PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: September 11, 2016

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: September 11, 2016

Classified PPC was called to order by Chairman Emry Chesterfield at 1:05 p.m.

Members present:  Charles Blake, Loria Bryant, Emry Chesterfield, Donna Davis, Regina English, Jerry Guess, Claude Johnson and Belinda Pearl.

Claude Johnson made a motion to accept the May 11th, 2016 PPC minutes.

Seconded be Belinda Pearl.  Motion carried.

New Business

Emry Chesterfield stated Connie Laster came in because there were some questions that some of the people on the board wanted to ask her, so Thank You for coming Connie Laster and we have a few questions for you.  Okay Ms.  Davis.

Donna Davis and Connie Laster said hi to each other

Donna Davis said she had a couple of questions that employees had asked her to ask.  Number 1, why did we get paid three times in August, when we were supposed to get paid three times in September.  That was confusing to a lot of people.

Connie Laster said she thought there was an email sent out to everyone explaining that.

Donna Davis stated everybody doesn’t have access to email.   I don’t have a computer yet.

Connie Laster stated it was for financial reasons.  Anytime you have payroll end at the beginning or the end of the month -APSCAN. You run the reports the next day and some of it gets in the other month, so it’s easier to work out and balance the records when it’s all done in the same month.

Donna Davis said ok. Another question was about our contracts.  They begin July 1 and end June 30th of every year.  The last paycheck says that the payroll ends 6-30.  Actually the last pay period was 6/10 and the other was carried over to July.  Meaning you’re not paying the contract to June 30 and payroll may be overlapping pay periods.  It’s a big concern and I’ve heard it several times and I don’t even know how it’s calculated.  You get your July paychecks and the checks are counted as our July paychecks, but actually the next year you switch jobs and it was more money than you were making the year before.  So we’re trying to get that figured out.

Connie Laster said let me see if I can help you see how you get paid

Donna Davis stated yes that’s what we want to know. 

Connie Laster stated If you are prorated hourly, you get the 26 pays except for these 9 month employees    and security.  The contract is what you make times how many hours you work per day divided by 26 equal pays.  At the end of the when we are doing those summer checks you will notice some of the dates fluctuate because it all has to be done by June 30th.  A person thinking the check date 6/30 should have been 6/10 that’s generally for prorated hourly people.   6/30 has to be used so the computer can pick up the pennies that are left over, so you won’t have any negative balances of a nickel or dime. Use 6/30 so it pick up your final pay for whatever pennies there are technicaly the dates on the dates on the contract are for your absentees, etc.  They’re paid for that time.

Donna Davis stated she was still a little confused, Use me as an example.

Connie Laster said let’s just  say you’re going to get a year $500 per pay period, so the1st of July- June 30th you should have 26 pays for the same gross amount, so that covers you if you’re not 244 or 202.  As long as you get that 1-26 every 2 weeks, you will have your annual salary.  Twelve month employees are the same way, they just got to take their hourly rate and multiply it by rate and divide it by 26 pays and that’s what they’re supposed to get every 2 weeks.

Donna Davis said because it was a concern about the 244 day employees.   They were figuring it up and I’m not sure how it got figured except they got paid for 227 days.  They figured it up and the amount of holidays that they had and the 2 days for Thanksgiving and

Connie Laster stated okay now I know who you’re talking about.

Donna Davis stated I haven't said any names

Connie Laster said you work 244 days that don’t include the days off.  That’s what you’re being paid for.   Like I said you take your hourly rate times your 8 hour day times 244 and that’s what PCSSD owes That’s what that contract is for that you signed.  For that annual amount.  Now how it’s paid to you is by that annual amount, whatever it’s supposed to be. Twenty-six installments/pays from July 1-June 30 then you

You've earned your money/contract amount.

Donna Davis said and the contract amount, the amount you signed for should equal that amount.  

Connie Laster said and it will unless you have throughout the year.  It’s really that simple.  It’s the same for you.  I know you

Re not 244 days.  Claude is hourly rate times 7 hours times number of days of contract to get the annual salary for your contract.

