PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: May 11, 2016

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: May 11, 2016

Chairman Emry Chesterfield called the meeting to order at 1:09 p.m.

Roll Call members present:  Charles Blake, Loria Bryant, Emry Chesterfield, Donna Davis, Regina English, Jerry Guess, Claude Johnson, Belinda Pearl and Clint Walker.

Claude Johnson made a motion to accept the minutes from April 6, 2016 meeting.

Belinda Pearl – 2nd

Motion carried.

Emry Chesterfield started with New Business- Bonus Denise Palmer, PCSSD Chief Financial Officer

Denise Palmer stated the last time I was here we talked about it and it centered on the fact that we needed to ask for a bonus before the budget was done.  We’re in the preliminary stages of budget and it’s a 3-4 month process and the final budget does get submitted in September.  So we will be looking to see if we can pay a bonus.  I told you we would consider that.  Will we be able to pay that I don’t have the answer.  We will be looking at that.  Also Mr. Chesterfield asked the question when it will be paid.  I’ve never heard of a fall or spring bonus.  Usually at Christmas time, so we are just now beginning the preliminary budgets to see if we can do that.

Emry Chesterfield asked if there were any questions for Ms. Palmer.

Donna Davis asked when will you know about the bonus 

Denise Palmer stated we are in the preliminary stages and it takes 3-4 months to get the budget prepared and our issue is just glaring.  The split with Jacksonville is going to add another layer of contention as we split all the assets that we have to look at with Jacksonville.  It’s going to be a full process this year with us getting done with the true ups.

Donna Davis said they say no question is a dumb question, what is a true up?

Denise Palmer - True up.  You would love for everything to end on June 30th all invoices and everything.  Here’s your money go.  We will have invoices coming in up until possibly August.  As the assets are split, will we have all the assets split by June 30th, probably not, but close to it.  Looking at all those things we have to split and pay off a true up, we have to write them a check on July 1, then from there do they owe us money or do we owe them money.  Do we have invoices that we’re still paying.  That’s what we’re looking at and that would be a true up.  Do we owe you or do you owe us.

Emry Chesterfield asked if there were any questions.    Ms. Palmer what about the upcoming school year when you’re talking about a raise and a bonus for 2016-2017?

Denise Palmer said talking a raise and a bonus?

Emry Chesterfield said yes 2016-2017.

Denise Palmer said well when you called you talked about a bonus.  And we look at raises this district has got to be able to look at can we afford  cost of living raises every year.  Those are the things we are going to begin starting to look at.  The split with Jacksonville, we have to get that done first.  We’ve had this discussion.  Bonuses are a one time thing, but a raise, if you implement a raise that goes on.  If you go in and give everybody a $100 raise that goes on.  Next year they still have that raise; it’s not something that you take back.  But if you give a bonus $500 per person you may not pay that $500 next year.  It’s not a raise.  Raise in salary that’s a gift that keeps on giving.  A bonus is a one time shot and it needs to be looked at every year.

Emry Chesterfield asked if anyone else had any questions for Ms Palmer.

Jerry Guess said there are no plans for a raise or bonus in the current fiscal year, is that correct?

Denise Palmer stated that’s correct.

Jerry Guess stated bonus and raise that are being discussed here are for 2016-2017 correct?

Denise Palmer stated that’s correct.

Emry Chesterfield thanked Ms. Palmer for coming.

Next on the Agenda we asked Deb Roush to come and explain about the breach of security in the district.

Deb Roush thanked Mr. Chesterfield for allowing the district to share this unfortunate incident.  Most of you know the employee was Erica Holmes.  It’s public knowledge now.  It happened on March 18th.  What she was doing was taking private personnel information that mostly included social security numbers and blind copying herself to her personal email.  So my personal email address is debroush@gmail.com.  If she sent something to her supervisor Denise Palmer or Monica Bryant she was also blind copying herself.  We personally didn’t know what her intentions were or why she needed that information in her private account.  Immediately that day it was a very very busy day to make sure we notified everybody we needed to including EBD most importantly as well as employees.  What we did on that day by 4 pm after Ms.  Palmer found what we consider to be a breach of confidential information:  we put a paid ad in the Democrat Gazette because it was also former employees information that was breached; did a call out to all district employees; emailed employees; established help line so people could call for more information; called the Democrat/Gazette to let them know we had an article in the paper; we also did media stories.  Lastly we can talk about preventive measures, but I have to ask it not be reflected in the minutes.

Police are investigating her so she would be silly to do anything with it now.  She had access to it and she had five different email addresses, so we don’t know her motive.  The police haven’t established a motive right now and they wanted to interview Denise palmer and Monica Bryant to try to figure it out.  She was a disgruntled employee we can say that. So she left, she was no longer an employee.  She left on February 16th and that’s how we found it.  When someone quits all of their email, if necessary, is pushed over to their supervisor in case they need it.  Ms Bryant became the holder of email.  She went to look for something and said hey wait a minute why would she have emailed this to this crazy email.  That’s how Ms. Bryant found it and turned it over to Ms. Palmer.  That’s how all the steps began that we did to notify everybody.

