PCSSD - Summary of Board Operations, January 2013

Summary of Board Operations, January 2013

On June 20, 2011 the Arkansas Department of Education removed the Pulaski County School Board of Education and Superintendent, Dr. Charles L. Hopson, and took control of the District. Dr. Tom Kimbrell, Commissioner, Arkansas Department of Education, will serve in the stead of PCSSD Board of Education. Former Superintendent Bobby Lester and Phyllis Stewart, ADE, were appointed as liaisons for the District by the Department of Education. Dr. Jerry D. Guess was selected as the Superintendent of the Pulaski County Special School District, effective July 1, 2011.

Old Business

  1. Purchase of literacy materials for Pinewood Elementary School to improve the quality of literacy instruction.

New Business

  1. Purchase of I-Pad Carts for Career Orientation Classes at three middle schools, for use in development of student six-year plans. In addition, this system can be used for improving literacy in the Career Orientation program.
  2. Approval of Warehouse Renovation in order to move Student Nutritional Services to the Warehouse. This move will be beneficial in allowing Warehouse Operations and Student Nutritional Services to work together more efficiently.
  3. Purchase of District-wide Network Security to securely manage the district’s network, prevent firewall intrusions and includes redundancy in case of failure.
  4. Upgrade Job Description and Salary of 7 existing Cafeteria Workers. The state requires a qualified person in place at all cafeterias to ensure proper regulations are being met.
  5. Settlement Agreement with Joshua Intervenors/Payment of $875,000 from funds held by PCSSD, in agreed upon time frame.
  6. Purchase of ACT Student Prep Services, by Cambridge Educational Services to provide a customized 30 hour ACT preparation course for Jacksonville High School’s 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who plan to take the ACT Test in the spring of 2013.
  7. Purchase of 2 iPad Carts for Bayou Meto Elementary School to improve the quality of instruction. Students will use the iPads to enhance Common Core State Standards.
  8. Approval of Construction Fund Program to promote unitary status through prioritization of projects based on life/health/safety, prevent and repair damage to infrastructure, adhere to codes/laws, reduce infrastructure and improve environmental impact all while ensuring equity indicators are met.
  9. Approval of hiring an Accounting Specialist 1 to maintain accurate and timely reporting of all Payroll, Accounts Payable, Activity Fund, Food Services accounts for our 36 schools.
  10. Approval of hiring Ricoh for printing services and mail services for the District.

Consent Agenda

  1. Summary of District Operations for December, 2012 - Approved
  2. Expulsions – Approved
  3. Personnel – Approved
  4. Bills for Payment – Approved
  5. Financial Report – Approved
  6. Fiscal Distress Reports – Approved