PCSSD - Next year will bring changes across PCSSD

Next year will bring changes across PCSSD

(Little Rock, Ark.) – In an effort to maintain our goals of equity and excellence at Pulaski County Special School District, the District will have new leadership at some schools and within the district office for the 2019-2020 academic year.

At the district office, there will be new leadership in the Human Resources and Business Departments. Shawn Burgess, formerly the Director of Human Resources, is promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. Paul Brewer held the position previously and will retire on June 30, 2019. PCSSD is creating a new position, District Treasurer, to manage the Business Department. This position will replace the Chief Financial Officer role previously held by Denise Palmer. Palmer is leaving the district to pursue other opportunities. The District Treasurer position remains open, but interviews were conducted and this position should be filled soon.

Landmark Elementary principal, Darrick Williams, will move to central office to assume the role of Director of Human Resources. Williams will replace Shawn Burgess. He was at Landmark Elementary for one year, but worked previously as a principal at another PCSSD school. Williams has years of outstanding experience at the Arkansas Department of Education over Teacher Licensure. 

Lance LeVar will transition from the principal at Robinson Middle School to another building-level administrative position within the district. Levar served as program administrator for the central office then moved to principal at Northwood Middle School (formerly a PCSSD school) before moving to Robinson Middle School. Yaa Appiah-McNulty will take over as principal at Robinson Middle School. Appiah-McNulty was principal at Henderson Middle School last year for the Little Rock School District. Previously, she had almost a decade of experience at the administrative level prior to moving to Arkansas.

As previously announced, three elementary schools will have a new principal next year. Dr. Tanieia Moore will move from Harris Elementary to Robinson Elementary, Pam McCurry will move from Robinson Elementary to Oak Grove Elementary and Dr. Yvette Dillingham will go from Oak Grove Elementary to Harris Elementary. Each principal met with parents and staff of their “new school” before the 2018-2019 school year ended to help with the transition next year.

Seven assistant principals will be changing schools next year as well. One high school assistant principal, two middle school assistant principals and four elementary assistant principals will be reassigned to a new school next year.


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