Donna Davis stated ok, now I’m going to go back and explain that.  Those were the questions I had for you.

Belinda Pearl said ok, I want to ask on question, we’ve been on the new system for a couple of years

Connie Laster said on APSCAN

Belinda Pearl said I don’t know

Connie Laster stated we’ve been on it for more than a couple of years. 

Belinda Pearl said why it has changed in the past couple of years.  We use to be able to have a check waiting on us when we came back and now we don’t have that.

Connie Laster Because every summer you remember when we had 27 pays.  It takes it a while to catch back up.

Belinda Pearl said I thought that, but I wasn’t sure.

Dr. Guess said the first year he came, there was a 27th installment

Emry Chesterfield asked of there were any more questions for Ms. Connie.  He thanked her for coming.  Next on the agenda we have the breaks and duty free lunch.  Mr. Claude Johnson.

Claude Johnson said look on page 48 of the PPC book.  Each employee working 20 hours per week.  My proposal is for two 15 breaks and a 30 minute  duty free lunch during the student instructional day for employees working 35  or more hours per week.  The employee should not be required to clock in and out when taking his/her duty free lunch.

Emry Chesterfield Okay Mr. Johnson would you like to put that in the form of a motion

Claude Johnson stated yes he would.  I would like to make a motion for these changes in the policy

Emry Chesterfield said I need a second

Belinda Pearl seconded.

Emry Chesterfield said motion made by Claude Johnson, second by Belinda Pearl.  All those in favor of the motion say I.  Hold it before we do that.  Any discussion?

Charles Blake stated he wanted to ask a question.  Are you saying that anyone working less than 35 hours should get 2- 15 minute breaks.

Dr. Guess said is that 15-16 or 16-17 manual

Donna Davis said 15-16

Dr. Guess stated well this is 16-17

Donna Davis stated well we don’t have the 16-17

Dr. Guess said it should be posted on the web

Emry Chesterfield said there’s a motion on the floor

Dr. Guess said well you asked for conversation

Donna Davis said well I got conversation then

Dr. Guess said that’s the wrong PPC manual.  Legislature passed a statue excluding the 2-15 minute breaks as well as the FLS requires an accurate record of time which is provided by clocking in and out

Emry Chesterfield asked Anymore discussion Ms. Pearl

Belinda Pearl stated ok we’re on the break and lunch.   In my job you don’t ever get the chance because there’s always an emergency, But clocking in/out.  If I have to clock in/out for break/lunch whatever.  By the time I get there its half way over with.  There’s a lot of people like that.

Dr. Guess I know that it’s a quandary as to what to do. On the on hand it’s required by FLS to keep an accurate record.

Belinda Pearl said he points that you made.  . those.  I sympathize/understand I don’t understand that, but we’ve never had to do that.   Why do we have to do that now?

Dr. Guess said just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done now.

Belinda Pearl stated I’m not asking you that. I’m

Dr. Guess stated I’m not trying to be a smart lick . I understand you could say we’ve never done this before, so why.  We know we need an accurate record of time worked.  Time clocked in/out so we introduced the time clock issues to try and accommodate that.  We’ve tried to make some exceptions for people.  For situations that they can’t easily clock in/out.  Maintenance folks for example, if they’re out in the field or somewhere where there’s not a time clock.  There’s people out working helping with construction.  It’s not a time clock and they can’t clock in/out, so we’re trying to accommodate .  I’d just assume say let’s do this, but then you wind up not having an accurate record of time.

Belinda Pearl said but to ask someone to clock in and out and then not give them a break.  Sometimes the only break you get .  Sometimes you need that 15 minutes and the teacher that I work with would say take a break.  You know what I’m saying.  Everybody doesn’t have that.  If you can’t have a break at all some people are going to say I can’t do that. You’ve taken away so much already.  It’s not just costing us any more by letting us have the breaks.  I don’t understand what the problem is with the breaks.

