PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Meeting Minutes: October 19, 2016

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Meeting Minutes: October 19, 2016

Emry Chesterfield called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Claude Johnson, Regina English, Mona Holloway, Donna Davis, Belinda Pearl, Emry Chesterfield, Dr. Guess, Loria Bryant

Absent without notice:  Charles Blake  

Emry Chesterfield took nominations for the Chair of the PPC

Donna Davis nominated Emry Chesterfield

Seconded by   Belinda Pearl. Motion carried.

Emry took nominations or Secretary of the PPC.

Belinda Pearl nominated Donna Davis.

Seconded by Claude Johnson.  Motion carried.

Emry Chesterfield stated before he goes any further, he wanted to congratulate Ms. Mona Holloway, sitting to his extreme left , for running for and winning the open position in Nutrition.  He also congratulated Ms. Loria Bryant for winning the Clerical position.  He welcomed them and thanked them both for running.  Next on the agenda is Claude Johnson with the elections.

Claude Johnson said the election went real well and pretty  smooth.  Our next election will be the second week of next October..

Dr. Guess stated he wanted to ask a few questions.  He asked if there were any problems with the ballot distribution.

Claude Johnson said there was a little bit, because some people were base at one place and they were spread out all over the district.  They just check in at that one station.  There were some areas, just like Special Ed, where that was their base, but they were spread out over different schools.  We still tried to call them and get the ballots to them.  That’s mainly what the problem was.

Dr. Guess asked if there was any problem with people knowing where to vote or where the ballots were.

Claude Johnson said not to his knowledge.

Dr. Guess  said Mr. Chesterfield didn’t tell you about the problems here in this office.

Claude Johnson stated No, I  didn’t think there was a problem here

Dr. Guess said So he didn’t tell you about that

Claude Johnson said No I don’t think there was a problem

Emry Chesterfield said Let me answer that Mr. Johnson.  Dr. Guess there was no problem with anyone in this building .  Everybody in this building that wanted to vote had an opportunity to vote.

Dr. Guess asked I there was any issue that you knew of in terms of people in this office being told where to vote, when to vote and that the ballots were in this building

Claude Johnson asked When did you bring this issue up

Dr. Guess stated He was talking about this election, when the people in this building didn’t know where to get a ballot and were unable to find out where.

Claude Johnson asked Did my name go out throughout the district

Dr. Guess stated I don’t know, I did\not conduct the election.

Claude Johnson asked again Did my name go out throughout the district

Dr. Guess said That’s why I’m asking you and not Mr. Chesterfield 

Claude Johnson stated If you had a problem, you should have called me.

Dr. Guess stated I called Mr. Chesterfield.

Claude Johnson said Ok, but was I over the whole thing.  So , if you had a problem, you should have called me.

Dr. Guess stated Well, Mr. Chesterfield is the chair of the PPC.

Claude Johnson stated Yes he is the chair of the PPC, but he appointed me to be the chair of the elections.  So, first of all, you should’ve   called me and the let me try to handle that situation, but instead you called Mr. Chesterfield.

Dr. Guess said Can you tell me when the ballots were collected.

Claude Johnson asked Where’s this going?

Dr. Guess said This is a legitimate question.

Claude Johnson said Where is this going.

Dr. Guess asked Were they collected the day of the election?

Emry Chesterfield stated No they were not. They were collected the next day.

Dr. Guess said Where did they stay that was a secure location.

Emry Chesterfield stated The courier bought them down to the mailroom.  After the mailroom they bought them up to the 2nd floor to be counted.

Dr. Guess said  Where did they stay the day of the election.

Emry Chesterfield said The mailroom.

Donna Davis said No, in the buildings.

Dr. Guess asked Who bought them over here.

Emry Chesterfield said What do you mean, who bought them over here.

Dr. Guess said How did they get here.

Emry Chesterfield said The courier picked them up.  They went from  location to location 

Dr. Guess asked Were they in secure boxes

Emry Chesterfield stated Yes sir, they were in locked boxes.

