advisory class

SHERWOOD, Ark. – The advisory class looks to provide students with the tools and resources they need to succeed.  Karon Branch is the Sylvan Hills High School Test Coordinator, “Basically a support system that we devised in order to meet the needs of the students academically, socially, emotionally,” she says

Students are grouped together on how they perform academically so teachers can address some of the same needs that all the students in the class need. 

Bradley Goodnight is the literacy instructional coach and says it’s a pretty simple concept, “If we can just address the student and what he needs to be successful on an individual basis then here she will perform and higher rate.”

The focuses will change based on the needs of each class and the main goal is to get them ready for the next level after high school, “Give them exactly what they need to be successful in whatever area of life or college or career readiness that they’re attempting to go,” Goodnight said. 

The Covid-19 pandemic also has teachers using Advisory time as catch up time from last spring also. Branch said, “Wanting to fill in those learning gaps that we had because we’re out for five months.”

Advisory also allows students to discuss what is happening in the world outside of high school.  Marketing teacher Michelle Camp says students have talked about the current affairs going on in society, “And to work through the issues that are happening outside of the walls of our school but in in the world and society and so it’s great to have an opportunity for them to express themselves and to learn from each other.”

Advisory class is more than just time for students to catch up on homework from other classes, teachers are pushing students not just in the classroom but in life.  Branch said, “We make sure that the kids are learning how to be responsible leaders in our school and in their community.”