PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: April 6, 2016

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: April 6, 2016

Emry Chesterfield called the meeting to order at 1:01 p.m.

Roll Call: Charles Blake, Emry Chesterfield, Donna Davis, Regena English, Claude Johnson, Belinda Pearl, Clint Walker

Absent:  Loria Bryant absent with notice, Jerry Guess absent without notice

Claude Johnson motioned to accept the minutes

Belinda Pearl seconded. Motion passed.

Mr. Chesterfield asked if there was any Old Business.

Donna Davis said there was no Old Business.

New Business

Emry Chesterfield stated Clint Walker wanted to have the items that were on the agenda today and asked him to start with base pay increase.

Clint Walker wanted to start with new jobs.  Every year we update our PPC Manual with new jobs.  We have to vote on those and put them in the manual.  He asked was there anyway Mr. Chesterfield could contact Kim White and get a copy of all jobs that were approved for the 16-17 school year, so we can vote on that and put them in the PPC Manual on the salary schedule.

Emry Chesterfield asked Mr. Walker who approved the new jobs?  

Clint Walker stated he thought it was the jobs that go through Directors to Dr Guess to the Board and to Johnny Keys.  For instance Brad had two new jobs he presented two  meetings ago.

Emry Chesterfield said yes, I know about those.  The Plumber and Apprentice jobs.  What other new jobs are you talking about?

Regena English stated she had two, but she hadn’t done anything with them.  Susan Alford has them and the rationale because she’s taking 4 jobs and making them two.    I am eliminating two positions. Susan Alford asked for them.  It’s the first time I’ve every combined jobs.  I asked her how to do it because I’ve never done it before.  She said I had to give them to her with my rationale, so I did that yesterday afternoon.

Emry Chesterfield stated first of all ladies and gentlemen none of those jobs you’re talking about Mr. Walker and Ms. English have come before this committee. I’m not going to support new jobs that haven’t come before this committee.  The only two I know about are the ones Mr. Walker just mentioned.

Regena English stated she was reading over Brad’s stuff that he submitted to us when she was doing her rationale and it stated it had been submitted and approved.  What does that mean?

Emry Chesterfield said I can’t tell you.  This committee didn’t approve it. 

Regena English stated that we may need clarification from Kim White.

Donna Davis asked if we had a list of new jobs.

Regena English asked if it had to go through here or does it have to go through here to get put on in the manual.

Clint Walker stated that’s why he’s bringing it up, because he knows it needs to go in the manual before July 1.

Donna Davis stated that we can’t approve anything, if we don’t know what it is.

Clint Walker stated right.

Regena English stated that’s why he’s asking for a list.  We need to see a list of what’s out there.

Emry Chesterfield said first of all Mr. Walker, you wanted all this stuff on the agenda.  You should have bought those things with you, so we could see what you’re talking about.  Personally, I’m not voting for nothing I haven’t seen. Doesn’t make any difference on what anybody says, I’m not voting on anything I haven’t seen. So until I can see something and find out what’s really going on, I can’t support anything like that.

Regena English stated she didn’t think he was asking him to support anything or vote.  She just thinks he’s just asking for a list.

Clint Walker said that’s what he was asking.  When he talked to Donna about it and the things that we do at the last meeting, to get ready for the new and upcoming year, this is one of them, we always have to ask for the new jobs, look it over, get it approved and put into the new manual.  The Chairperson has done it in the past. 

Emry Chesterfield said ok, he would check into that, about the new jobs.

Clint Walker said that’s all he was asking.  Not trying to tell you what to do.  It’s just what we’ve always done in the past.

Emry Chesterfield told Clint to go to the next one base payroll increase.

Clint Walker said every year we’re asking for a base increase.  They said in the past we need to vote on it first, talk about it and then let the Directors know so they can put it in their budgets for the following year. This is something I’m giving you forewarning about, it may be something you might want to talk about/research or look into before it’s too late.  I believe we only have 2 more months before July 1st.  It has to go before the Board as well before anything is approved.  We don’t want it to get down to the last minute and have to meet every week like we did last year.

