PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: August 28, 2018

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: August 28, 2018

Roll Call: Charles Mc Nulty, Emry Chesterfield, Belinda Pearl, Claude Johnson and Loria Bryant.

Meeting was called to order at 1:01

Mr. Chesterfield stated that there are only two items on the agenda and the first one was the introduction of the new superintendent and where he wants to lead this district. One thing that is not on the agenda was the differences in the salary for secretary and registrar that we brought up last school year. Mr. Chesterfield said he met with Dr. Mc Nulty and Ms. Smith. Mr. Chesterfield said he was very impressed with both and it is very hard to impress me. I believe in giving everyone a chance. I really liked what I heard. He said he believes everyone should be treated the same. I also liked what he told me about job posting. He told me just yesterday that jobs will be posted on the website and it will be posted at the work place. Dr. Mc Nulty stated that first he really likes meetings like these. We can talk about what our processes are and then I can go back and confirm it. People are great about sharing what our processes are but sometimes that’s what we think is what it is supposed to be but really that is not what it is supposed to be at all. Sometimes we overdue it and then we must have a conversation about it.  I really appreciate our conversation and I want to be up front with that. I won’t ever, ever throw you under the bus. In other words, if we agree on something I will own it. As we enter these discussions I want to make sure we follow what is in the handbook. I wasn’t sure you had agendas. We want to do what is best for the kids. Dr. Mc Nulty told us of the different places he has been. He stated that everyone is different. The financial system in Arkansas is simple. The state will help you the first year you are down in enrollment but the second year they expect you to adjust. The good/bad is Sylvan Hills has a 65-million-dollar bond. You can’t give to it or take from it. That’s taken care of. So that shouldn’t interfere with district finance. So, there you have it. That’s what I got, and I appreciate your time. Ask me anything. Belinda Pearl stated that if Dr. Mc Nulty wanted anything on the agenda just let her know. She also stated that we have had a crooked district for year. Dr. Warren came in and in one year the moral went up.

People cared again. We have always cared about our students, but we now mattered. It makes a difference when you matter, when you’re heard. We are here for the kids and not for the pay as you can see. I have heard so many good things and I hope we can keep that going. Dr. Mc Nulty stated that he thinks that for so long the district had focused on the facility and not the people part of it. That is not how I have ever operated. People come first. The problem is that we are in a fiscal situation and has nothing to do with this current board or what happened last year. Let me say this with no promises made, that transportation and maintenance has been very much retracted. In my opinion if we must cut, there are three departments that would be the last that we cut. That is transportation, maintenance and the equity programs. Mrs. Bryant said she had some concerns. She talked about the sick bank, longevity, severance pay and the vacations for 12-month employees. They wanted to know if the dates could me change for vacations. Dr. Mc Nulty talked about the sick bank. You never know what is going to happen. We should support each other. He talked about the longevity raises. He talked how hard the time is. We have a long-term plan. We must fix the problem first. He doesn’t want to do what some districts have done in the past and that was to give a raise and cut insurance. On one hand you get a raise and on the other you pay more deductible. The vacation is where it gets tough. Part of the district works on part of the year and the other works all the year. He said we could look at that. Mrs. Pearl brought up the prorated possibility for the cafeteria and janitorial.  He stated that it could help some but for a lot of these employees it would hurt because of their hours. Dr. Mc Nulty stated that Curtis Johnson and Alesia Smith will be on the team as well. If we can continue to have a conversation about what is good for the children, we are going to be successful. I need a little time to learn the history. It doesn’t mean that I must accept the way things were done and that’s the way I am going to act. Mr. Chesterfield ask if that was all for the secretary. Mr. Johnson said prorated pay had already been talked about, but he had concerns about morale. Dr. Mc Nulty said does it make a difference that we do not want to make cuts in maintenance. Mr. Johnson said it did. He said he treats everyone with respect. He leads by example. He also said that he had been in every building, they may be old, but they are well kept. There is value in this district. Mr. Chesterfield ask if there were any more questions from this board. Mrs. Pearl said to fix the budget and then fix us. Mr. Mc Nulty said WOW. She stated fix the budget then we’ll talk. She did say she was glad to meet him and thinks things will be just fine. Dr. Mc Nulty stated he thinks we have some top professional and not being hear makes people think they are not hear. We just must have some small victories and celebrate them. Mr. Chesterfield welcomed Dr. Mc Nulty once again. Mr. Chesterfield said he had his full support. Mr. Chesterfield stated that we had talked about the secretary and the registrar. We had decided to take it to the board to talk about a step raise. What do you think about taking it to the board. Dr. Mc Nulty said he could not recommend it at this time.  Dr. Mc Nulty ask if we could bring it up in the November meeting. The board voted not take it to the school board at this time and give the superintended time to research this item. Mrs. Pearl made the motion and Mr. Johnson seconded it. Dr. Mc Nulty ask if we could bring this back in November. Mrs. Pearl made a motion to bring this back in November and Mr. Johnson seconded the motion. The next thing on the agenda is the election of PPC board members. The law in Arkansas says it must be held in October. We always hold it the second week of October. We have two positions open, one in nurse and therapy and student nutrition. Mrs. Pearl and Mrs. Bryant have been appointed to take care of the elections. Dr. Mc Nulty said that he appreciated the conversation and that he would always tells us where the district is at. Mr. Chesterfield said that he would tell Ms. Roush to put in on the district site.

Mr. Johnson made a motion to adjourn. Mrs. Bryant seconded it.

Respectfully Submitted by

Belinda Pearl, PPC Secretary