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PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. --  In January 2019, the Little Rock Regional Chamber – in collaboration with the Little Rock, North Little Rock, Jacksonville/North Pulaski and Pulaski County Special school districts – enlisted the help of Ford Next Generation Learning to see whether a community-centered, career-focused educational model could improve outcomes in those district’s high schools. 

NGL is the education initiative of the Ford Motor Company Fund, to explore a high school transformation model for the four districts in Pulaski County. The model is focused on preparing all students to be both college and career ready upon graduation. The goal of the Phase I study was to assess opportunities and feasibility across the four districts, highlight existing pockets of excellence, and provide a recommended path forward.

What is Ford NGL in Pulaski County? 

The results of that report were released in May 2019 and include a conclusion that the four Pulaski County public school districts, along with community and business partners, are in a strong position to undertake this transformation to improve student outcomes for all students in the districts.

According to the report, “Based on our research, observations, and analysis, we believe Pulaski
County districts are at a unique juncture and on the verge of community-connected education
transformation. The local and regional workforce presents various high-wage, high-skill
opportunities for students. Community leaders, educators (secondary and post-secondary), and
employers in Pulaski County are interested in transformation and see this moment in time as the
stars aligning for the change that this community needs.”

"We look forward to working with our colleagues in the other public school districts of Pulaski County as we engage in Phase II of NGL,” said Dr. Charles McNulty, Superintendent of the Pulaski County Special School District. “We're also excited about the continued substantial engagement of the business community and their efforts to provide our young people viable and empowering educational experiences."

Dr. Charles McNulty speaks at initial press conference in January 2019

The report outlines an inclusive community planning process for the districts to follow should
they choose to move forward with this initiative. These include community visioning sessions
and a representative master planning committee of over one hundred business and community
members who would, in partnership with teachers and district officials, help write a master plan
to guide the transformation efforts of the individual districts.

We will share more information this summer (2020). In the meantime, please visit Academies of Central Arkansas for details.