Belinda Pearl stated so it’s going to be really hard for anybody else to get through.

Deb Roush said once all of this is put into play and these policies are being worked on as we speak.  The bottom line is that it’s impossible to prevent anyone from sending emails.  This woman had been through the state training on confidentiality laws, but you can’t keep an employee from doing this.  We had parents speed through parking lots and almost run over a principal.  There are things you don’t have control over. You know the right thing to do, but sometimes people don’t make the right choices.  All we can do is react appropriately and put measures in place and hope it doesn’t happen again.  Pushing this through the criminal system so we can make an example out her.  Everybody downstairs knows how serious this has been taken, so I don’t expect it , no I’m not going to say it, knock on wood.  I think the district handled it in an appropriate way to make sure everybody was notified.  Teamwork.

Jerry Guess stated I think you did a very good job considering it was found on a Friday.

Donna Davis stated before Spring Break.

Jerry Guess said notices went to employees, newspapers, authorities on that Friday afternoon and evening.

Deb Roush stated even that Monday during spring break I met with some folks to make sure we could get it right, so everyone could check their record because at that point we didn’t know what we were dealing with.  They already called me the other day the prosecutor/investigator  to let me know that one of our employees has their SSN wrong in our system. That’s how hard they are looking at this, so they are taking it very seriously, so when they come back and say it was not used inappropriately then I feel very confident it wasn’t.

Emry Chesterfield asked if anyone had anymore questions for Ms Roush

Claude Johnson asked if somebody came up with a problem from all of this would the district provide the employee credit monitoring

Deb Roush said we haven’t really faced that, but it would really depend on of they could show proof that it tied back.  Literally we haven’t gotten that far yet.  I’ve had about seven calls and what I’ve done is researched the information that was leaked and then gone back to their banks and they say no that’s not enough information.

Claude Johnson stated anytime someone’s personal information is breached in any other business that place will provide credit monitoring.

Deb Roush said it’s very expensive to do that, so we would have to have a solid reason.  I think it would be Dr Guess’ decision, but it would probably be done on an individual basis rather than across the board.  If we found out that yours was linked to something the district had done then we would probably legally go after the employee for that.  

Claude Johnson asked if employees would expose themselves

Jerry Guess stated that kind of violates the agreement that she signed with the various state agencies.  She’s chosen to break the law by breaching information privileged to people, she’s exposed herself to liability and legal action.

Deb Roush stated like I said rather than across the board, say three people and we could tie it back , which I don’t think we could ever do, we would help those three people.

Emry Chesterfield asked if anyone else had questions for Ms Roush

Belinda Pearl stated no that answered all my questions

Emry Chesterfield thanked Ms Roush for coming.  Next on the Agenda is two new jobs.--Regina English

Regina English stated that  in my office I’m losing staff, Clint being one and the bookkeeper being the other one, so I kind of want to combine the jobs with current jobs that I have in my department.  I want to take the bookkeeper job and combine it with my Secretary job and move it from a Range 4 to Range 10 and call it Operations Specialist.

Donna Davis stated she was passing out copies of what Ms English wanted to do

Regina English stated ok.  Combining two jobs saves my department $90,000 per year.  I just believe that adding this much work to somebody’s already job, benefits a little bit more pay.  Kitchen budgets and bonuses in that would be great.  I’m asking these be put on the salary schedule.

Emry Chesterfield said questions?

Donna Davis said I got a question.  Everybody kind of look at them.  Move from a Range 6 to Range 10 and get $4684 a year and from a Range 6 to Range 11 and get $9369 a year.  How do you justify that.  You added things to them, but when I was a bookkeeper for the district I had Homer Adkins only then they turned it into a Pre K Center.  I then had Homer Adkins, HIPPY Program and I took on all the bookkeeping for all the PreK in the district,  every single solitary school and I asked for an increase because that was a lot of work.  They said no that’s just like other duties as assigned.  That was a lot of work.

Regina English states she has a secretary that has to deal with 35 schools, we handle all our bills.  Accts Payable doesn’t do that for us, and all my billing for me, all my claiming for DHS, take over the bookkeeping position, which she’s been doing a little bit of this year which does my PO's, requisitions, bidding, billing every week, all the payrolls, all of that.  And Pamela Newcomb was making $39,000 or $38,356 eliminate that salary and raise her to Pam’s job as well as her own and give her all Pam’s duties.

Donna Davis asked so you just want to move the person that you have into that job

Regina English stated not into that job.  I just want to combine the 2 jobs together.

Donna Davis asked so wouldn’t that be a new job since they are going from a different range.  Range 6 to Range 10.