Dr. Guess sais Who had the keys.

Claude Johnson stated Me.  The key not keys.

Dr. Guess said When were they counted.

Emry Chesterfield stated The next day.

Dr. Guess asked Who counted them

Emry Chesterfield stated The election committee and IT bought in two guys with a machine.  They counted the ballots with a machine.

Dr. Guess asked Who witnessed that.

Emry Chesterfield stated Everybody knew they were being counted.  The election committee and the IT guys.  Everybody on the Classified PPC had an opportunity to be here.

Dr. Guess stated So there were no witnesses.

Emry Chesterfield stated Yes it was.

Belinda Pearl stated I was there.

Emry Chesterfield stated Yes it was.  On top of that Dr. Guess, listen to the robocall I asked Ms. Roush to put out.  Everybody that wanted to come up here, including you, that day when they were being counted by that machine.

Dr. Guess said Un Huh

Emry Chesterfield said Anymore questions about it.

Dr. Guess stated that no one in this office knew of such things.  I had several people in this office that didn’t know where to vote, or what else was being done.

Emry Chesterfield said They knew and they voted

Dr. Guess said Un Huh.

Emry Chesterfield said Everyone in this building had a chance to vote.

Dr. Guess stated Only after all the complaints were made.

Emry Chesterfield stated They voted.

Claude Johnson asked Made to whom?

Dr. Guess state The chair of the PPC.

Claude Johnson stated They hold have been made to me

Dr. Guess said Un Huh

Emry Chesterfield stated Mr. Johnson the election is over with.  Everybody had an opportunity to vote and everybody had an opportunity to be up there when the ballots were counted in that room when  the two gentlemen from IT bought that machine up there.  They ran test after test on them.  They gave the chair the count and that’s what it was.

Dr. Guess asked Was the count put out

Emry Chesterfield said It was put out

Dr. Guess asked was the count put out or the winners.

Emry Chesterfield said if you want to know what the count  .  Here’s the count. 

Dr. Guess said I was talking to Mr. Johnson.

Claude Johnson said What I’m asking you is where’s all this coming from.  You wait until we get in a meeting and bring all this stuff up.  Why didn’t you just pull me off to the side or even call me and discuss the matter and try to get it straight.  Why did you wait.

Dr. Guess said You have a report on the election today.  Were the counts put out.

Emry Chesterfield said Let me handle this Mr. Johnson.  If Dr. Guess wants to know 

Dr. Guess interrupted Mr. Chesterfield and said I’m talking to M Johnson

Emry Chesterfield said Bu I’m the chair.

Dr. Guess said That’s been my point all along.

Emry Chesterfield stated if you want to know who won, you’re entitled to see it, if you want to see it.

Dr. Guess said you mean the votes were not put out, so that people would know what the results were.

Emry Chesterfield said You see this Dr. Guess, the gentleman even put his signature and dated it and everything.  I had Ms. Roush put it out on the robocall, who the winners were.  Here’s the counts right here.  If you think something’s wrong with the count, you need to check with the IT people.  They are the ones who counted them and we’re going to move on from there.

Dr. Guess said Mr. Chesterfield, I was simply asking were the numbers put out.

Emry Chesterfield said Yes.

Dr. Guess said Mr. Johnson, you put them out.

Emry Chesterfield said, No he didn’t.

Dr. Guess said Who did.

Emry Chesterfield said I did.

Dr. Guess said where are they.

Emry Chesterfield said Right here.

Dr. Guess stated No, I’m not talking about on there.  Where are the results reported other than who won.

Emry Chesterfield said Dr. Guess, we’re going to move on now.  Next on the agenda is the budget.

Dr. Guess stated Mr. Chesterfield we can move on , but you and I both know those election results should have been put out.

Emry Chesterfield said Dr. Guess do you have a budget report.

