PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 31, 2015

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 31, 2015

The Classified Personnel Policy Committee met in Conference Room A of the Central Office at 1:30 p.m. on March 31, 2015. In attendance were Bill Goff, Julie Welfel, Becky Del Rio, Clint Walker, Charles Blake, Emry Chesterfield, Claude Johnson, Loria Bryant, and Derek Scott.

Chairperson Clint Walker called the meeting to order at 1:36 p.m.

Old Business

At the March 19th meeting the Classified PPC was informed that a letter from Tony Wood, Commissioner of Education dated March 17, 2015 was received stating “Based upon the recommendation of the Pulaski County Special School District Community Advisory Board, I hereby affirm the Board’s recommendation to adopt the JNPSD Detachment Certified Personnel Policy and the JNPSD Detachment Classified Personnel Policy as proposals and to refer the proposals to the appropriate Personnel Policy Committee.” Copies of the letter were distributed to the Classified PPC. The PPC was informed that it had ten working days to respond to this letter regarding the Classified PPC’s recommendations regarding this matter.

On March 19, 2015, Emry Chesterfield made the following policy proposal:

I move that Classified Employees choose which district they would like to stay in and to use only one seniority center.

Claude Johnson seconded the motion. After discussion, motion passed with four yeas, two nays (Julie Welfel, Clint Walker).

The commissioner needs to receive this recommendation prior to April 7, 2015 which is the required 10 day response time. The motion was reviewed and discussed by the PPC. Becky Del Rio moved that the motion passed on March 19th stand and Emry Chesterfield seconded the motion. Motion carried. Clint Walker will send the motion/response to the Commissioner’s office.

Fringe Benefits – Bill Goff

Bill Goff presented the following changes to the Fringe Benefits Policy with the revisions discussed at the March 19th meeting. He moved and Clint Walker seconded the motion to accept the following changes in the Fringe Benefits Policy:

Eligible employees are contracted employees expected to work at least nine hundred (900) hours per year and all contracted bus drivers. The District shall provide each eligible employee with insurance as follows:

  1. Health Insurance for employees who work an average of thirty hours per week during their contracted days:  
    1. The District shall pay a maximum of $272.80 per month per eligible employee for health  
    2. insurance through the Arkansas State Public School Employee Health Insurance Plan.
    3. The district contribution toward health insurance may be applied to any policy offered in the state-sponsored plan. Any employee who chooses a health insurance plan with premiums less than $272.80 per month will not be compensated for the difference.  
    4. Monthly insurance premiums for any health insurance plan chosen by the employee in excess of $272.80 will be paid by the employee.  
    5. The District shall maintain open payroll account deductions for insurance premiums.  
  2. District-paid Dental, Vision, Disability, and Life & AD&D Insurancesupplemental insurance for employees who are expected to work at least nine hundred (900) hours per year and all contracted bus drivers:
    1. The district shall provide dental, vision, long-term and short-term disability, and a minimum of $10,000 life and AD&D insurance to each eligible employee, at no cost to the employee.
    2. The district shall maintain open payroll account deductions to pay for any policy in which the employee “buys-up”.
    3. No employee will experience a lapse in coverage solely as a result of the transition to District-paid coverage.           

The District will attempt to provide a competitive benefits package with a mix of both employer-paid and voluntary employee benefit products which may include, but are not limited to, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance products. PCSSD will continue to fund this employee benefit package at an average cost per employee per month of at least $45.00.

The District shall implement a Section 125 Plan (Cafeteria Plan) that allows employees to pay for the cost of eligible premiums, co-pays or deductions with pre-tax dollars on a monthly basis.

  1. Upon written request of the employee, the District agrees to provide all information necessary to allow for the smooth transition from payroll deduct.  
  2. The employee’s written request must be submitted to the District’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) no later than February 1.  
  3. The District’s CFO shall provide the requested information to the employee no later than March 1.  

Motion carried unanimously.

Support Staff Seniority

At the March 19th meeting, a motion for defining seniority was tabled. Discussion about the seniority policy occurred prior to action on a motion. Kim White attended the meeting to discuss the current seniority practice and her recommendations for a seniority policy. Charles Blake moved and Julie Welfel seconded the following motion:

Support Staff Seniority

District seniority will mean the most recent period of continuous employment in the District as a contracted employee. Temporary employees without a written contract will not accrue seniority. An employee’s resignation, retirement, termination for cause, or voluntary quit will terminate District seniority. If an employee returns to employment under the provisions of the Recall Policy, they will maintain their District seniority.

Motion carried unanimously.


Changes to the Reduction in Force Policy were discussed. The term “title code” should be stricken and the word “grade” should be changed to “range” to reflect the new pay scales. Additionally the following paragraphs were discussed as possible additions to the policy:


  1. An affected employee will be allowed to transfer into any open position with the same or lessor pay range and same or fewer number of contract days provided he/she is fully qualified for the position.
    1. If there are no open positions equal to the affected employee’s position, they may bump the least-senior employee in a position with an equal or lessor pay range and same or fewer number of days, provided they previously held the position or can prove they are equally qualified for the position as the employee being bumped.
    2. In no instance may the affected employee bump an employee with more District seniority.


Derek Scott moved that the proposed changes in the Reduction in Force Policy be typed and distributed to the PPC prior to the next meeting and that action on the proposal be tabled until the April 8th meeting. Claude Johnson seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Clint Walker announced that the next Classified PPC meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 8th at 1 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Central Office.

Emry Chesterfield moved to adjourn the meeting at 3 p.m. Derek Scott seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Del Rio, Secretary
Approved April 8, 2015