Regina English stated it is a new job, so that’s why I’m asking you to put it on the salary schedule.

Donna Davis asked so is this job going to be posted, so everyone can apply for it or something.

Regina English said no.  That is a HR question,

Claude Johnson asked that range, what is the current range  right now

Donna Davis stated a Range 6

Regina English stated based off other Operations Specialist in the district- Transportation and Maintenance have one they are also a Range 10

Claude Johnson asked has this person been RIF?

Regina English stated no, she retired

Donna Davis asked Operations Specialist.

Regina English said Free and Reduced  Application Specialist 

Donna Davis asked again. So the person who already has this job is the person that’s going to get this job.

Regena English replied the person who holds my secretary job

Donna Davis stated me personally, I don’t know if anybody agrees or disagrees with me.  Me personally I can’t see giving somebody a $9369 for a few more job duties and nobody else has the opportunity to apply for this job right here, because I can do this.  You know what I’m saying ?  I’m not being funny or anything, but  I can do either one and I can’t see if the district  is laying off all these people, me included but anyway.  RIF them and stuff like that; posting their jobs back and adding 10 more days as an new job and you have to reapply.  Why don’t these people have to reapply for these jobs?  I’m asking a serious question.  Your rationale. This is your stuff that you put together and I want to know why they don’t have to apply.

Regena English stated you have to ask Kim White.

Donna Davis asked if Kim was in charge of the jobs.

Regena English stated no she’s not in charge of the jobs,

Donna Davis asked then why would I ask her.

Regena English said I was told they would just slide into the jobs.

Donna Davis asked Kim White told you they would just slide into them.

Regena English said yes I was told I didn’t have to post the jobs.

Donna Davis said well okay I’m not for this.  I’m  just going to let you all know.

Belinda Pearl said but 2 positions, those 2 people are gone so positions are gone.

Regena English said so I’m just asking for it to be put in the salary schedule.  Not asking anybody to approve the jobs, just add to salary schedule.

Donna Davis asked so it’s going to happen regardless.  Is that correct?

Regena English said just asking to put in the salary schedule which has to come before this committee.

Donna Davis made the motion for the jobs not to be put on salary schedule

Belinda Pearl – 2nd

Emry Chesterfield said hold up.  Mr. Blake go ahead.

Charles Blake stated the only thing is Operations Specialist is not a Range 10 its Range 9.  Operation’s Specialist II is a range 10.

Emry Chesterfield asked is that all Mr. Blake.

Charles Blake stated yes.

Emry Chesterfield asked Ms English if she was through with both of them.

Regena English stated yes I am.

Emry Chesterfield stated the problem I have with all this, Ms. English, like Ms. Davis said.  All these people got RIF, pink slips or whatever you want to call them, lost their jobs.  I’m highly against this and that’s my rationale for this because if we can bring something like this to the committee, we ought to be able to do something about the ones that got pink slips or lost their jobs at this point.  Ok Ms Davis you can go ahead with your motion.  

Donna Davis made the motion for the jobs not to be put on salary schedule

Belinda Pearl – 2nd

Emry Chesterfield asked if any questions.

Dr. Guess stated what she’s doing is saving the district $90,000.  She’s eliminating positions, not replacing them.  Cost savings method by adding duties.  Move from range is at her discretion to do assuming those additional duties are done.  What’s she’s doing is in line with what other places do in other situations and what the purpose here is to try to again be efficient.  I want to applaud Ms. English, because when I came here the program was about $1.5 million in the red.  This year, if everything goes as planned, it will actually be in the black.  It’s going to pay for itself, which is amazing for a district this size.  Large districts have problems having their food service programs self supporting.  So I think this is a reasonable move, I think it’s a very responsible move.  I understand it’s a change for those two people.  These are not just incidental duties, these are significant responsibilities being added to these peoples’ plate, so I think it’s a reasonable and responsible thing.

Clint Walker stated no matter what whether we approve or disapprove these jobs, all she’s asking is they be put in the PP manual salary schedule because they’ve already been approved. The way I see it, if we approve it or not it still needs to go in the manual for everybody to see.  I think that’s what we’re trying to do, we’re not trying to approve or disapprove these jobs.

Emry Chesterfield said okay go ahead Ms. Davis.

Donna Davis stated she had nothing else to say.

Emry Chesterfield stated ok the motion is on the floor by Donna Davis seconded by Belinda Pearl all in favor say I.  Roll call Ms. Davis.

Yes – Claude Johnson, 

No- Regena English, Clint Walker, Jerry Guess, Charles Blake

Loria Bryant said she wasn’t voting either way because she didn’t understand

Donna Davis said okay .  They want to add these two new positions on our salary schedule.

Regena English said new positions in student nutrition.

Loria Bryant said okay.

Donna Davis stated and they already have somebody for the positions.

