PCSSD - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What age can I pursue a GED in school? 
    You can pursue your GED at 16 and 17 years old if you make arrangements through your school counselor.

  2. What is the T.A.B.E. test?
    This is a screening tool to enrollment into Adult Ed classes. T.A.B.E. is the Test Adult Basic Education.

  3. If I am enrolled but not attending, can I still take the T.A.B.E. test?
    No, you must be in regular attendance.

  4. Where do Pulaski County Special School District students take the T.A.B.E. test?
    Adult Ed located in Rose City – 4300 Haywood, North Little Rock, phone: 501.945.6055.

  5. Can I enroll directly in PCSSD Learning Academy from my home school?
    Yes, but meet with your Principal.

  6. Can my child carry his asthma inhaler with him to class?
    Yes, the asthma inhaler is the only medication that can be kept with the student. All other medications must be kept in the office. The parent will still need to sign the Medication Administration Release Form in the office.

  7. What immunizations does my child need to be in public school?
    The requirements for entry into school are at least 3 doses (4 required for Kindergarten only) of DTP, DT or TD (Diptheria/Tetanus/Pertussis); At least 3 doses of polio vaccine; 2 doses of Rubeola (measles) vaccine,1 dose of Rubella (German measles) vaccine and 1 dose of Mumps vaccine (these three are commonly given as the MMR); 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine and 1 dose of Varicella (chicken Pox) vaccine (Note if >12 yrs old 2 doses of Varicella are required) or history of Chicken Pox disease.

  8. If I am home schooling can I take the GED test? 
    Yes. After having your current “Notice of Intent to Home School” form notarized and sealed by the PCSSD Home School liaison, you may call the Adult Education Center (945-6055) and arrange to take the T.A.B.E. test. Adult Ed will advise you on the proper procedures to follow thereafter. You will remain enrolled as a Home School student until you complete your GED.

  9. Is there a nurse at my child’s school every day? 
    No, however, there is an assigned nurse for each school. Each school nurse covers 1-2 schools during the school week. He/she is available to his/her assigned school(s) for any questions or emergencies that may arise.

  10. How do I apply to Home School my child?
    Arkansas law states that you must complete a “Notice of Intent to Home School” form. This form can be found on the Arkansas Department of Education’s website (www.arkansased.org) in both paper and electronic formats.

    If you are Home Schooling in Arkansas for the first time, you must complete a paper form. You must present it in person to the Pulaski County Special School District Home School Liaison located at the PCSSD Administrative Building (Division of Equity and Pupil Services). If you are unable to print the form yourself, you may obtain it from the PCSSD Home School Liaison.

    Effective with the 2016-2017 school year, only first-time Home School students will be allowed to submit paper forms to PCSSD. If you have previously Home Schooled in Arkansas and are not required to submit a paper form, you will be required to complete an on-line electronic form.

    If you start Home Schooling at the beginning of the school year, you must submit your form before August 15, and no other action is required. However, if you begin Home Schooling at any time during the school year, you must take a copy of the form to your child’s school (as proof that the child has been placed in another school setting) and officially withdraw your child.

  11. Is Home School not allowed for any specific students or parents?
    Yes. Arkansas law 6-15-508 states that “No child may be home schooled if any person residing in the home with the child is required to register under the Sex and Child Offender Registration Act of 1997.” This portion of the law does not apply if the child to be Home Schooled is the person registered under the Sex and Child Offender Registration Act of 1997.

  12. Do I have to re-apply to Home School each year?
    Yes, the “Notice of Intent to Home School” form must be completed each year at the beginning of the school year, no later than August 15.

  13. The District office is too far from my home. What can I do?
    Arkansas law states that, if you are Home Schooling for the first time, you MUST PRESENT YOUR FORM IN PERSON. If you have Home Schooled previously in Arkansas, you will be required to complete an on-line electronic form, which can be accessed from any computer you choose to use.

  14. Who can I contact for questions regarding Home Schooling?
    Arkansas state law regulates Home Schooling. All official information can be found on the Arkansas Department of Education’s website (www.arkansased.org). The phone number for the State Home School office is 501.683.5313.

  15. Are Home School students required to take a yearly test?
    No. The portion of the state law that required annual Home School student testing was repealed by the Arkansas State Legislature in 2014. No official testing is required.

  16. How do I re-enter my student into public school from Home School and what is required?
    Notify the PCSSD Home School Liaison that you wish to withdraw your student from Home School. The Liaison will notify the Arkansas Department of Education of the withdrawal. Enroll your student into your zoned school, telling the Registrar that the student was previously Home Schooled. Your student will be sent to the school’s Counselor for assessment and placement. You should take all Home School documentation to the Counselor to aid in placement of the student in the appropriate grade level.

  17. Can my Home School student participate in public school interscholastic activities?
    Yes, under specific circumstances. Arkansas law states that a student who withdraws from an Arkansas Activities Association member school to be home schooled shall not be allowed to participate in an interscholastic activity for a minimum of three hundred sixty-five (365) days from the time of the withdrawal. After this criterion has been met, the student may participate in interscholastic activities at the zoned school only. The student will be required to attend one class during the regular school day in order to participate in the interscholastic activity. In PCSSD, the student is limited to attendance in one class only. Examples of interscholastic activities include, but are not limited to, interscholastic athletics, band, choir, orchestra, forensics, drama, and club activities.

  18. Where can I obtain more information about Home School student participation in public school interscholastic activities?
    Refer to the Arkansas Department of Education’s website (www.arkansased.org) in the Home School area. See the link to Arkansas state law 6-15-509. Also, you may contact the PCSSD Home School Liaison and ask for a copy of the PCSSD “Home School Student Participation” Rules and Regulations, which discusses specific steps that must be taken by the parent, student, and principal of the zoned school.

  19. If I have additional questions, who do I contact?
    Please contact 501.234.2021