Emry Chesterfield said go to the next one.

Clint Walker said the PPC Policy Book any changes that are done to the manual are updated in the manual throughout the year.  It’s the two jobs that Brad had or any policies that we change/add.  Anything like that has to go in this policy book. We go through the book and make sure it’s reading correctly and then give it to Kim White.  She will look it over, we highlight it, put it in italics to show the changes that we would like to do or whatever to go to the Board.  What I talked to Donna about last meeting that we might want to get ahead of the game, so we won’t be here every week in June trying to finish up.

Emry Chesterfield said ok go to your next one.

Clint Walker said sick leave RIF it was brought to his attention that some of the employees that are RIF, not their fault, may have accrued sick leave.  A lot may have only 3-5 days, not a lot.  Maybe insert a policy that when they get RIF , if they are not going to a different district that uses ATRS or somewhere else that accepts their leave, they get paid their sick leave rather than it just disappear.

Emry Chesterfield said next one.

Clint Walker said Vacation to sick leave.  For instance I have 36 days vacation on June 30th, I know the teachers are able to transfer their 6 extra days to sick leave bank.  Curious as to if we could copy that out of certified policy manual and put it in ours and have it for classified as well.

Emry Chesterfield said next one.

Clint Walker said sick leave bank numerous employees outside of student nutrition didn’t understand what the Sick leave bank was or when to sign up for it or how it worked.  Curious part of policy for new hires, person that does paperwork, help them through it.  Explain the Sick leave bank and how it works.  He had a good friend actually have to use sick leave bank.  Great great option for employees that need it. I wish more employees would sign up for it or were made aware of it.  So maybe put it on the first paycheck. I know I don’t check my paycheck  I don’t open mine up and read it because I’m direct deposit.  Group email or advertising it on Secretary/bookkeeper part. I don’t know, just some way to make people more aware of what it is.

Emry Chesterfield okay, go to the last one.

Clint Walker asked about next year’s election.  It’s his understanding that we have a School Board after November of this year.  Last year we were off to a late start with PPC elections.  Need clarification if there will be a PPC next year.  If there’s any need for an 

 Election, if there’s not going to be a PPC.  Will the board appoint a committee.  I have no idea how that works, so he’s asking for clarification on this.

Emry Chesterfield stated that by law, this district is required to have an election by mid-October.  It probably will be on/in mid-October.  Anybody have any commits on what Mr. Walker just went over.

Donna Davis said Clint, I think I misunderstood vacation to sick leave.  You said 36 days and 6 days go to sick leave bank.

Regena English said after 30 days you lose anything past that.

Charles Blake said after June 30th.

Donna Davis said you said you had 36 days and you wanted to transfer 6 to sick leave bank.

Clint Walker said to your own personal sick leave.

Donna Davis stated you said sick leave bank.

Clint Walker said to your own personal sick leave bank that’s what he meant.

Donna Davis stated you said teachers get vacation days.  Do they get vacation days?

Clint walker said he was told they have vacation days and once they reach their maximum.  I’m sorry certified staff have vacation days, but not the teachers.  My mistake some certified staff.

Charles Blake said some certified staff.

Emry Chesterfield asked if anybody else had anything for Mr. Walker.

Charles Blake said he talked about the sick leave RIF, but he did not mention RIF period and that he would like to talk about it because it had already happened since our last meeting.  I would like to open it up for discussion.

Emry Chesterfield said go ahead Mr. Blake, you got the floor.

Charles Blake said he thinks we still need some clarification on what’s going to happen.  I didn’t see the letters that went out to employees about the terminations/they would not be offered a contract, so my question was does those individuals that received a letter now will they receive the opportunity to bump based on seniority in equal or lower classification jobs?

Regena English stated she was told the people she would have to RIF would have that opportunity.

Charles Blake asked what does that mean, what’s the process?