Dr. Guess stated current employee positions and they have been given significantly more responsibility.  Range has changed and asking that they be placed on the salary schedule as an acknowledgement of changes that have happened.

Regena English said 2 people.  We have one is Clint’s job, he’s leaving and I really don’t have to fill his job because of duties I  have to take on, but there are duties I just can’t handle because I have a lot to do so I would like to incorporate this job into my free and reduced specialist and give her extra duties and pay her to do the extra duties I’m asking her to do.  I’m not RIFFing anybody.  They are leaving voluntarily.

Loria Bryant stated I understand this Ms. Regena about the extra duties that is also in our job descriptions.  My boss gives me extra duties to do which I’m the bookkeeper for the PreK Program which encompasses the entire district.  So when we got 5 new classrooms in it, it gave me an extra amount of work to do, but my salary is not changing, so how do we make that equal for everybody.

Clint Walker said can I say something about my job.  I do menus for the whole district, I do all the IT for the whole district that’s 34 schools everything student nutrition, all data based maintenance, hardware software.  In our district we have a single person for each of those jobs, but I do all of them.  All menus for diabetics, tube fed 9 different menus each month as well as send it to the web.  So what she’s doing is taking on all these computer jobs herself and with the menus it’s a lot of work.

Loria Bryant stated it’s a lot of work with that extra duties as assigned to our job descriptions, but I understand you compensating the people in your department , but what about the other people in other departments.

Dr. Guess stated well extra duties is usually for yourself an extension of the job you’re already doing.  This person she is proposing to do more is taking on completely different job.  Not a matter of extending her responsibilities, not a matter of covering more of what you’re already doing.  It’s really asking that you take more responsibilities that you haven’t done before outside of your traditional job and take those.

Donna Davis-  Ms. Bryant?

Loria Bryant -Yes 

Belinda Pearl –Yes 

Emry Chesterfield –Yes

Donna Davis- Yes

Dr. Guess asked which way did she vote

Donna Davis stated for not putting it on the salary schedule

Motion carried 5-4.

Donna Davis stated excuse me , I said yes , Ms Bryant, Ms Pearl, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Chesterfield said yes, so that’s 5 to 4.

Emry Chesterfield said next on the agenda Personnel File- Claude Johnson

Claude Johnson said look at Personnel Policy book on page 10.  Well, the problem is I don’t see where an employee can take a file out that is derogatory or disciplinary action that is really old, so I was wanting to add a paragraph 4.  Employees that have a derogatory or disciplinary action that is 6 months to 1 year can have it taken out or done away with granted that if an employee had a recent disciplinary action they wouldn’t be able to take that out.

Emry Chesterfield asked so you’re saying you would like to add a paragraph 4?

Claude Johnson said yes.

Emry Chesterfield said in other words your motion would be if you have an individual with information in their file where they have been written up and it’s old you would like to see it come out in 6 mts-1yr if they haven’t had any other disciplinary action. Is that what you’re saying?

Claude Johnson said yes.

Emry Chesterfield asked if there was anything else he wanted to say about that

Claude Johnson said that’s pretty much it.  I just see it as a problem that needed to be addressed.

Dr. Guess asked if he had in recommendation in writing.

Emry Chesterfield said no he doesn’t,   do you Mr. Johnson?

Claude Johnson stated no I don’t.

Dr. Guess asked what precipitated this.

Claude Johnson said he was reading through the manual.  Me myself I have in the past went to look in my file and I can tell that there are some things I want to take out my file and I didn’t know what would be the protocol on all this and how do you take this out.  Back in the past you just haven’t been able to take anything out of your file

Dr. Guess asked how can you purge you personnel file.  Would that be an accurate record  of your employment history?

Claude Johnson said excuse me.

Dr. Guess said how can you cleanse your personnel file and it be an accurate record of your employment history.

Claude Johnson stated well,  if it’s that old it shouldn’t be in your file.

Dr. Guess stated it’s  relevant to past performance.

Claude Johnson said excuse me.

Dr. Guess asked mistakes you made in the past are not relevant to your job performance.

Claude Johnson stated not that old.

Dr. Guess said how old?

Claude Johnson stated 6 months-1year it should be taken out.

Dr. Guess asked Mr. Chesterfield how long had he worked here.

Emry Chesterfield said it was his 14th year.

Dr. Guess stated I’ve worked in the business 39 years and consider my history.  If I have a disciplinary action that’s 1 year old should I be able to remove it.

Claude Johnson I don’t know how yours works.

Dr. Guess said same principle.

Claude Johnson said same principle well then maybe so.

Dr. Guess stated I don’t think it’s reasonable that you can cleanse a personnel file by the age of the misconduct.  I think you can ask for a review of your personnel file before the school board in your case an advisory board if you have a disciplinary matter you want to review.  You can file a grievance and a process to follow and let the board decide if the item ought to be removed.  But just unilaterally removing something from a personnel file because it has aged doesn’t seem reasonable.