Regina English asked if there was a time clock in the school

Belinda Pearl responded yes

Regina English stated there’s one in the kitchen too

Belinda Pearl said we can’t go back there. You wouldn’t want anybody going back there.

Regina English said I know they have one in the kitchen.  I didn’t know if there was one w here you could just step in the back door and clock out.

Belinda Pearl stated that to her knowledge there was only one time clock in each building

Loria Bryant stated one in the office and one in the cafeteria.  We don’t go back there it’s for the cafeteria workers. I’m sure if we needed to we could, but it’s the old time clock and we have the new one.

Emry Chesterfield Ms. Davis

Donna Davis  Dr. Guess, the bill that you are talking about, is that 6-17-2207

Dr. Guess said Is that what

Donna Davis said the new bill you were talking about is that 6-17-2207, you know the one about breaks and stuff like that

Dr. Guess stated I don’t know

Donna Davis said well I’m pretty sure that’s what it is, but does it prohibit a school district from allowing the two fifteen minute breaks?

Dr. Guess said I think they say it doesn’t have to be provided

Donna Davis said they don’t have to be provided,  but it doesn’t say they cannot have them.  What we RE asking for is the breaks during the day we are working with these children. I mean I was in the classroom and that wasn’t even my job last year.  There was no one to relieve me for a break or anything and you need that time.  You might need to step out and then you have these places like they were saying the time clocks.  Just like Crystal Hill right there in the front door just like other schools at the front of the office .  You have to walk 5 minutes to get to the time clock, you know that’s just an example.  You get there clock out and go back and then sometimes you’re in an area where there’s no place close to get something to eat.  By the time you clock out and come back your 30 minutes is up.  You could at least combine the 30 minutes and the 15 minutes to make it easier to get done.  Is there any way they could be provided to the employee because when we came back to work and this came out without warning.  I thought this stuff was presented to or came through the committee and then we could talk about it  and take it to the board.  I know you as the Superintendent can go and do whatever you want to do.

Dr. Guess said It’s a statue that is regulated by the legislature

Donna Davis said yes it is, but it doesn’t say it’s  prohibited.  It’s not prohibited to give these breaks, so why don’t we consider it.  Try to build up moral with the employees.  It’s low to me.  And everybody don’t take breaks, but it’s good to know they’re there if they are needed.  That’s my take on it.

Regina English said her question was he said 35 hours or over, which some of my cafeteria is and then you said something about the 30 and 15 minutes combined.  Cafeteria wise we don’t have 45 minutes.

Donna Davis stated you may or may not.  We don’t have 30 minutes sometimes.

Regina English said we would have to be fair around the whole district.

Donna Davis said It hasn’t been fair for several years anyway

Regina English stated In her department it would have to be fair

Donna Davis stated You said things last year, like you would pay them for getting in their cars to go from here to there.  Like we said that was you who did these things.  What we are asking for is the breaks we were getting for many many years.  Why take them away from us.  We’ve had them for all these years, why can’t we have them now?  Is there any way to get them reinstated, since the law doesn’t prohibit us from getting these breaks.

Regina English stated So you’re asking for a 30 minute paid lunch break and 2 paid 15 minute breaks.  So an hour pay.

Donna Davis stated We never got paid for lunch.

Claude Johnson stated It’s like this, we work eight and hours 6:30-3:00, always have.  To tell the truth it is dangerous for us to take away the 15 minute break.  It all boils down to you know never know what a person’s job is like until you actually work it.

Belinda Pearl That’s right.

