be selected to the Teacher Leader Program with the Arkansas Leadership Academy,” said Ms. Hendrix. “The six sessions that I attended over the past five months focused on building collective teacher efficacy in a school building. When all teachers  believe that they have what it takes for all students to succeed, students will succeed! I am excited to take the protocols I learned back to the teachers in my building. We have had phenomenal growth at Sylvan Hills Elementary this year and I know that implementing the new strategies I learned with the amazing team of teachers at SHES that next year will be even better!”

The Teacher Leadership Program includes seven themes aligned with the Arkansas Teacher Leader Model Standards for Lead Designation: collaborating, eadeing, understanding, learning, analyzing, reflecting, and advocating. The organization’s vision is to provide professional learning pathways for educational leaders to best meet their needs while nurturing their leadership skills.