Frequently Asked Questions

What are voters approving?

  • Every year school districts require voter approval on their annual school mill tax.

  • PCSSD is seeking approval of the annual 40.7 School Mill Tax.

  • With an approval of the school mill tax, PCSSD will be able to restructure current bonds which will free up $80 million.

How will this vote impact the taxpayer?

  • Without an increase to property tax rates, district schools (facilities) will be improved.

  • As schools are improved, home values will increase.

What happens if the ballot measure doesn't pass?

  • If the measure doesn't pass, the tax rate will remain the same.

  • While the tax rate remains the same, without approval, the schools will not receive improvements and/or expansions.

How much money will taxpayers pay?

  • Property taxes will remain the same whether the ballot measure passes or fails.

    Millage Rate Calculation Chart

Market Value






Assessed Value at 20%






40.7 Mills Yearly






40.7 Mills Monthly






What does it mean to "restructure" bonds?

  • Restructure is used to mean the same thing as refinancing, or revising, bonds in order to save the District money in the long run. The money saved will be restructured, or reallocated, to fund infrastructure projects related to facilities improvements.