Regena English said she was told HR would contact that individual and they would come in and have a meeting with them.  That would give them their options and give them 24 hours to make a decision on the options they give them.  What’s available that I have completely open; they will have to take first.  If I have a cafeteria manager over here retire and one over here RIF, but not from Jacksonville, but the ones that I RIF in my office you take that open spot.  They have to take the open spot before you can bump anybody.  If there’s no open spots, then they start bumping from the bottom.  From the most recent hired individual.  They just can’t bump anybody.

Emery Chesterfield stated I’m going to tell you right now, mam’  I’m highly against that because that’s a disadvantage to me.  If  my job was lost and you work in transportation just like I did, but I had more seniority than you. I should be able to bump you.  The job you offer me may not be about nothing.  So that’s where the argument is going to be at.

Regena English stated well it’s not my argument.

Emry Chesterfield said I didn’t say it was your argument, because it was a lot of people that that’s the way they would like it to be.   It’s a bunch of people that have a lot of years.  Ms. Davis  might have just got a position and somebody that's been there 5 years lose their job, if they in the same category,  they should be able to bump Ms. Davis because of the seniority.  Not because there's something over here you trying to force me to take or whoever to take.  You see what I’m saying. That’s not fair.

Regena English said well it’s definitely something that should have been more talked about when all this stuff came about, but it wasn’t.  It should have been discussed. They didn’t pull us into a room and say okay  this is what we’re going to do what ya’ll think about it.  They just said here this is what you’re going to do.  It should have been discussed before it happened.  It should have been put on a piece of paper and made a rule.  It should have been voted on. It wasn’t.  Not HR saying this is what we’re going to do.

Emery Chesterfield said HR can be challenged, if that’s what they want to do.   Anything else Mr. Blake?

Charles Blake said he just brought it up.  He didn’t know if Mr. Chesterfield had been briefed on this RIF.  The way he understood it versus what she just explained.  There’s a lot of different ways this thing can happen, but from the PPC standpoint I think it should have been explained to us.

Emry Chesterfield said it had never been explained to him as long as he had been on the committee.  He was only speaking for himself.

Charles Blake said he thought someone should have come before the PPC.

Regena English said she called because if she was going to hand you a piece of paper, she wanted to tell you what’s happening next.  I don’t want them ever wondering what’s going on.

Charles Blake said in his job they didn’t pass out the paper.

Regena English said they didn’t either.  They had to tell them they were getting a piece of paper.

Charles Blake said you see it was unclear for me.

Regena English stated they called her personally and said sit these people down and tell them they are getting a RIF letter during spring break.  Then I want to know what the next step is because I don’t want to say during spring break you’re getting a letter and don’t know what’s happening from there, so I called and asked.

Charles Blake said all he could say was contact HR because it was not explained to PPC or to me as a Department head.

Emry Chesterfield said it sound like to me Mr. Blake somebody did this on their own if it’s true.

Charles Blake said he was just saying somebody should brief the PPC.

Emry Chesterfield said he had no problem with that, but it wouldn’t take place today Mr. Blake.  We are just going by what’s on the agenda.  Anybody else have anything else on what Mr. Walker discussed.

Donna Davis said so basically we are going to be looking at new jobs as Old Business on the next agenda.

Emry Chesterfield said yes, on the next agenda list new jobs as old business.

Charles Blake said along same line as Ms. English he had some positions that were combined that would be a new job. Give you an example,  two parts clerk, 1 on north 1 on south, 4 hour positions, next year it won’t be but  1 position as parts clerk 8 hour new position.  Submitted as a new position.

I had 2 diesel mechanic supervisors next year 1 diesel mechanic supervisor 1 new position.  Those are two positions that are going to have to come up for approval.

Emry Chesterfield said next meeting he will go to Kim White because he thinks she’s in charge of this.  Ask her to come in here and talk to the PPC .  I want to see on paper where a person with seniority can’t bump a person with less seniority in the same department they got to choose something else over here.  That’s unfair.  Seniority should mean something in this district.  That’s my point.  Because it could be somebody I  like,  Mr. Johnson, that I don’t want you to bump, you see what I’m saying.  So I offer this to you and you say I don’t want that I want this.  See my point.  Not one person can make that decision for the whole district.  The people who got letters.  All I’m saying is just be fair about this.  What I would do is put new jobs on the next meeting agenda as old business.

