Leslie Ireland
Administrator, Center of Innovation/Driven Virtual Academy

DRIVEN Virtual Academy


DRIVEN Virtual Academy is a full-time, 100% online school for students in K-12 within the Pulaski County Special School District. Driven Virtual Academy will distinguish itself from other schools in the area by providing flexibility in coursework with self-paced options, mentoring programs, and curriculum delivery flexibility, specifically in the areas listed below:

  • Individual Student Learning Path: Flexibility of working at pace and/or advanced in order to reach individual student goals.

  • Student Mentor Program: Student paired with a teacher who will be a point of contact as well as helping students develop and accomplish individual growth plans. Mentors will fill in the help fill in the gaps and maintain parent & community relationships.

  • Blended Model: Students will have curriculum online with the option of face to face learning/tutoring or virtual office hours. Virtual office hours will allow for students to access their teachers for 1:1 support. This sets Driven Virtual Academy apart from what can be offered in a traditional school model.