PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: November 14, 2012

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: November 14, 2012

The Classified Personnel Policy Committee met on November 14,2012, at 1pm in Conference Room A of the Central Office. In attendance were Bill Goff, Clint Walker, Charles Blake, Keith Cooper, Julie Welfel, John Sparks, Becky Del Rio. Absent were Derrick Brown and Belinda Jackson.

New Business

A discussion of the sick leave bank was initiated by the committee chairman, John Sparks. Clint Walker and Keith Cooper volunteered to represent the Classified PPC on the Sick Leave Bank Committee. Bill Goff will submit their names to Paul Brewer for inclusion to that committee. Julie Welfel moved that the PPC recommend to the sick leave bank committee that the donation of a day be extended to December 31, 2012 for this year only. Keith Cooper seconded the motion. The motion carried. An employee contacted this PPC to discuss the possibility of one classified employee transferring all of their sick days to another certified employee. It was determined that this request should be referred to the Sick Leave Bank Committee. Regarding Staff Conduct on page 11 #7: Bill Goff moved and Keith Cooper seconded that "all employees will comply with all state and federal laws regarding cell phone use." Motion carried. Regarding Staff Conduct on page 11 #2: Keith introduced concern from maintenance department regarding dress code. Keith also presented the Response to Level II Grievance dated 11/1/2012 from Dr. Guess recommending that the Classified PPC draft a policy concerning appropriate dress for all support staff employees. Julie Welfel moved and Bill Goff seconded that the page 13 section regarding dress code words in last paragraph be changed from "school administrators" to "department directors". To read "The dress and grooming of District employees shall be clean, neat, appropriate for their assignments, and consistent with any additional standards established by the department directors and approved by the Superintendent." After discussion, motion carried. PPC Manual: John Sparks suggested that the committee review the first six areas of the PPC manual prior to the next meeting and discuss any possible revisions and amendments. The next meeting is scheduled for December 12, 2012 at 1pm in Conference Room A of the Central Office. Meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted by, Becky Del Rio Approved: 12/12/12