Contact: Daniel Cooper and Shay Wilson, dcooper8073@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Facebook @millshsband

Open to all students who have previously completed band with directors approval.

Baseball (Varsity Boys)

Contact: Michael Dean, mdean4226@pcssd.org

Eligibility is checked and submitted to Athletic Director.

Competitive Speech Team

Contact: Patrick Laxson, plaxson7048@pcssd.org

Our students specialized in competitive debate of all styles, and dramatic speech/interpretive events like poetry and storytelling. To compete on the team, a student must be in good standing with a 2.0 GPA, and meet requirements on attending practices and tournaments. Students have an opportunity to advance to state and national competitions, earn membership to the National Speech and Debate Association, and make themselves more appealing for scholarship awards. The experience itself gives students skill sets that are hard to find in other sports and activities. Inquire about your student being in the competitive speech program by emailing millsdebate@gmail.com

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

Contact: Olivia Brown, obrown7740@pcssd.org; Erin Krebs, ekrebs8117@pcssd.org

Additional Links: FCCLA Homepage

FCCLA is a student organization that promotes personal growth and leadership development. We have competitions at various levels in and out of state. We focus on developing skills for adulthood (leadership, finances, character development, communication, family life, practical knowledge, career preparation, and so much more.

Football (Varsity Boys)

Contact: Michael Dean, mdean4226@pcssd.org

Eligibility is checked and submitted to Athletic Director.

Golf (Varsity Boys and Girls)

Contact: Misty Nix, mnix7767@pcssd.org

Golf is a lifelong sport that can be taught at a young age and continued throughout one's Golden Years. Golf teaches you about courtesy, patience, and perseverance. Golf tryouts are typically held in May. Practice starts the 2nd week in July at the First Tee of Arkansas in Little Rock.

Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC)

Contact: LTC Paul Brown and MSG Timothy Dunn, tdunn8042@pcssd.org

We have several team and individual events that we take part in. Armed/ unarmed drill team; Color Guard; Flag presentation; academic team; leadership team; marksmanship rifle team; physical training team; raider challenge team; and saber team.

Model United Nations

Contact: Lori Delk, ldelk4127@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Model UN at UCA

Model UN is a AAA activity for the state with the main conference in November at the University of Central Arkansas. Student groups represent countries from the world and simulate the activities of the real United Nations - meeting with various committees and creating resolutions to address the problems in the world.

Soccer (Varsity Boys and Girls)

Contact: Misty Nix, mnix7767@pcssd.org

Soccer is one sport where you can be coached and put in formation, yet still have that responsibility to make individual decisions when in possession of the ball. Those decisions should always reflect what is best for the team as a whole. Soccer teams who have players who make those types of decisions on the field turn out to be rather successful. Off-Season soccer practice typically starts in October of the Fall semester. Pre-season practice starts upon the return to school in the Spring Semester in January. Season starts typically the last week in February or the first week in March. Practice is held after school on the Mills Soccer field.