PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: January 24, 2018

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: January 24, 2018

Roll Call: Dr. Warren, Emry Chesterfield, Bennie Bowers, Loria Bryant, Mona Holloway, Belinda Pearl, and Claude Johnson. Absent Will Reid.

Job Posting Concerns: Mr. Chesterfield said that he had a complaint about a job that was not posted. There was not a date on the job description. Dr. Warren said that the person that is in the position did not interview. Their job had been rifted. The person had more seniority than anyone, so they transferred into the job. The job was two positions combined in one.

Paid Holidays: We used to get paid holidays. Dr. Warren said in this district, if you are hourly you would not get holiday pay, if you are on salary you do get paid because that is part of their contract. 

AMI-Alternative Method of Instruction: We submitted an application to the Dept. of Ed., for AMI. They give 10 days to the districts to use those snow days to send work home or to their chromes. This way they can get out before Memorial Day in May. We then had to come up with a way to let our support staff make up the days. I know Security will make up some of theirs on spring break. Most will make up their days after the end of school. 

Evaluate Training: Mr. Chesterfield said that there should be a form to evaluate the training. Dr. Warren said she knows that certified has a form when they have a PD. She said that she would look into it.

Mr. Bowers said that he was charged to bring this to the committee. He said that everyone says they like the way the district is going under Dr. Warrens directions. The morale is up, and she cares about the students. Belinda Pearl made a motion that the Classified Personnel Policy Committee support Dr. Warren as superintendent of the Pulaski County Special School District. 

Belinda Pearl made a motion to adjourn and Claude Johnson seconded it.

Respectfully submitted by
Belinda Pearl, secretary


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