Claude Johnson said We out there on the roof and it’s hot.  The district is saying you can’t take a break.  So is that safe.  Think about it, is that safe.  If a person is out doing some construction and they  in the hot sun.  They can’t get a drink of water?  Is that safe? Some people in the schools and they’re working hard.  Every now and then you may have a situation where the employees may not meet eye to eye. Can they not get a little break and get themselves together in the district.  Isn’t that  a safety issue?  Truth be told, a pipe can burst under pressure.  Let’s keep it real here.  You mean to tell me all this hard work these employees been doing for you for all these years and we can’t get a break?  What is this thing coming to, it doesn’t make sense.  Good Lord, even in training, online training, if you have the proper gear, helmet, shoes, if you don’t wear that, we out there working, get injured, whose fault is it.  Your own fault.  But I’m out there working in that heat and I’m pushing thru it, steady working hard and I can’t get a break.  If I pass out whose fault is it.  Because usually what I’ve been trained in, if I’m out there pushing in this heat, I should have sense enough to slow myself down and get a break.  That’s what training tells us to do.  You telling me I can’t get a break.

Charles Blake stated yes you can get a break.

Claude Johnson said so tell me ok.  It’s a double edged sword.  Your

 Trying to tell me we cannot get a break because of some law and it does not push you to give us a break on the other hand.

Charles Blake asked if he could respond to it.

Claude Johnson said yes.

Charles Blake stated working over 35 hours can be the option of taking 15 minute break.  The difference is they are not paid for the 15 minute break.  They’re getting the breaks.  You have people that take an hour lunch, but they don’t get paid. The 30 minute lunch they are not paid for that lunch, but they get the 2- 15 minute breaks.

Claude Johnson said you get paid for 8 hours but you clock in at 6:30.

Charles Blake You can take a 15 minute break, but you

Re not compensated for it.

Regina English stated that the cafeteria staff, if they need to go to the bathroom, they go.  We don’t wait till 30 minute lunch break to go.

Claude Johnson stated I’m telling you, you never know what a person goes through until you actually out there working on their job.  To show you’re appreciation of them, come out to their job and show it.  Feel what they feel, because if you feel what they feel you will understand what they go through and you can see man something need to change out here.  To show appreciation means to show an action, not just saying it.  It means an action.

Charles Blake stated We give our folks the option of coming in at 6:30-3:30, taking 2- 15 minute breaks.

Loria Bryant said So they can make up for that time.  As long as they cover that time, they can take it.

Charles Blake stated As long as they’re taking their breaks, they’re working how they want to.  It just has to be coordinated with their supervisor.  But all our mechanics and anyone that wants to take 2 -15 minute breaks.

Claude Johnson said So it’s going to be different all over the district.  There’s nothing to say it’s unified.  Dr. Guess said We have different start and end times all over the district.  What time do you folks start in the morning.

Regina English stated 5:30.

Emry Chesterfield asked Mr. Johnson if he had any rational for the motion he made that the committee needed to hear.

Claude Johnson stated

Dr. Guess asked could he make one.  You said when a person wants a drink they can’t go get a drink.

Claude Johnson stated Yes Sir.

Dr. Guess stated If a person works a job and they want to go to the bathroom or anything or want to get a drink of water.  They don’t have to wait till any specific time to get that or to go to the restroom.  If there’s somebody on the roof and they feel hot , they feel like they need to cool down, no one would wait for a break period for them to cool down.  They would need to get off the roof, rehydrate  and feel like they can get back to work.  Those are not reasonable issues.  If you need to go to the bathroom – go.  If you need a drink, get a drink.  If somebody’s up under a bus, drained, stressed, gotten too hot, then you go over  and sit down in front of the fan.  No one would question that.  The correlation between breaks and giving  an employee an opportunity to take care of needs like bathroom, water or physical conditions.

Claude Johnson stated But you sent out a memo stating no breaks.  N breaks means no breaks.

Dr. Guess stated Those aren’t breaks.  You’re  going to wait until your break to go to the bathroom?

Claude Johnson stated A break is a break.

Dr. Guess said You’re saying that  you have to wait to go to the bathroom.  So if we reinstitute breaks that means you won’t have to go to the bathroom until your break

Claude Johnson stated It’s a safety issue

Dr. Guess stated I will go on record saying anybody that need to go to the bathroom can go, anybody that needs water can get water.

