light saber

MAUMELLE, Ark. — It's finally Friday and the Maumelle community is feeling it thanks to one police officer.

As cars lined the street to drop off their kids at Pine Forest Elementary School, Maumelle Police Officer Javaughn Iversen took it upon himself to bring some fun to the end of the school week -- with a lightsaber!

Several Maumelle residents took to social media with pictures and videos of the officer, who stood in the street, striking poses and waving his lightsaber in complete Jedi-manner, all while efficiently doing his job.

And there was one common element with all of the social media posts -- everyone seemed happy! 

The parents all seemed to appreciate that an officer was willing to get out and keep their students entertained during a chilly Friday morning. And those who were just passing by, loved the additional entertainment during their morning commute to work.

It just goes to show how one small act can brighten everyone's day.

May the force be with you, Officer Iversen!