Claude Johnson said how come.  It’s old.

Dr.  Guess stated you had a fight with a fellow employee 6 months ago or 5 years ago you don’t think that’s relevant to an employer in a personnel file.

Claude Johnson stated no, it needs to be removed.

Dr. Guess stated I don’t think so.

Emry Chesterfield stated okay Mr. Johnson you’re asking this committee to add this to the classified personnel policy book.

Dr. Guess said I need to see something  in writing before I support anything  and you know it has to go before the advisory board which is policy.

Emry Chesterfield stated well Dr. Guess we’ll take the chance on that if that’s what he brought before this committee.

Dr. Guess stated I haven’t seen anything presented to consider.

Emry Chesterfield stated well we’re still going to take a chance.

Dr. Guess stated I haven’t seen anything presented to consider.

Claude Johnson made the motion.

 To remove derogatory or disciplinary actions from your personnel file if you haven’t had a write up in 6 months to 1 year. Donna Davis – 2nd

Roll call .

Yes – Claude Johnson, Belinda Pearl, Emry Chesterfield, Donna Davis

No- Dr.  Guess, Charles Blake, Clint Walker, Regena English

Loria Bryant has a few questions.

Loria Bryant asked Claude if he was asking that we take things out that are or have been disciplinary against us as an employee from anybody.

Claude Johnson stated 6 months to a year old

Loria Bryant stated 6 months to a year old .  To put that motion  in the PP book.

Emry Chesterfield said new paragraph 4 under paragraph 3.  What he’s talking about,  let’s say you have something in your personnel file this year.  6 months to a year if you haven’t violated or contributed to what’s already in your file asking it to be removed.

Donna Davis stated 20 years ago.

Emry Chesterfield said what’s already in your file he’s asking for that to be removed. That’s what it is.

Belinda Pearl stated so your going to state that- just put it at the end of the sentence.

Dr. Guess stated that’s what I’m saying there’s nothing in writing for us.

Charles Blake said let me ask you a question Mr. Johnson.  If a person, I have a bus driver that has an accident driving the bus, so are you saying to me if they don’t have another accident within 1 year remove it out of that person’s record

Claude Johnson stated if you have a bus driver that hurt some students that person wouldn’t be here anyway.

Charles Blake stated that’s not what district policy is right now.

Claude Johnson stated I would think that if I hurt some students I wouldn’t be here.

Charles Blake stated that’s  not what policy is.  Reprimand with written reprimand then that’s what goes in that file.  It’s progressive discipline.   If you don’t hurt someone for a year then it would come out.

Claude Johnson said no no no .  Automatically if you hurt someone in this district that is your job. Your job is to see to kids safety and you’re a bus driver and you hurt some kids, now it’s you all that’s doing the investigation and you come up with that person hurt them kids it’s their fault then whatever disciplinary action that you take is what you take.

Charles Blake stated disciplinary action could be written reprimand.  We do progressive discipline.  Say that person didn’t have another accident and we remove the written reprimand.

Claude Johnson stated if that person is driving that bus 6 months to a year later without a problem being an exceptionally well rounded employee.  I would think they should be able to take that out because that person has proven to you and the entire organization that they have straightened up.

Charles Blake stated our rules say 3rd accident grounds for termination, so if I took it out after every 6 months you would never be able to terminate that person based on their personnel file.

Claude Johnson said I still think that’s the way you’re wording it.

Emry Chesterfield stated what he’s saying Mr. Blake is you’re talking about two different things.  Individual got wrote up and it’s in his personnel file some 6 months to a year later he gets wrote up for the same thing the answer to that is no, but if the individual at the end of the school year or 6 months to a year hasn’t got wrote up then yes.

Donna Davis stated that’s what I was thinking.

Charles Blake stated that’s not the motion he made.

Emry Chesterfield stated you can restated your motion if you want to.

Claude Johnson stated that if a person gets a derogatory write up within 6 months to a year that it should be able to be taken out of their file.

Dr. Guess said so you can have a wreck every year and never get fired for having an accident.  Is that right?

Donna Davis asked didn’t you say derogatory?

Claude Johnson stated derogatory write up.

Emry Chesterfield said if you don’t get written up for the same incident within 6 months to a year it should be taken out of my file.

Claude Johnson stated yes.

Charles Blake said let’s say it’s not a write up.  You get tickets, person’s points on their driver’s record.  So are you saying that your points should come out of your file in 6-12 months.

Emry Chesterfield stated that’s not what he’s saying Mr. Blake.  Mr. Johnson made the motion, it’s been seconded and we are going to vote on that motion Mr. Blake.

Charles Blake stated he was just asking questions to clarify the motion.

Dr. Guess stated that’s why it needs to be in writing.