Claude Johnson said Anybody that is working on  a roof and needs to cool off can go and  cool off

Dr. Guess stated that  Anybody that is working on a roof and believes they need to cool off

Claude Johnson asked For how long

Dr. Guess asked Does there have to be a minimum and maximum time

Claude Johnson said Just asking. You said you wanted to go on record, then go on record.

Dr. Guess said He was acknowledging that employees have the responsibility/opportunity to get water, go to bathroom, and take care of themselves physically if they need to

Claude Johnson asked And nothing be said to them.  Nobody would say anything against them.  They would not be written up.  No supervisor will have anything to say about that employee trying to cool themselves down or go to the bathroom or get water.  So it’s up to the employee.

Dr. Guess stated If you’re trying, Mr. Johnson, to get something in the minutes that would allow something to be challenged

Claude Johnson stated No Sir, I’m not.  This don’t have anything to do with that.  I’m just concerned about safety.  It’s not about you, not about me.  I’m just concerned about safety for employees.

Dr. Guess stated Me too.

Claude Johnson stated That’s what it’s all about.  It has nothing to do with being against you, it has to do with safety.

Dr. Guess stated I’m concerned about employee safety too.

 If you’re trying, Mr. Johnson, to get something in the minutes, that would allow something to be challenged

Claude Johnson stated No Sir, I’m not.  This don’t have anything to do with that.  I’m just concerned about safety.  It’s not about you, not about me.  I’m just concerned about safety for employees.

Dr. Guess stated Me too.

Claude Johnson stated That’s what it’s all about.  It has nothing to do with being against you, it has to do with safety.

Dr. Guess stated I’m concerned about employee safety too.

Emry Chesterfield said Ms. Bryant

Loria Bryant said she had a question concerning the lunch clocking in and out, because we have been working the 8 1/2 hours automatically and getting the 30 minutes take out.  Why did that change instead of letting it cover like it did before?

Dr. Guess stated The intent to maintain an accurate .  Why did that change instead of letting it cover like it did before?

Dr. Guess stated The intent to maintain an accurate record.  If you were a construction worker, the horn blows at 8 and 4.  But we are not like that.  I believe you when you say you can’t always get away from kids.  And I also believe people in the maintenance repairing an AC might not be close to a time clock, so we have to make some concessions to people in those situations.  But the only reason is to maintain an accurate record.  And I know your argument, that hasn’t been done before is fine, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to do it now.  So I just think that that’s what we’re trying to do. your argument, that hasn’t been done before is fine, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to do it now.  So I just think that that’s what we’re trying to do.

Emry Chesterfield asked Are you through Ms. Bryant

Loria Bryant stated Yes Sir.

Belinda Pearl stated I understand that, but sometimes when we got so much taken away from over the last couple of years and this just seems like something else.  We have 4 minutes between classes to get to the restroom.  You have to have someone come in and watch your class, even though you don’t take it, it’s just to know it’s there.  You wonder, oh God what else are they going to take from ESP’s for some of us to give our all and don’t take those and for you to say we’re not going to give this.  It’s moral.

Claude Johnson stated What I look at is employees work hard.  JNPSD detached from us and that was a big task to go through.  I still say what about the employees, who’s going to take care of us?

Emry Chesterfield stated Ok.  It’s been a great discussion here.  Motion on the floor, been seconded.  Breaks and Duty Free lunch made by Claude Johnson.  All in favor of the motion say I.  All opposed.  Roll Call Ms. Davis.

For- Claude Johnson, Belinda Pearl, Loria Bryant, Donna Davis, Emry Chesterfield

Against – Regina English, Dr. Guess, Charles Blake

Motion carried.

Dr. Guess asked What are you planning on doing with this.

Emry Chesterfield stated I’ll tell you before the meeting is over what I plan to do with this.   We are going to the next thing on the agenda, which is longevity and employee raises.  Ms. Davis who are you directing this to?

Donna Davis stated Dr. Guess.  Longevity employees didn’t get a raise, you know maybe 1% of their base pay.  Do you know why or was there a reason?

Dr. Guess asked What are you calling longevity?

