Contact: Pamela Keith and Darice Nesmith, pkeith7000@pcssd.org

The DBES Cheerleaders are about promoting and spreading school pride throughout the school year. Pep Rallies, hall decorating, and banners are just a few ways to support the sports teams leading up to game day. Being a part of the Cheerleading Team is a way for students to connect sociably, demonstrate cohesiveness, and display leadership skills. Cheerleaders encourage fellow students to show their spirit by setting a good example of school pride themselves. This would include being model students both in and out of the classroom. School spirit weaves through all aspects of the school, including the classroom where Cheerleaders can continue to motivate others and lead by example.


  • A hardworking student with outstanding grade marks

  • Often displays a positive attitude

  • Commitment and dedication to the TIGER team

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Respect for others, Patience, and Persistence

  • Leadership Skills

  • Athleticism and physical strength

  • Good Sportsmanship

  • Ability to follow rules and directions