PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: November 12, 2014

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: November 12, 2014

The Classified Personnel Policy Committee met in Conference Room B of the Central Office at 1 p.m. on November 12, 2014. In attendance were Bill Goff, Julie Welfel, Becky Del Rio, Clint Walker, Charles Blake, Emry Chesterfield, Derek Scott, Loria Bryant, and Claude Johnson. Jerry Guess was in attendance.

Chairperson Clint Walker called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m. and asked Julie Welfel and Loria Bryant to continue with the presentation of the change in salary range for the pre-school para-professionals as part of Old Business. Clint asked Bill Goff to report on his meetings regarding the fiscal possibility of this change. Bill Goff presented handouts regarding an email response to Dr. Guess, Laura Bednar, Paul Brewer and Melissa Peeples regarding the request presented at the Classified PPC meeting of October 1, 2014. Kim White is preparing an analysis of salary and job descriptions of para professionals within our district and across the state and will present the data at the next meeting. Further discussion will be tabled until the next meeting when the data is presented.

Clint Walker suggests that the website information be included in the minutes that are sent to the buildings for posting. The minutes of the Classified PPC meetings, the Personnel Policies for Classified Staff, website information can be viewed at the pcssd.org website under the category Our Leadership. Comments and questions may be submitted to the committee via the ppc@pcssd.org email address which can be accessed at the website.

New Business

Bill Goff announced that there was an opportunity for a one-time non-recurring bonus of $515 for each contracted classified employee. This is based on 2% of the average salary of $25,531 based on the classified salary schedules. Bill Goff also suggested that those employees contracted to work more than 5 hours could receive a $540 non-recurring bonus and for those that work less than 5 hours a day could receive $270. The administration would like to recommend this to the Advisory Board who can submit to the Commissioner for his approval. The administration is not willing to present a recurring increase to the salary, but instead give a non-recurring bonus to all employees prior to Christmas. This committee needs to make a presentation to the Advisory Board by Monday, November 17, 2014. The discussion of the PPC members revealed that all classified employees should receive the same monetary amount of a non-recurring bonus regardless of contracted hours worked. Emry Chesterfield moved that the Classified employees receive a bonus of $1250. There was no second. Motion fails due to not being seconded. Becky Del Rio moved that the Classified PPC recommend to the Advisory Board that a non-recurring bonus of $515 which is 2% of the average salary of the classified employees be given to all contracted Classified employees. Charles Blake seconded the motion. Motion passed with one descent by Emry Chesterfield.   

Clint Walker wants to remind anyone who qualifies for adjustment to salary based on previous relevant experience will need to submit their evidence to their supervisor in order to meet the January 2, 2015 deadline. Please see the following excerpt from the 2015 Personnel Policies for Classified Staff for clarification:

Placement on Salary Schedule

  1. All relevant job experience will be considered for placement on the salary schedule when  a new employee is hired or when a District employee changes jobs.
  2. Securing written verification of experience from a previous employer will be the  responsibility of the employee and must be presented within thirty (30) calendar days of  employment or job change.  
  3. Employees hired before July 1, 2013, may provide his or her immediate supervisor with  written verification of experience relevant to their current job if they believe they have  more years of experience than they are being credited for on the salary schedule. If the  immediate supervisor believes the experience to be relevant to the employee’s current  job, he/she will recommend that the District’s Human Resources Department verify the  experience documented by the employee. The employee must submit the written  verification of experience to his or her immediate supervisor no later than January 2,  2015.
  4. If the District’s Human Resources Department verifies the relevant experience submitted  by the employee, the employee will be allowed to advance on the salary schedule up to  three steps per year (two additional steps per year) until his or her placement on the  salary schedule reflects all relevant years of experience. The additional advancement on  the salary schedule will begin with the 2015-2016 school year. 

Emry Chesterfield moved and Bill Goff seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 2:35 p.m. Motion passed.

The next meeting of the Classified PPC will be Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 1 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Central Office.  

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Del Rio, Secretary

Approved with corrections 11/14/14