PCSSD - Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Public Education: Providing Opportunity, Pulaski County Special School District- Communications Department Strategic Plan

PCSSD’s Office of Communications will utilize communication and public relations resources to support and inform its students’ families, staff and the general public affiliated with the PCSSD community.

In order to achieve this result, we will:

Communicate a positive image of the District through promotion of our students, staff and schools.

  1. Distribute press releases and media advisories related to the positive happenings throughout the District on a regular basis.
  2. Maintain high visibility in the local media to increase enrollment.
  3. Expand uses of social media and increase the audiences of the tools we currently utilize. Expand the use of district- and school-level websites.
  4. Continue to develop effective, branded advertising campaigns touting the unique selling points of PCSSD in targeted, local media outlets.
  5. Increase top-of-mind awareness of the PCSSD brand through consistent use of existing logo and branding to increase enrollment.
  6. Develop professional brochures and other collateral to promote schools and programs.

Communicate critical information related to daily operations, student and staff safety, work and school closures/delays, inclement weather-related issues and the like.

  1. Inform the public and media of public meetings in a timly manner and according to the Freedom of Information Act’s Open Meetings Act.
  2. Distribute critical information 24/7 utilizing the website, telephone, email, texts, call-outs, social media and traditional media sources.
  3. Continue to develop and maintain the District’s annual calendar for printing and electronic distribution to the public.
  4. Increase usage and monitoring of the district’s email/text/call system. Assist schools in training and use for proper communication and parent involvement.
  5. Maintain readiness to implement communication components of a crisis communication plan (i.e. disaster, lockdown, etc.)

Act as the District’s “first-responders” to the media to help alleviate negative news coverage.

  1. Cultivate a positive working relationship with local media/reporters.
  2. Maintain up-to-the-minute media contact lists.
  3. Act as the single point-of-contact with the media for the schools, eliminating the need for administrators to handle media crises.
  4. Respond to all Freedom of Information Act requests in a timely manner.
  5. Return all media inquiries, 24/7, in a timely manner.
  6. Build an environment of transparency that is obvious to the media and public.
  7. Train/work with the superintendent and cabinet-level administration to be interviewed and act as “experts” when needed by local media.

Maintain an attractive, state-of-the-art web presence for the District and its schools.

  1. Maintain a Content Management System, allowing school-level content generation.
  2. Keep web content fresh, searchable and well-archived.
  3. Empower users within District schools to maintain their web pages.
  4. Improve accessibility of pcssd.org and school webistes for those with physical limitations, including the blind, as well as non-English speakers.
  5. Ensure that future versions of pcssd.org and school websites are standards compliant and highly mobile.

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