Emry Chesterfield stated we are going to go ahead and vote Dr. Guess.

Dr. Guess said let me finish my point.

Emry Chesterfield said go ahead.

Dr. Guess stated 6 months – 1 year.  If he has a wreck every year then there’s never any termination for reckless driving because he’ll never have 3 wrecks in his file.  What you’re adopting is a policy that promotes reckless abandon among drivers and other problems.  That’s just one.

Emry Chesterfield stated okay that’s fine.  He made a motion; seconded by Donna Davis and stopped at Ms.  Bryant.  Are you voting yes or no.

Loria Bryant said No.

Dr. Guess asked did you say no?

Loria Bryant said no.

Emry Chesterfield said so your vote is no?

Loria Bryant said  My vote is no.

Emry Chesterfield No.

Donna Davis- Belinda Pearl

Belinda Pearl I don’t really understand.  I vote I don’t know.  I understand what you’re saying.  I get that point, but in my job they need to know what they’re doing.  Know what I’m saying?

Donna Davis stated what I’m getting out of it is he wasn’t saying a wreck, he was saying something derogatory; something that’s putting someone down, distracting from the character or standing of someone.  I’m not saying if I went out there and slapped my supervisor and if I don’t slap him again in 6 months it’ll come out of my file.

Charles Blake - Driving theory, points.

Donna Davis said when you get tickets, I know you get points.  So many points don’t they suspend your license?

Charles Blake yes.

Donna Davis okay then, you won’t be driving if they suspend your license.

Charles Blake stated it won’t be in your file though.

Dr. Guess stated it won’t be a record of it

Charles Blake said it has to be a record of it in your file and it won’t be

Donna Davis stated but you see, that’s not derogatory to me.  If you had a wreck and got points those points are going to be there.  That’s not derogatory because that is something that actually happened.  That’s something that’s very serious that you did.  Derogatory is detracting from the character or standing of someone.  If you have a low opinion of someone.  I  know because I used to have a supervisor in the district, but she eventually got fired.  But if somebody doesn’t like you, they can put anything there and you can dispute it because you can attach  something to it in your personnel file whatever, but then 20 years later that should not be in your personnel file because that was an incident you might of might not have had with one person.  They have their side; you have your side then there’s the truth right there in the middle.  So what I’m saying is something that happened 20 years ago an argument between an employee or supervisor should not be in your file 20 years later

Dr. Guess stated you can file a grievance or challenge it.

Donna Davis asked how long do you have to file a grievance or challenge that.

Dr.  Guess stated it should be there, file a grievance asking that it be removed.

Donna Davis asked where does it say that.

Dr. Guess said you can go to the advisory board or school board.

Donna Davis asked where does it say that in our personnel policy book

Dr.  Guess stated you can file a grievance at any time.

Donna Davis said where does it say that in our personnel policy book.  Do you see it somewhere in here where it says we can do that.

Regena English stated she was just going to give an example of that one.  I currently did.  I had an employee who worked for a kitchen and the manager wrote her up numerous times and she called me; we met and I ended up removing most of the write ups because they were unfounded.  They were just write ups.

Donna Davis stated that’s what you did, but everybody don’t do that.

Regena English stated so if he wants this done then there should be someone other than the employee or supervisor that makes that decision.  Okay I’m going to take this before the advisory committee because I want this stuff removed.  Then the advisory committee can make that decision because they’re bias.

Donna Davis said ok, but where is that in the personnel policy book.

Regena English stated it’s not.  

Emry Chesterfield said ladies and gentlemen he’s already stated his motion.

Donna Davis stated that’s what I took out of the motion he made.  

Belinda Pearl I’m for it too, something derogatory. Bus points and all, which is a different matter.

Emry Chesterfield yes.

Donna Davis motion failed 4-5

Emry Chesterfield next on the agenda Ms Davis extra pay for cleaning up after athletic events

Donna Davis stated it was brought to her attention that the custodians would be required to maybe clean up after athletic events and it would be added to their jobs as other duties.  In past practice any extra duties outside your normal workday would be compensated for.  I want somewhere in this book that says any classified person that has to do extra duties outside their normal work hours such as cleaning up after athletic events be compensated for doing those duties.

Emry Chesterfield asked if  anyone had anything to say about what Ms. Davis just said

Dr. Guess stated classified personnel have to be paid by the hour.  If they work more than 8 hours they get paid.  If they work less than 8 hours their day is short.  FLSA requires that classified people be paid hourly.  That’s why this committee meets during the day.  If you met after hours you would be due additional pay.  Certified PPC meets after hours because professional employees are not provided overtime.  Laws  are very different.  Classifies employees would have to be paid, if they work additional time.  Custodians at the schools asked to be a part of a clean up crew during their night custodial time that could be part of their job, but if they work outside of their 8 hour day or whatever their day is they would receive additional pay for that.

Emry Chesterfield asked did that help Ms. Davis.