Dr. Guess said Un huh.  We of course conducted the detachment of Jacksonville.  Did all preliminaries that had to be done.  And on July 1 of 16, Jacksonville existed as a school district and PCSSSD had declined roughly 4,000 kids.  What we did was to make adjustments in the RiF with people who worked in Jacksonville and RIF of people who worked in PCSSD, that we believed was necessary to offset the revenue of  4,000 kids.  So we have produced a balanced budget with expenditures and revenue of balance.  We project a district ending balance of $16 million or somewhere in that vicinity, which becomes roughly 10% of  at the preceding year  total budget.  And that, we did not, this is an anomaly in that there was no budget in the preceding year to compare the current year’s budget to.  Anytime budgets are produced, we always look back at preceding year as a baseline to determine if what we’re proposing is reasonable or not.  There was no such comparison because there was not a district of 12,000 kids, it was 16,000.  So we have produced a budget and we will operate under that budget for 16-17.  We have a substantial hurdle still.  That is the loss of deseg $.  This is the last year of operational deseg $.  In 17-18 we’ll get $20 million in deseg.  We divide that with Jacksonville and they get $5 million and we’ll get about $15 million and that’s to be used for facilities construction only.  So this is the last year of operational deseg money.  We will have to make plans on how we address the money in the 17-18 budget, so all of that is said to point to the fact, that we still face substantial challenges in the loss of deseg money.  We believe we met the challenge of Jacksonville detachment and we believe that the loss of deseg $ creates a substantial challenge for 17-18.  My position is to be conservative in expenditures this year  and in financial preparation for 17-18.

Emry Chesterfield said Ok, we thank you for the report.  Any questions.

Donna Davis said I do.  That really didn’t tell me anything.  Did you budget for raises or bonuses.

Dr. Guess said We have not.  I am concerned with how we’re going to address the loss of deseg $.  Knowing that the districts operating expenses and knowing the districts deseg $ is  being applied to district operating money in critical places.  I’m very concerned that we just be able to do what we’re doing.  You might notice the Little rock plans have been in the newspaper lately and I’ve talked to Michael Port ,  Looking at a lot of drastic changes there as they face the challenge to absorb the loss of deseg $.  We’re in the same boat.  We spent through August , till the last day submitting the final budget for 15-16.  Then we spent September till the last day producing a 16-17 budget.  We had to get as much information about the Jacksonville detachment as possible to be able to finish out that 16 budget and then we had to get as much information after the Jacksonville detachment to be able to produce that 16-17 budget.  The budget we have right now is one that projects a ending balance in the neighborhood of $16 million.  And we have not budgeted for bonuses or raises.

Donna Davis said Are you all thinking about bonuses or raises.

Dr. Guess stated Well if you produce a budget that maintains a 10% balance then that 10% balance would be without  budgeting for bonuses or raises .  So if you budget for bonuses or raises you’re going to deplete your balance.

Donna Davis said How much would it cost to get a bonus.

Dr. Guess stated Depends on how much the bonus is

Dr. Guess said Depends on how much the bonus is.

Donna Davis said So if we got a bonus it would deplete the $16 million.

Dr. Guess stated that The proposal is for the district to finish with a $16 million balance at the end of 16-17.And I’m rounding that off because I can’t remember that number exactly, what the proposed ending balance was.  But I know it’s 10% of the whole budget.

Donna Davis said That’s all I got Mr. Chesterfield.

Emry Chesterfield said Okay.

Dr. Guess stated I’m concerned about is just what the district faces in the loss of deseg.  Our deseg payment this year is $20.7 million.

Belinda Pearl stated I think we need to start at the top and take some of that money that’s given to the top administration and work our way down.

Emry Chesterfield said OK, thank you everybody for your input about the budget.  If there’s nothing else that comes before this committee, I need a motion to adjourn.

Belinda Pearl made a motion to adjourn.

Claude Johnson seconded.

Motion carried.

Submitted by

Donna Davis, Classified PPC Secretary