PCSSD - Students prepare for MAP Growth test

Students prepare for MAP Growth test


Parents and Families of Sylvan Hills High North,

This year PCSSD has adopted the NWEA MAP Growth (Northwest Evaluation Association, Measure of Academic Progress) Interim Assessment. MAP Growth tests are interim assessments, which means they may be given periodically during the year. It is based on the same standards as the summative (“high-stakes” or state) tests, so they measure similar content. Teachers receive the student’s results from the MAP Growth Assessment within 48 hours. The results show what students know and what they are ready to learn; assisting the teacher in creating personalized lessons at the appropriate level for your child. 

What will this look like at SHHS-North?  Our students will take three interim assessments this school year and will test for 60 minutes; three consecutive days. One day for English, one day for math and one day for reading. Each test will chart the student’s academic growth pattern. Our English and Math Instructional Coaches along with your child’s teachers will have the tools to offer rigorous learning to both our advanced students and those in need of building stronger foundational skills.

Therefore, your child’s attendance is important every day.  Attendance is especially important for all three interim assessments, as our teachers will prepare the next level of personalized, rigorous instruction for your child, based on their interim assessment results. SHHN testing dates are: August 22-26, November 18-20 and February 24-26. 

We are excited about implementing MAP Growth testing at SHHN.  Our goal is to provide our students with the BEST possible opportunities in preparing them to master the challenges of the 21st Century with a solid foundation created here at our school. Go Bears. 

Educationally yours,
Yvone L. West, Principal


Click the link below for more information and commonly asked questions about MAP Growth.

NWEA assessments: Resources for Parents

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