PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: October 31, 2018

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: October 31, 2018

Roll Call: Emry Chesterfield, Dr. McNulty, Belinda Pearl, Loria Bryant, Robin Luckadue and Kamoela Robinson.

Meeting was called to order at 1 p.m.

First on the agenda was secretary/registrar, and bookkeeper. Dr. McNulty had asked it we could bring that back in November at the last meeting. Mrs. Bryant explained the difference between the three positions. Mr. Chesterfield ask who does more work. Mrs. Bryant said they all are busy, and they all do a lot. She stated that the bookkeeper requires more training. Dr. McNulty stated that we need to find out what others are paying. Mrs. Pearl stated that Kim White said in her opinion they all needed a couple of steps added. Mr. Chesterfield wanted to ask Monica Bryant back next month and to see if what Dr. McNulty found out.

Mrs. Pearl ask about the difference in elementary and high schools. The elementary does not have a general secretary. Elementary secretaries are also the registrar. The high school and middle schools has a general secretary. Motion was made by Belinda Pearl to give Dr. McNulty time to check this out. It was seconded by Loria Bryant. Motion passed.

The second item on the agenda was bonuses. North Little Rock School District is giving a bonus this year and Mr. Chesterfield stated everyone was asking if we were going to get one. Mr. Chesterfield ask the opinion of the board and told them to be honest. Mrs. Bryant said that a lot of people have been asking if they were going to get a bonus and think they should get one because they have not had a raise in 8 years. Mrs. Pearl said, of course she wanted a bonus, everyone did. She stated that since we are on this committee, it is our duty to mention that a lot of our employees have two or three jobs. In the past we have not had honest people running things. I know we must pay for their dishonesty, I understand the district may not readily have money for a raise. We have people that work so hard. There are so many good people in this district. Some want to buy Christmas for their family, some needs to pay off medical bills, some just want to catch their breath. It would be my prayer that there would be something out there. So many people are hurting right now. Mrs. Luckadue said that she agreed. She said with the bonus it would help because you are just getting caught up from not getting paid all summer. You can’t file unemployment. Mr. Chesterfield said the reason we do not get unemployment is because the district says they will rehire you. That way they do not have to pay unemployment. It was stated that Little Rock has unemployment. Dr. McNulty said if Little Rock can do it, we should be able to. He will investigate that. Ms. Robinson said that everyone feels like if heads got chopped from the top maybe the bottom could get something. Some people do very little but get paid more than those who work the most and make less. Mr. Chesterfield said he really wasn’t for a raise because when the district plays with the raise there is nothing left. This committee must decide what to do. Dr. McNulty said he would love to support a bonus. He said he stepped into an 18.9-million-dollar deficit. The other piece of the puzzle you must understand is we are still in deseg. The district has a rainy-day fund in case something happens. It is for difficult times. The general rule is to have 60 days of wages in case something does happen. We now have 35 days. Mills High School wasn’t done as good as it should have been. He said that he has to see a federal judge about the schools and we should hold 2 or 3 million in case we have to use it for the schools due to a federal ruling. We lost 231 students and that is about 1.6 million dollars. The state came in 9 years ago and it was not in the best interest of the district. I met with state representatives that told me they expected me to be fiscally sound. I said I would always be honest with you and I am not really for a bonus over a living raise. He stated he wanted to keep people not cut. He doesn’t want to out source anything. We have paid the construction balance. Hold on for a year. I will go to the board and talk to them. Mr. Chesterfield wanted to know what they thought. Ms. Robinson made a motion to table the discussion on the bonus until next month. This would give the superintendent the time to talk to the board. Ms. Pearl stated, we all need to remember we do not want Johnnie Keys in here again or another Guess.

The third thing on the agenda was concerns. Mrs. Pearl stated the insurance is not as good as it has been in the past. We need to find better insurance. Dr. McNulty is going to see what the other districts have. Mrs. Pearl mention that when the insurance people came to the schools, she never got to see them. She checked in the office to see if they were coming back and they said they seen everyone. Dr. McNulty will check into it.

Dr. McNulty said that we have a new communication director.

Motion was made to adjourn by Mrs. Pearl and seconded by Ms. Robinson

Respectfully Submitted by

Belinda Pearl
PPC Secretary