Talented & Gifted Programs

About Talented & Gifted


The vision of the Pulaski County Special School District’s gifted and talented program is to offer a quality and exemplary program that motivates, challenges, and enables students to maximize their academic growth and learning potential.


The mission of the Pulaski County Special School District Talented and Gifted Program is to provide students the opportunity to interact with their intellectual peers as they experience a challenging and differentiated program designed to meet their cognitive and affective needs while maximizing their leadership, communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, and research/independent learning. Also, the district will strive to maximize its depth and complexity of knowledge, higher levels of inquiry, and develop a sense of individual worth and responsibility to self and society.


The Pulaski County Special School District identifies students who meet the criteria for the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education definition of gifted and talented children and youth. These children and youth possess unique abilities, and their needs must be addressed.

Gifted and Talented children and youth have high ability, learn quickly in their area(s) of competence, and require more than what is offered in the standard curriculum.

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