Clint Walker said he just wanted you to be aware so we won’t be caught last minute and have to have a meeting every week.

Emry Chesterfield said he will try to get information on new jobs and get a copy to everybody on the committee for the next meeting.  Ask Kim White to ask all kinds of questions who made the policy or who made decision.  That’s all I’m saying.  Let’s clarify this for everybody.  Because some people got letters and they want clarification on what’s going on.  How come I can’t bump?  That’s what I’m saying.  Okay Mr. Walker we are going to table new jobs and PPC Policy Book  for the next meeting.  We are going to vote on base pay, sick leave RIF, vacation to sick leave, and sick leave bank.

Donna Davis made a motion on the  sick leave bank to let everybody know about it, since it’s already in our book.

Regena English said make it an extra sheet in our contract.

Donna Davis said she didn’t know how to let them know.  Just let everybody know we have it because that’s something any of us could need.

Belinda Pearl said print the book.

Donna Davis said everybody doesn’t have access.  Post it in the lounges or however they do it to let everybody know.

Regena English said a lot of people don’t go in lounges and her people were not allowed in lounges.

Donna Davis said maybe the directors could let them know about the sick leave bank some kind of way.  You only have until the 1st week of July or when you first come back to work to donate that 1  day to be able to be in the  sick leave bank unless you’re a new hire.

Clint Walker said how about Deb Roush doing a call out the 1st week of school.  Touch every employee certified and all.  Send it out to be posted the first week of school in the break rooms etc.

Donna Davis said we tabled new jobs, PPC policy book and sick leave bank till next meeting.

Emry Chesterfield said we need to vote on Base pay increase, sick leave RIF, and vacation to sick leave bank.

We don’t have to talk about next year’s election.

Charles Blake asked what the sick leave RIF was.  Was it so people could be compensated for their sick leave?

Clint Walker said as long as they are not going to another district or entity that accepts our sick leave.

Charles Blake $75 or a day’s pay?

Clint Walker said when a teacher retires and has sick leave they get sub pay rate for sick leave.  Reflect the same as that.

Charles Blake asked if vacation would go at the same rate.  Let's use yours as a example, say  you have thirty-six hours, you can only carry over thirty.  Six hours at substitute rate?

Clint Walker said no, carried over an as sick leave at full rate of pay.

Regena English said personal leave at end of year goes to sick leave.  So they want extra vacation days to go to sick leave.

Charles Blake said but if you’re RIF, you get sick leave at sub teacher daily rate of pay?

Regena English said if you’re not going to work for another district.  They worked hard for those days, they shouldn't just lose them. That’s days they’ve earned and I think they should get paid for them.

Belinda Pearl asked why would you pay sub.  Why wouldn’t you get regular?

Charles Blake said because that’s what’s in the certified and classified PPC.

Emry Chesterfield said if it were true that everybody could get that pay you’re talking about.  Not for this right here because that’s going to leave out a whole lot of support staff because they are not in supervisory positions.  They don’t get vacation pay at all.  If they pay you up to now for sick days  125 days.  Everything on the other side of 125, you lose it, if you don't take it before the school year ends.  That’s the way it is now, that’s for everybody.  But trying to squeeze something in because Mr. Johnson has some vacation days and I don’t have any.  I can’t support anything like that.   

Regena English said so he should just have to go without, but he worked hard for those sick days just like everybody else.

Emry Chesterfield said no, no, no, vacation days.  But guess what support staff should have vacation days too, but guess what they did, they took it away from support staff. Sorry for using you again Mr Johnson, Mr Johnson had days and he decided to leave and he didn't get paid for those days.

Regena English said but he’s worked hard for those too.

