PCSSD is dedicated to providing a rigorous and relevant education in which all students gain the academic and personal skills needed for lifelong learning and success.

  • With the district’s goal in mind, it is the ESOL program’s overall vision to serve and support our ELL population so that they are able to succeed in the classroom and reach fluent English proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

  • It is also the goal that with these areas of proficiency, ELL students will gain the skills needed to be college and career ready.

  • The PCSSD’s ESOL program serves students from numerous countries who speak many different languages. With the diversity of the students we have in the program, it is essential that we look at the overall student and meet his/her individual needs.


The PCSSD’s ESOL program believes that an:

  • Effective education of every ELL is the responsibility of all educational personnel.

  • Effective education requires that excellent supplemental services are rendered to ELL students who meet specific criteria and need these services to be successful.

  • Effective program for ELL students respects and celebrates all students’ native languages in the context of both school and community.

  • Effective education promotes the belief that is advantageous for ALL.