The PCSSD Comprehensive School Improvement Plan is aligned with PCSSD's Desegregation Plan 2000. The school improvement plan supports schools through the allocation of personnel, resources and oversight necessary to achieve the following educational goals:

  • To improve educational achievement by all students, with special attention to African-American students and others who are at risk of academic failure due to socioeconomic disadvantages, or other factors.

  • To decrease the performance gap between white students and African-American students through the systematic design/selection and implementation of intervention programs that provide effective remediation and/or adaptation to individual or group needs.

  • To increase the number and proportion of African-American and disadvantaged students participating in extracurricular activities, gifted and honors programs, and enriched or advanced placement courses.

  • To reduce the number of discipline problems and classroom disruptions caused by all students, regardless of race or background.

  • To increase student attendance and reduce suspensions and grade retentions for all students, regardless of race or background.

  • To establish an ongoing, systematic evaluation system at individual schools and the district level to:

    • Assess the progress made at school and district levels in achieving the educational goals

    • Provide direction for "Education Plan" and educational program improvements where indicated.