Donna Davis stated The ones that have maxed out on all their years/steps.

Donna Davis asked Can you tell me why no money was added to the salary scale.

Dr. Guess said The Jacksonville detachment, loss of deseg money, and the need to more efficiently run the district.

Donna Davis said Okay

Dr. Guess said Tell me what your reaction to that is.  I want to talk to you about it.  Talk to me.

Donna Davis said I’m just going to go back and tell them what you said.

Dr. Guess  we managed that real successfully.  You know all the things that went along with that.  It was $40 million worth of revenue in that detachment.  I think we offset the loss of that revenue with reduction in employees and related expenses.  We hope we are going to be able to produce a 16-17 budget that is as responsible as the past budgets.  Now another issue is the loss of deseg money.  There should be $20.7 million to operate Special Programs and deseg related programs and other things.  This is the last year for that money.  We made reductions in deseg related expenditures trying to be prepared for this.  We split deseg money with JNPSD so the $20.7 million , they got about $5 million.

Sending $333,00 to the UALR Foundation for the Donaldson Scholars, that’s a program working with students that don’t know much about going to college.  Help the kids prepare for  ACT, counseling and that sort of all the elements and  things.  So we reallocated money to other areas.  We’ve reduced expenses as well.  Now we still have additional expenses in the district that are going to be affected by the loss of that deseg money, Part of that money goes to pay teacher retirement match and we can’t just say we’re not going to do that, so if we’re not going to have the deseg money to the Teacher Retirement we’re going to have to absorb that.  We don’t have a choice.  A lot of that deseg money goes to pay fringe benefits you know that the minimum fringe benefit in the state is to pay the teacher insurance matching, which is about $150 .  We pay about $350

Donna Davis said $272

Dr. Guess said How much?  Well there’s also a fringe benefit package.

Donna Davis said Well I don’t know about that

Dr. Guess stated We all get that.  There’s different limits to that dental, disability, life insurance.  I can’t remember  all the elements.  It over 300 bucks.  Now we face questions about whether or not we can continue to pay that because a portion of that deseg money is used to help pay some of that benefit cost, so do  you see that we have a real challenge.  Another year of real challenges.

Donna Davis stated I understand that and I got a question for you too.   When you’re talking about money, I know some people out here at the central office got some raises and they weren’t little bitty raises either.  You cut a lot of people’s jobs, but Human Resources, didn’t they get raises? They got $6-8 thousand dollars each and then they got another employee,  Terilyn Williams.   I know she was someplace else (Security), but now she’s over here..  So when people look at this and they go downstairs to payroll and those other offices downstairs and see all the new furniture , all the new walls and curves and things that you go through to get there and then you talk about how you saving money and stuff.  These things cost money and they weren’t cheap.  Nobody gave them to us, they were purchased with funds from PCSSD.  And when you talk about you have to make cuts and things and you have to  offset this and that.

Claude Johnson stated Peoples’ families are suffering.

Donna Davis said you know you see this and all these things were done.  I’m one of the people whose these questions were asked of me.  I had to come down and see for myself.  It looks really good, don’t get it twisted, but you’re talking about offsetting things.  Why did these people get raises?  Why wasn’t there something put in like the 1 % on longevity.  We used to get longevity.  I know this.  And other people got these big substantial raises, because I know they were taking on other duties and got raises, but then you get an extra employee   

And things like that.   So why?

Dr. Guess We didn’t get an extra employee.  We had an employee in there that was RIF.

Donna Davis stated I understand that.

Dr. Guess stated   One of the other classified departments get an extra classified .  One that moved out of the  job they had, we moved them to another position.  I think security.  Since she was an additional allocation in security, we moved someone over here out of security.  So it’s a wash.  There’s an additional person in security and one person was moved over here to take .  As we are working through all the Jacksonville continued issues.

Donna Davis asked So it was a wash?

