Pulaski County Special School District participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture and is held to a high standard of accountability, good nutrition and safety. Eating breakfast and lunch will enable students to be better prepared to learn in the classroom. There are 6 ways to provide for your student(s):

  1. Will your student(s) be bringing a meal each day? Plan a nutritious meal that’s well balanced with fruits, vegetables, source of protein, bread and milk or juice.
  2. Your student(s) may want to buy their meals in the school cafeteria and then plan to send money each day with your student(s). Reduced price and full paying students may pay the cashier at meal time or go to the cafeteria before school starts and pay for meals in advance.
  3. You may pay by check. If you have more than one child in the same school, send one check for all students and specify name, grade, teacher and the amount you want on each child’s account.
  4. Pay on-line with MyPaymentsPlus.
    1. Go online to www.MyPaymentsPlus.com
    2. Follow the instructions.
  5. The Pulaski County Special School District operates a meal assistance program, which complies with federal guidelines. Meal assistance in the form of free or reduced price meals is available with both the breakfast and lunch programs. If you have a need for assistance plan for that also. It’s quite simple.
    1. Pick up a Free & Reduced Priced Meal application from your school office at registration or pick up a Free & Reduced Priced Meal application from your Cafeteria Manager 2 days before school starts.
    2. Fill out the application and return it to the school’s Cafeteria Manager or mail it to the Student Nutrition Department at: Pulaski County Special School District Student Nutrition Office 1101 A. East Dixon Rd, Little Rock, AR 72206.
    3. Once the application is received, a determination will be made within ten (10) days to see if your student(s) qualifies for Free or Reduced Priced Meals. Qualification is based on household income and family size. A complete application will include income information by source, social security number and the signature of an adult household member. (Please keep a copy of application for your reference). Until you receive a written notification letter from the Student Nutrition Department that your student is eligible for free or reduced priced meals, full payment must be made for each meal received. Notification from any other source, or any means other than written, is not valid.
  6. If your student(s) were eligible for the Free or Reduced Priced Meals the previous school year, you have thirty (30) days after the first day of school to fill out a new application and for it to be approved. Otherwise the student(s) will be classified as a “Full Pay” student. After the lapse of thirty (30) days, full payment will be required if the new application has not been received and approved by the Student Nutrition Department.
Charge Policy and Collections Procedure

We must limit the occurrence of charging for meals to no more than three (3) charges to your student’s account in Elementary, (3) charges to your student’s account in Middle Schools and NO charging in High School. It is the policy of Pulaski County Special School District to allow students to charge meals only on occasion when money is unavailable and the student would otherwise have to miss meal service. This is a courtesy extended to the student and should not occur on a regular basis. Money owed to the district from meal charging will be carried over to the following year, and can be turned over for further collections. Any student denied meal service due to excessive charges will be encouraged to apply for free or reduced-price meals.

Further charging information can be found in your student handbook, or by calling Student Nutrition Administration office at 501.234.2300.

Food Allergy Policy

If your child has a food allergy to any item on the menu a doctor’s statement is required to be filed annually with the kitchen manager and school nurse stating the student’s allergies to all such foods and the alternate food to be served.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

Meal Prices
Student Breakfast$2.00
Elementary Student Lunch$3.00
Secondary Student Lunch$3.25
Adult or non-student Breakfast$2.50
Adult or non-student Lunch$3.75

The differences between the adult and student prices are based on the USDA regulations. Students are subsidized for the meals and adults are not.

A la carte item Price
Biscuit $0.95
Biscuit & Gravy $1.25
Boiled Egg $0.25
Breakfast Bar/Biscuit $1.25
Breakfast Burrito $1.25
Breakfast Pizza $1.25
Cereal $0.70
Chicken Biscuit $1.25
Fruit $0.85
Ham and Cheese Toaster $1.25
Juice (4 oz) $0.50
Milk $0.40
Oatmeal $1.25
Pancake Pup w/mustard or syrup $1.25
Pancakes w/syrup $1.25
Pop Tart (1) $0.75
Pop Tart (2) $1.40
Sausage Patty $1.00
Sausage (1) & Toast (2) $1.25
Sausage/Biscuit $1.25
Scrambled Eggs $1.25
Toast (2) $0.90
Waffle Stix w/syrup $1.25
Lunch Entrée $2.25
Sandwiches $2.25
Fries $0.85
Vegetable $0.85
Fruit $0.85
Dinner Roll $0.50
Milk $0.40
Iced Tea Cup (Adult/Non-Student Only) $0.60
Bottled Water $1.00
Canned Juice $1.00
Chili (2 oz) $1.50
Cheese Sauce (2 oz) $1.10
Sour Cream (1 oz) $0.50
Butter $0.50
Condiment Packet (ketchup, mustard, mayo, ranch dressing, etc.) $0.05
BBQ Sauce (2 oz) $0.50
Ranch Dressing (2 oz) $0.50
Saltine Crackers (2 pkg) $0.35
Baked Chips $0.85
Pickle Spears or Slices $0.50
Ketchup Dipper $0.15
Ice Dog $1.00

The following items are available to adults and non-students. They must be ordered and paid for by 9 a.m.

A la carte item Price
Baked Potato plain $1.25
Baked Potato w/Butter and/or Sour Cream $2.10
Baked Potato w/Butter and/or Sour Cream and Cheese $2.85
Small Tossed Salad $1.25
Chef Salad $3.25
Fajita Salad $3.25

A-la-carte items are available in Secondary schools only. In the case of late school openings because of inclement weather, breakfast will not be served. In the case of late buses breakfast will be served to those students. We will be glad to answer any questions concerning your student’s meal account by calling the Pulaski County Special School District Nutrition Services Office at 501.234.2300.