Dr. Guess stated that’s FLS requirement.

Emry Chesterfield said anything else Ms. Davis.

Donna Davis asked is that for all classified people.

Dr.  Guess stated yes, classified people have an advantage, if you will.

Donna Davis stated I don’t have an advantage because I’m classified and I get paid by the day

Dr. Guess stated you get paid by the hour too. If you get $50 a day, just hypothetically, that’s your normal day and you work additional, say you also drive a bus you get blended overtime.  You get paid not only for additional bus time you also get blended overtime acknowledging that you worked a certain amount of hours in your normal job and you went to another job for the district and exceeded the amount of time needed for overtime then you are going to get paid for overtime.  If you did both of those things.  Classified employees have an advantage over licensed employees because they are expected to perform their jobs until completed.

Donna Davis stated some classified staff are exempt from that.

Dr. Guess stated that’s right you’re exempt from that aren’t you to Regena English.

Donna Davis stated I’m exempt also.

Dr. Guess stated those are administrative positions.

Donna Davis stated I’m exempt from it.

Dr.  Guess said ok.

Charles Blake asked who would this apply to.

Donna Davis stated anybody that’s  doing it outside their normal duty hours, but I’m exempt from it, so if I work and you told me I need to do this  and this then I’m doing this this and this.  If you stay at work for 12 hours do you get paid for 12 hours.

Charles Blake No.

Donna Davis stated Me either.

Charles Blake stated because he’s exempt.

Donna Davis said because I’m exempt.

Dr. Guess stated Exempt employees are exempt because FLS acknowledges that even some classified employees are exempt from OT, but if you’re performing your job that’s part of your responsibility.

Donna Davis stated that’s what I’m saying.  When you see the other duties as assigned that’s just the whole issue here,  It’s on everybody’s job description.

Charles Blake said so this would be for janitorial staff.

Donna Davis said if they had to stay past their time then you would expect them to be compensated.

Charles Blake said they would be wouldn’t they.

Donna Davis said I don’t know how the district works to be honest because you say their supposed to.  Because it was brought to my attention, someone asked me to discuss it, so I’m bringing it up for discussion.

Dr. Guess stated they should talk to their supervisor and complain they are being asked to perform duties after their regular job and they should be paid for it .  That’s FLS.  I’m not going to violate that.  Every time I go to the Post Office, I’m afraid I’m going to get something from the IRS for myself and the other thing is I don’t want to violate the FLS.  So if there are people that are performing duties such as you describe, they need to request additional pay.  You don’t have to have a policy for that, that’s Federal Law.

Belinda Pearl said they have to request that? They’re clocking in and out.

Dr. Guess stated they should.  Some people don’t clock in and out.  We have district level people and  there’s a problem with people clocking in and out. You have people that leave here and go to Jacksonville, you get a beak and a lunch; you can’t come back out here and clock in and out for break and lunch.

Belinda Pearl said Oh No, I understand that.  When I clock out and have something extra to do like come here.  I couldn’t clock out at 11:30 because I was in the classroom and the teacher was in the office.  Every time I’m a little bit late the time clock says your session has run out, so I’m not getting clocked in or out.  So what does that mean, because I went over my time.

Dr. Guess said I don’t know.

Belinda Pearl asked Who does know.

Dr. Guess said talk to you principal and ask.

Charles Blake said Ms Davis is this hourly employee. 

Dr. Guess said Ms. Davis is this hourly employee.

Donna Davis stated Yes.

Charles Blake said Then they would be paid.

Donna Davis said But we want to make sure it’s for everybody.  So when they work past their time they’re supposed to be compensated. Do you get compensated for working past your time when you work past your 40 hours.

Belinda Pearl stated yes, well sometimes.  When I have a portfolio assessment, well I didn’t get paid for it they said they would just give me volunteer hours or whatever.  But when I come in early when I have to do a conference or something the clock will say this session has expired.  So I don’t know.

Loria Bryant stated We are having problems with the time clocks right now.

Donna Davis stated See everybody is not getting paid for their actual time right now.  It’s been as issue for a while and we’ve discussed it before because everybody isn’t getting paid for all the time they’re working because the time clocks are not doing certain things.

Loria Bryant stated It’s not letting them clock in/out for overtime.

Dr. Guess stated You can’t get over time without permission of your supervisor, so I’m assuming that coming in early is after you got supervisor approval.

Belinda Pearl said I was told that.  I asked Mr. Allen what he wanted me to do.  If my job is 7.5 hours and I know I have something to do before a conference I come in 15 minutes early and leave 15 minutes early.  He said that’s fine and sometimes an emergency comes up and I can’t leave.

Dr. Guess stated If you come in 15 minutes early Leave 15 minutes early.

