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State Required Information

In compliance with state law, each school district is required to post specific information regarding the school district as part of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements. Such information is contained in documents listed below. If the information you are seeking is not found in these or other documents posted on this website, you may request copies of existing documents by writing Janet O'Neal, PCSSD Communications Specialist at joneal@pcssd.org or via post at 925 East Dixon Road, Little Rock, AR 72206. Details regarding the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act provisions may be found here

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Board of Education:

The Board will meet in regular open session on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. These meetings are open to the public.

Board Meeting Minutes Board Personnel Policies Annual Report to the Public


Personnel Policy Committees:

Classified Personnel Policies Committee

2020 Personnel Policies for Classified Staff

2019 Personnel Policies for Classified Staff

2018 Personnel Policies for Classified Staff


Certified Personnel Policies Committee 

2020 Personnel Policies for Certified Staff

2019 Personnel Policies for Certified Staff

2018 Personnel Policies for Certified Staff


Salary Data:

Salary Schedules:

2019-2020 Salary Schedules

2018-2019 Salary Schedule

2017-2018 Salary Schedules

2016-2017 Salary Schedule

2015-2016 Salary Schedule

2014-2015 Salary Schedule

2013-2014 Salary Schedule

Teacher/Administrator Salaries and Benefits:

2019-2020 Teacher / Administrator Salaries and Benefits

2018-2019 Teacher / Administrator Salaries and Benefits

2017-2018 Teacher / Administrator Salaries and Benefits

2016-2017 Teacher / Administrator Salaries and Benefits

2015-2016 Teacher / Administrator Salaries and Benefits

2014-2015 Teacher / Administrator Salaries and Benefits

2013-2014 Teacher / Administrator Salaries and Benefits

Highly Qualified Teachers:

2015-2016 Highly Qualified Teachers

2014-2015 Highly Qualified Teachers

2013-2014 Highly Qualified Teachers

Employee Contracts:

2019-2020 Employee Contracts

2018-2019 Employee Contracts

2017-2018 Employee Contracts

2016-2017 Employee Contracts

2015-2016 Employee Contracts

2014-2015 Employee Contracts

2013-2014 Employee Contracts

Financial Data:

Annual Statistical Reports

Annual Budget Reports

Audit Reports

Monthly Financial Reports

Building Fund Reports

State Revenue Sources

National School Lunch Act Funding Information

State Categorical Funding

 2015-2016 NSLA Budget

2014-2015 NSLA Expenditures

2013-2014 NSLA Expenditures

School Performance

Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Plans (ACSIP)

Annual School Performance Report

School Report Cards

School Improvement Plans

Student Services Plan

Dyslexia Related Services

Parent Involvement Plan

Required Documents

District Calendar

Student Handbook Signature Page


Report Corruption

Anonymously report suspicions of illegal activity by government officials or call the Little Rock FBI Field Office hotline at 501.221.8200.

Report suspected fraud

Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the policy of the Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD) to provide equal opportunities without regard to age, race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, handicap or veterans in its educational programs and activities, educational services, financial aid and employment.

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Medicaid Information

Medicaid Direct Service Claiming Notice IDEA Part B Final Regulations