Dr. Guess stated yes.  The thing that we talked about occurring.  Just like the buses.  Mr. Chesterfield drives a bus.  We bought 20 new buses a year.  That is money that we budgeted  to buy buses.  It’s not money that’s used to budget for raises.  It was budgeted to buy buses because the fleet , when I came here, over 75% of the buses were over 12 years old.  That’s an enormous problem.  Today over 75% are under 12 years old, so we budget that money to buy  buses.  Not a matter of we could have used that money for something else.  It was critical we bought buses.

Donna Davis Said I understand the buses.

Dr. Guess stated downstairs.   Money that was used to make renovations was made to be able to move people into the area they now are in.  Have more office space to consolidate the people who are left.  And the monies that were used to do that were probably part of the sustainment, modernization  and renovation budget.  We budget a portion of  increased assessment money and we capture increased assessment revenue and budget that for sustainment, renovation and modernization projects.  So we do things to improve the facilities.  We improve facilities here , but we also put $1 million at Northwood- an enormous amount of money at Northwood to make it a nice Academy.  We have other SRM projects around the district to try and keep buildings and facilities safe and updated/upgraded, so  the fact that we budget items downstairs doesn’t mean that that’s money we would have used for other purposes such as raises.  It was budgeted for facilities improvements.  Same with the ipads in the buildings.  The kids now have chrome books/ipads K-12 and that money was budgeted for that . That was a combination of NSLA money and revenue generated by the additional tax for technology and some federal program money.  Those are monies that were not available to other issues. So the fact that these things were bought, doesn’t mean that was money that was squandered. The things that we brought , didn’t need.  Budget to try to and improve facilities and run things more efficiently.

Claude Johnson  stated And to budget some people some raises.

Dr. Guess stated We’re working on the 16-17 budget right now.  The 16-17 budget , plus we filed cycle 9, which is the close of the 16 budget , on the last day of August.  It had to be filed by then, so we filed on that day, having waited as long as we could for bills that were related to Jacksonville and moving some folks out of the insurance and all that sort of stuff.  Soon as that was filed we began to work on the 16-17 budget.  Things haven’t been budgeted ,so we’re working on the 16-17 right now and it has to be due at the end of this month.

Emry Chesterfield said Ms. Davis

Donna Davis said Ok, so what about raises some people at the central office received?

Dr. Guess stated I don’t know.  What raises?

Donna Davis stated In Human Resources

Dr. Guess stated I do know that in some cases where positions were consolidated, we changed the, can’t think of the term, number that effects if three people were doing a job, now you have 2 people. We may have made some adjustments in pay.  Some of the other classified area, I know of classified areas , can’t think of certified areas where this occurred.

Donna Davis stated I’m talking about classified

Dr. Guess stated you’re just talking about classified, I don’t think it happened in certified anywhere.  The reason again, it’s important to remember FLS treats classified people in a different way.  When you assign additional duties  and responsibilities, especially to classified employees, I think FLS would cause you to say are we paying these people fairly.  If we had three people and moved down to one person.  That one person may have gotten an adjustment in pay due to the other duties.  In the certified ranks it’s different.  In my office Laura Bednar left and we didn’t replace her.  Janice Warren, John Tackett and I picked up additional duties.  We’ve done that in other areas  in certified, but in classified again I think its incumbent on us to consider additional pay for additional duties.  At least should be considered.  FLS should cause you to do that.

Donna Davis said OK, July 1st that was not a holiday.  Why was the district closed?

Dr. Guess stated The same reason we were closed the preceding  Friday, four tens.

Donna Davis stated 4-10’s, I’m not understanding.

Dr. Guess stated We work 4-10’s in the summer, as soon as the Elementary Principals went home were changed the summer schedule to 4-10’ M-TH, Friday off.  We gave the people who didn’t want to work 4-10’s a choice of doing something else, work 5-8’s.  I think pretty much everybody did the 4-10’s.

Donna Davis asked Were they able to work on July 1st, if they were doing the 5-8’s or did they have to take a day of leave?

Dr. Guess stated No you wouldn’t have to, it was not a holiday.

