PCSSD - Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: February 11, 2013

Classified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: February 11, 2013

The Classified PPC met in Conference Room A at the Central Office on February 11, 2013 at 1 p.m. In attendance were John Sparks, Bill Goff, Keith Cooper, Julie Welfel, Charles Blake, Belinda Jackson, Becky Del Rio and Derek Scott. Absent was Clint Walker. Minutes were approved with one correction. "of" to be changed to "or." Minutes will be corrected and submitted to posting on the website.

Old Business

Section Drug Free Workplace Policy page 17: Page 18 last paragraph strike "school bus". Derek Scott moved and Keith Cooper seconded the motion. Motion carried. "or mileage reimbursement from the district for driving a privately owned vehicle." of last paragraph on page 19. Keith Cooper moved Bill Goff seconded motion carried. Tobacco-free Workplace page 21: John Sparks moves to delete "furthermore, smoking is not permitted outside facilities where the smoking may be observed by students." Becky Del Rio seconded. Motion carried. Motion page 22 Becky moved and John Sparks seconded to add "at district expense" to last paragraph.

New Business

Compensation and Contracts section: Bill Goff moved and Keith Cooper seconded the following changes: Page 29 second paragraph omit first comma: "annually and". Delete sections: employees new to the district, promotion, demotion, re-employment. Add to Placement on the Salary Schedule: "1. Beginning July 1, 2013, for all new and promoted employees and demoted employees: all relevant job experience will be considered for placement on the salary schedule. 2. Securing written verification of experience from a previous employer will be the responsibility of the employee and must be presented within thirty calendar days of employment, promotion or demotion." Motion passed. Table discussions regarding Bus Driver Supplemental Salary Conditions until March meeting page 32. Page 33 Fringe Benefits: Bill Goff moved and Julie Welfel seconded: 2a. Strike "$40.86 per month" Motion carried. Bill Goff moved and Becky Del Rio seconded to strike the last 3 list items and replace with " the district shall pay for dental, vision, disability, life, and AD&D insurance." Motion carried. Page 34 Travel Reimbursement: Charles Blake moved and Julie Welfel seconded: Second paragraph - strike first sentence. Second sentence to read " .... at the same rate as the Arkansas State mileage reimbursement rate." And on page 35 In-District Travel Guidelines First paragraph, first sentence: …..”the Arkansas State Reimbursement Mileage Rate.” Motion carried. Charles moved and Derek Scott seconded: Third paragraph second sentence, add expense", unless it is a non-voluntary charge added by the establishment." Motion carried. Derek Scott moved and Bill Goff seconded: Page 35, IN-District Travel, second paragraph, second sentence: Change “quarter” to “month”.. Motion carried. Page 36 Evaluation: Bill Goff moved and Derek Scott seconded: First paragraph, add comma: “… wants to ask, he or ….” Add statement to first paragraph: “Therefore, a written performance evaluation shall be performed at least annually.” Strike the second paragraph completely. Motion carried. Page 40, #3: Becky Del Rio moved and Bill Goff seconded: Add the word “will” to sentence to read, “…the District will take the appropriate…” Motion carried. Page 42 Military Leave/Civil Defense Leave section #3: Julie Welfel moved and Becky Del Rio seconded the motion: Strike #3. Motion carried. Page 45 Employee Holidays and Vacation section #8: Derek Scott moved and Julie Welfel seconded: Change first sentence to read: “These are recognized legal holidays each year,” Motion carried. Page 47, grammar correction to first sentence: Bill Goff moved and Becky Del Rio seconded: Add “by a “ to the sentence to read “….. catastrophic accident by a licensed medical …” Removed “by a” before the medical doctor so is grammatically correct. Motion carried. Page 54 Inclement Weather section: First paragraph, Charles Blake moved and Bill Goff seconded: Strike second and third sentences in the first paragraph. Motion carried. Page 55 Separation of Employees section: Becky Del Rio moved and John Sparks seconded: First paragraph, second sentence, strike the words “In the past,” Motion carried. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 11, 2013 at 1:00pm in Conference Room A of the Central Office. Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm. Respectfully submitted, Becky Del Rio, Classified PPC Secretary