PCSSD - Pine Forest student writes anti-bullying book

Pine Forest student writes anti-bullying book

(Little Rock, Ark.) – One third grade student is standing up against bullying in schools by writing a book and promoting anti-bullying advocacy across the state.

Kamille Mohler, a third grader at Pine Forest Elementary, told her mom that if she could change anything in the world it would be to stop bullying. She decided to write a book, which she titled I Am Not, that focused on sharing stories about eliminating stereotypes and shedding fears. 

“I Am Not” is a movement that allows people of all ages to spread the consensus that he/she is more than their insecurities. She encourages others to share what their “I am not” message is; for example “I am not my skin tone” or “I am not my freckles” or “I am not my ears.” These are all posts that Mohler has shared on her Facebook page.

Mohler is going to travel to the Spring Kid & Teenpreneur Vendor Expo in Bartlett, TN in May as an author and advocate. The book release date is May 1, 2019 and is available on amazon.com for pre-order now. 

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