Donna Davis said Right

Dr. Guess stated That as  Elementary Principals came back on contract, we stopped doing 4-10’s, so the week of July 1st on Friday, 4-10’s as it had been on the weeks preceding June.   Monday was the holiday 4th of July and it was a 4 day weekend break because Friday was the fifth day of the week.

Donna Davis asked But if they were doing the 8 hour days

Dr. Guess stated I don’t know of anybody that did that

Donna Davis stated It was a few people that did , that’s why I’m asking

Dr. Guess asked So you knew that?

Donna Davis said Un Huh

Emry Chesterfield said Any more questions Ms. Davis

Donna Davis stated No, that’s all.

Emry Chesterfield said Dr. Guess I have a question of you just before we close.  We’re going to move on to the election.   We have 2 positions open in the classified PPC, Secretary and Nutrition. The law says we have to have the election by the middle of October, so that’s the 2nd week in October.  So I was thinking of getting the information out the last week of this month.

Dr. Guess asked Who is it? Is it the people who have timed off?

Emry Chesterfield said it was Ms. Bryant’s and to fill Clint Walker’s position. Week of the 19th Ms. Davis. Means ballots go out on the 10th, election on the 11th, picked up on the 12th, delivered to Mr. Johnson and counted on the 14th. Mr. Johnson got the boxes and he’ the only one with the key.  He’s not on the ballot, so he can handle the ballot.  Of course I’ll be there too, but he will handle it more.  Also, I appoint Ms. Davis to help Mr. Johnson in the elections.

Loria Bryant asked Monday the 19th

Donna Davis stated School is out.

Emry Chesterfield said Tuesday the 20th.  All non-managerial support staff can participate. Can I get a motion on that?

Dr. Guess said Before the motion I have a question.  What do you men all support staff get to vote?

Emry Chesterfield said all non-manager support staff get to vote in the classified  PPC election.

Dr. Guess asked Does that mean everybody get to vote for everybody?

Emry Chesterfield stated Yes, everybody can vote, not Mr. Blake because he’s a supervisor or Regina English.

Dr. Guess asked D you have bus drivers vote for cafeteria position?

Emry Chesterfield stated Yes, you have two positions open they can vote for Sec/Nutrition

Dr. Guess said Are they not elected by people in those positions or are those positions elected by everybody or just people in those positions?

Emry Chesterfield said That’s why non –PASS members can vote in this election

Dr. Guess stated Non-PASS members, they don’t have anything to do with this

Emry Chesterfield stated That’s k, PASS is still here.  Let’s move on.  I need a motion.

Dr. Guess stated Mr. Chesterfield I’m not gigging at the Union.

Emry Chesterfield stated I understand.  I answered your question, only support staff can vote in this election.  I can vote for nutrition and secretary.

Regina English asked So by supervisor you mean anybody that can writ somebody up or evaluate them.

Charles Blake said You’re talking about exempt/nonexempt?

Donna Davis stated If you are a supervisor you cannot vote.

Regina English said Ok, just wanted to make sure

Emry Chesterfield said motion

Donna Davis moved that information go out the 20th ,ballots in schools on 10th, vote on the 11th, ballots picked up on the 12th and counted on the 14th.

Claude Johnson seconded.

Emry Chesterfield said roll call Ms. Davis

Unanimous, motion carried

Emry Chesterfield said Dr. Guess to answer your question what Mr. Johnson bought up to the committee on breaks and duty free lunch.  I plan to take it to the Advisory Board on 25th of October.  Now I have a question for you.  Why is it when you purchase new buses, these buses don’t have AC

Charles Blake said It has AC

Emry Chesterfield said I was asking Dr. Guess.

Charles Blake said I see the specs though and this year the specs do have AC on them.  We have submitted a request to the board and Johnny Key for buses to have AC.

Emry Chesterfield said So all buses the district purchased have AC on them

Charles Blake said Yes Sir

Emry Chesterfield said Thank you Mr. Blake

Belinda Pearl made a motion adjourn

Claude Johnson seconded

Meeting adjourned