Emry Chesterfield said I’m not saying that, but guess what support staff, Mr. Johnson I’m just using you as an example, they still took those days.

Regena English But it’s not these people that are being RIF.

Emry Chesterfield said I’m not for that.

Regena English said I am.

Emry Chesterfield said let’s go ahead and vote.  Vote on base payroll increase, sick leave RIF, vacation to sick leave, sick leave bank.

Donna Davis asked can we separate sick leave bank and bring it back at next meeting.

Emry Chesterfield said yes.

Donna Davis made the motion not to do base payroll increase, sick leave RIF or vacation to sick leave.

Regena English said we need to vote on them individually.

Emery Chesterfield said not necessarily.  We can take them all together. We can do them like this. I asked for a motion and if I get a motion I ask for a second then you can vote on the ones that I mention.  You don’t have to do them individually okay.

Belinda Pearl seconded.

Vote 4 -3 

Roll call for Claude Johnson, Emry Chesterfield, Donna Davis, and Belinda Pearl  

Against Regena English, Charles Blake, Clint Walker

Motion passed

Emry Chesterfield Breach of Employee information, Ms. Pearl you wanted to speak to that.  It’s not something we can vote on.

Belinda Pearl stated she did.   What do we have in place for this not to happen again.  I can always ask when they

are here.  This is not the first time this has happened.

Belinda Pearl made a motion to table this till the next meeting.

Claude Johnson- 2nd

Passed unanimously

Clint Walker stated he sent Ms. Davis an email yesterday to add to the agenda about bonuses.  I don’t expect to vote on it today, but it might be easier for the directors to put that in their budgets for next year.  To plan  for a 1 time bonus especially if we don’t get approval for the base pay raise.  I know it’ll be a lot easier on them if they know ahead of time.  They can put it on  their next year’s projections.  Do you think there’s any way you can bring up the last time we talked to our CFO.

Emry Chesterfield said I’ll tell you what I’ll do.  I’ll talk to the lady in charge of that about the bonus.  I’ll be able to report back to this committee.  What does she think of your idea?

Clint Walker said I haven’t been able to talk to her.  A couple of months ago she said it would be a lot easier if it were projected in their budgets.

Emery Chesterfield said he would ask her because Dr Guess turned it down in the beginning and he can’t see no way in the future where he would be for that.  So let me ask her and see what she say.  Pretty sure she’ll go talk to Dr Guess after she get through talking to me.

Clint Walker said I was just saying it's a lot easier toput it out there now.  When you wait until December to ask it puts the directors on edge.  We are classified employees and we want what's best for everybody. 

Donna Davis asked how much of a bonus?

Emery Chesterfield said he would ask her.

Donna Davis said to be paid on 12/13 or 12/20.

Clint Walker said those were the dates he set because he didn’t know the pay date in December.  It’s a hassle for the payroll department to get it last minute.  Last year they worked all weekend before to get those on our checks last minute last year.

Clint Walker said it would be easier on everybody.  If it's done ahead of time less headaches and less stress.

Emry Chesterfield asked for a motion to adjourn

Charles Blake asked if he could ask a question.

Emry Chesterfield said go ahead Mr. Blake.

Charles Blake said back to the base payroll increase.  So I understand what the committees thoughts are about that.  We don’t deserve a base payroll increase or we deserve more than the base payroll increase?

Donna Davis stated more.

Emry Chesterfield said that's not the thought Mr. Blake, my personal feeling about this is I’m going to check into all this that Mr. Walker asked to be put on the agenda.

Charles Blake said but we just voted against the base payroll increase.

Regena English said yeah you did.

Emery chesterfield said I understand that Ms. English, you don’t have to correct me.   I’m talking to Mr. Blake.  I didn’t have to answer his question.  You see something funny?

Regena English said I’m not laughing.

Emry Chesterfield said I’ll check into that Mr. Blake, even though it was voted down.  I’d like to know.

Claude Johnson made a motion to adjourn.

Belinda Pearl – seconded

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Submitted by,

Donna Davis

Classified PPC Secretary