girls boys state

Pulaski County, Ark. -- More than 30 rising seniors from Pulaski County Special School District high schools were invited to attend the annual Girls State and Boys State programs this summer. Fifteen girls and 16 boys from Maumelle, Joe T. Robinson, Sylvan Hills and Mills University Studies High Schools were selected to attend this prestigious program the week of May 30, 2021.

Arkansas Girls State in an immersive civics education program designed for young women who have completed their junior year of high school.  Since 1942, the Arkansas Girls State program has been working to teach future generations of Arkansans citizens to be actively involved in their communities and government at every level. The following students were selected to participate in the 2021 Arkansas Girls State:

DeAndra Grice - Maumelle High 
Taylor Humbard - Robinson High
Rayla Johnson - Robinson High
Madeline Carver  - Robinson High
Madeline Circle  - Robinson High
Evelyn Johnson  - Robinson High
Sydney Littrell  - Robinson High
Aijilan Mason  - Robinson High
Kylie McGraw  - Robinson High
Olivia O’Quinn  - Robinson High
Paige Lambert - Sylvan Hills High
Karsyn Morgan - Sylvan Hills High
Mia Ellington-Williams - Mills High
Lawren Miller - Mills High
Marcedi Phillips - Mills High

Arkansas Boys State is an immersive program in civics education designed for high school juniors. Since 1940, the week-long camp has transformed the lives of young men throughout our state and beyond. These young men have gone on to become incredible leaders. The following students were selected to participate in the 2021 Arkansas Boys State:

Connor Keeler - Sylvan Hills High
Camryn Jones - Sylvan Hills High
Kmart Slade - Mills High
Keylon Polk - Mills High
Brandon Bell - Mills High
Kory Putman - Maumelle High
John Bruchhagen - Maumelle High
Zach Wofford - Robinson High
Nick Schaefer - Robinson High
Esteban Lamar - Robinson High
Ben Kensington  - Robinson High
Gibbs Kell  - Robinson High
Eli Jackson - Robinson High
Morgan Fells - Robinson High
Zach Daniels - Robinson High
Jack Cleveland - Robinson High