PCSSD - Summary of Board Operations, November 2012

Summary of Board Operations, November 2012

On June 20, 2011 the Arkansas Department of Education removed the Pulaski County School Board of Education and Superintendent, Dr. Charles L. Hopson, and took control of the District. Dr. Tom Kimbrell, Commissioner, Arkansas Department of Education, will serve in the stead of PCSSD Board of Education. Former Superintendent Bobby Lester and Phyllis Stewart, ADE, were appointed as liaisons for the District by the Department of Education. Dr. Jerry D. Guess was selected as the Superintendent of the Pulaski County Special School District, effective July 1, 2011.


  1. Annual Plan to the Public – Media Report Fall 2012
  2. Scholastic Audit Reports to Dr. Kimbrell
    • College Station Elementary
    • Harris Elementary
    • Oakbrooke Elementary
    • Scott Elementary
    • Murrell Taylor Elementary
    • Fuller Middle
    • Jacksonville Middle
    • Northwood Middle
    • Jacksonville High
    • Mills University Studies
    • North Pulaski
    • Robinson High
    • Sylvan Hills High

Old Business

  1. Amendment of support staff allocations for 2012-2013. This will add two additional speech therapists due to the increasing numbers in the Early Childhood program (227 referrals). An additional speech therapist is needed to provide services due to an increase in the number of students needing speech therapy. Currently there are therapists whose caseload has exceeded 45. The additional therapist will enable the special education program to be in compliance with state and federal guidelines. These positions will be temporary for the remainder of this school year. Approved

New Business

  1. Technology Purchase – Smart Board technology for fifteen classrooms. Northwood Middle School will use NSLA Capital Outlay monies to purchase SMART Board technology for fifteen classrooms. SMART notebook Math tools will be purchased for five math classrooms using NSLA. This technology will afford our students immediate access to a 21st Century Classroom environment. By developing a technology-rich environment, students will become active participants in the learning process and assessing their own knowledge. Technology-infused lessons will create virtual learning environments whereas Marzano’s Four Planning Questions (Identified in PLCS and guide Instructional Planning). Marzano’s Instructional Strategies will be aligned with the Seven Categories of Technology. Our initial focus will be on the following Technology Categories: Multimedia, Web Resources, and Organizing Information, and Marzano’s Instructional strategies: Setting Objectives, Non-linguistic representations, Cooperative Learning and Identifying Similarities and Differences. All lessons and assessment products will reflect alignment with Common Core State Standards. ACSIP action and monies afford teachers after-school Professional Development which will be provided by district Technology Specialist and Professional Learning Communities will serve as a timeframe for additional professional development. Approved
  2. Postpone 2012-2013 Math Textbook Adoption. The Math Caravan was not until November 2, 2012. The committee began reviewing all offerings on that date and required more time to solicit building level input into the selection process before final recommendation is made to the Board. Approved
  3. Purchase of Smart Board X880 and Smart Notebook Math Tools. NSLA Capital Outlay will be used to purchase Smart Board technology for fifteen classrooms. Additional NSLA funds will be used to purchase Smart Math Tools for five classrooms. All lessons and assessments will reflect alignment with CCSS. Teachers will receive after school PD on use. Approved
  4. College Station Elementary Playground Project. The current playground at College Station does not meet ADA standards. The Scholastic Audit findings stated the playground was not up to standard and needed to be removed and replaced. The existing playground was not large enough to accommodate the student population. Approved
  5. Purchase of twenty-four new school buses. The buses are very old, expensive to maintain, unreliable and potentially unsafe for our students. Approved
  6. Roof repair at Daisy Bates Elementary School. This repair was necessary to stop leaks. Approved
  7. Robinson High School Softball Field (Title IX issue). This will include complete earthwork, drainage, and irrigation to provide a regulation softball practice field at Robinson High School – Construction Management Firm (HARCO). Approved
  8. Resolution to finalize Refunding of November 2007 Bond Issue. Approved
  9. Restructured Organizational Chart. The restructured organizational chart will achieve additional accountability to the superintendent; improve communication, increase productivity and efficiency within the central office operation. Approved

Consent Agenda

  1. Summary of District Operations for October 2012. Approved
  2. Expulsions. Approved
  3. Personnel. Approved
  4. Bills for Payment. Approved
  5. Financial Report. Approved
  6. Fiscal Distress Reports. Approved


On November 19, 2012, a student hearing was held for a junior at Maumelle High School. School, who had been recommended for expulsion. The hearing was held at the Pulaski County Special School District boardroom located at 925 East Dixon Road, Little Rock, Arkansas. The student was charged with pushing a teacher. The student stated the teacher confiscated his cell phone and placed it in a drawer. He reached into the drawer to get the phone at which time the teacher closed the drawer on his hand. According to the student, the push was made in order to remove his hand from the drawer. A three-member panel consisting of Danny Knight, Brenda Dixon and Ken Turner conducted the hearing. The hearing panel reviewed and considered the evidence and determined that the student be placed in the PCSSD Learning Center immediately and be provided anger management. It was further stipulated the student be placed on probation for the remainder of the school year, and if no other violations occur, he will be permitted to return to Maumelle High School in the fall of 2013. Dr. Tom Kimbrell, Commissioner of Education, acting in the stead of a school board, sustained the panel’s findings.