Federal Title I funds for school improvement are assigned to elementary schools in the PCSSD based on the number of students receiving free or reduced lunch at each site. School communities establish a school improvement committee composed of administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and community representatives. The ACSIP model, FEPSI, and state mandated testing results are used to address improvements in the focus areas of literacy and mathematics. The data analysis is used to identify individual student and subpopulations that are underachieving. This analysis of data is also used to identify possible gaps in areas of the curriculum. Research-based schoolwide programs are then chosen and implemented at the school using Title I funds to improve instruction and student achievement. Parent/student/teacher compacts are designed at each Title I school to support the student achievement initiatives. At present, 20 elementary schools in PCSSD receive Title I funds. Title II A funds are used to provide professional development to maintain highly qualified teachers and administrators. Title III, Limited English Proficient (LEP), funds are designed for local educational agencies (LEAs) that enroll one or more LEP students and must be of sufficient size and scope to allow such entities to carry out high quality language instruction educational programs for LEP children.


Instructional Supplemental Schedule


Professional Development (Certified)*

Work that involves production of a curriculum, working with children or parents. (Certified)*

Professional Development/Parental Involvement/Tutor (Support)*

ESL/ELL Interpreter (plus mileage at district approved rate)


Homebound Teacher ( plus mileage at district approved rate)**

Amount without benefits

$25.00 per hour

$31.25 per hour

$15.00 per hour


$15.00 per hour


Amount of benefits






33% (approximate)

*This is for voluntary work beyond the contracted day or year. Prior to payment the ACSIP Expenditure Checklist must be completed and approved. Stipends should be accounted for in the ACSIP.

**Paid Daily Rate of Pay (DRP).