Belinda Pearl stated When you have kids in your classroom you don’t leave them, especially learning lab so when the teacher gets called out I can’t leave them.  So when I clock out it says your time has expired, so I don’t know if I’m getting paid or not.

Regena English asked Don’t you get a copy of your time sheet.

Belinda Pearl said No, I’ve asked for tha.t

Regena English said Well, you should get one. You sign it right?

Belinda Pearl stated No, I asked for that.

Dr.  Guess asked Why don’t you sign it.

Belinda Pearl said I don’t know.

Regena English said you should get a copy.

Donna Davis said Nobody signs it.

Dr. Guess asked Where do you work? You said Mr. Allen.

Belinda Pearl said I know it’s the clock and I’ve asked several times for a copy and I’ve got it once.

Donna Davis stated See so the law says one thing, but that’s not what’s actually happening.  You understand what I’m saying now,  it’s not happening.  You can say what that the law says is supposed to happen, but it’s not happening.  But the people are not getting it.

Charles Blake said he had a question about extra pay.

Donna Davis said Your extra pay would be your time and a half for actually working over 40 hours.

Charles Blake stated Time and a half is for over 40 hours.  Lets say you worked over to clean up after an athletic event and you left early the next day, you wouldn’t get extra pay.  You wouldn’t get overtime if you work 37.5 hours and worked 2 hours over

Donna Davis stated For cleaning up after athletic events and those normally happen at night.  That’s for when everybody’s gone, but you have to stay and lock up and clean up afterwards.

Charles Blake stated Hopefully the custodial staff will still be on the clock.

Donna Davis asked All the time?

Dr. Guess said if the night custodial staff is  still there than that’s a different issue.

Regena English said Even my staff.  If I call one at home and say your freezer’s going out, I pay them to travel to that school from home and they clock in; do whatever they have to do to that freezer; move food; call me for help; they are on the clock.

Emry Chesterfield stated What Ms Davis is talking about is not a  custodian that is already on the clock.  Just say they got an event, just like they used to do security.  They used to bring in security for basketball games, even though they already had security out there checking buildings.  They  paid security extra pay.  This is what Ms Davis is talking about.  Not custodians already on the clock.  Custodians they might have called in at 8:oo.  He should be getting paid extra pay  for coming in cleaning up that event.  He should get extra pay and that’s not taking place in the district.

Dr. Guess stated I don’t believe that.  Just like Ms English talked about her procedures.  Mr. Blake talking about the same thing.  I don’t think we have people being called in after an event and having them come clean up and not paying them.

Emry Chesterfield stated Ok you don’t have to believe them Dr Guess.  It’s happening.

Dr. Guess stated Show me.

Emry Chesterfield stated It’s happening.

Donna Davis stated I’m bringing it to you because it was brought to me

Dr. Guess said I understand that Ms Davis, with all due respect, hourly have to be paid.  Send me an anonymous note and I’ll find out.  That’s why we have time clocks everywhere and if it’s happening and I hope it’s not,   I just don’t believe it’s happening.  This department makes a big deal about it.  We’re trying to honor FLS.  Send me a secret note if you don’t want to sign it and I promise you I’ll check it out

Emry Chesterfield Move on to Old Business Ms Davis – Sick Leave Bank

Donna Davis said we were trying to figure out how we were going to get the information out.  It’s already in the book.  Like Clint said Deb Roush, we should have asked her while she was here, but I didn’t think about it.  Maybe she can do a call out.

Clint Walker said A call out needs to happen all an Administrator of the PPC have to do is give her 48 hours notice and it’s gone through the PPC then she’s more than happy to  do it for us.  Rob Moffett, our webmaster, we can have him put it on the web.  Type it up.  They will do whatever they can to help us.

Emry Chesterfield said next under old business- New Jobs.  I don’t have anything in writing to show you.  Ms Susan Alford said she was going to get me a copy, but she didn’t.  So let’s table that since I don’t have anything show to you.  Next is Personnel Policy- Clint Walker

Clint Walker- That is something I brought up last time for Donna to get together any changes for the manual and you have to get with Kim White about that.

Donna Davis stated The only thing I have is the Plumber and Apprentice jobs.

I saw a misspelling because I was looking because everybody likes to critique me.  I don’t know of anything else we were going to put in the manual.  Do we need to take the JNPSD out after this year?

Emry Chesterfield said It’s a possibility ok.

Clint Walker said That’s the dual seniority center.

Dr. Guess said No, leave it in there, it won’t hurt.

Donna Davis said I was talking about it because after this year it won’t matter

Dr. Guess said It shouldn’t.

Donna Davis said I mean it will always be somewhere in this building, but it won’t matter because we won’t  be that district anymore

Emry Chesterfield said I’ll let this committee know through my Secretary, when the next meeting is going to be and everybody will know.  Need a motion to adjourn

Dr. Guess said so made

Claude Johnson- 2nd

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted by

Donna Davis

Classified PPC Secretary