PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: February 26, 2019

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: February 26, 2019


Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Present: Chairperson Pam Fitzgiven, Lance LeVar, Dr Charles McNulty, Melissa Moore, Renee George, Brenda Robinson, Shawn Burgess.


  1. Call to Order: 5:09 p.m. Quorum called.

  2. Approval of Agenda: Brenda Robinson made motion to adopt agenda with flexibility; Shawn Burgess seconded. Motion carried.

  3. Approval of January Minutes: Renee George made motion to accept the minutes with necessary corrections; Lance LeVar seconded. Motion carried.

  4. Old Business:

    1. Short term disability Buy-Up

      1. Deadline-Chairperson Fitzgiven expressed concern on the lack of the information about the deadline for the buy up and the inability to use sick leave.

      2. March 22nd would be the day for the buy up.

      3. Teachers can use their sick leave (after 14 days) and their short term disability up until 12 weeks.

      4. Dr. McNulty Stated that the PPC would be “part of the process” next year (2019-2020) with JTS. Chairperson Fitzgiven expresses concern over lack of transparency. Stated that she sent multiple email regarding this issue.

      5. Shawn Burgess states 60% of the salary, you have until the 22nd of March to make the change.

    2. Student Discipline Referral Form Quota

      1. Shawn Burgess was able to speak with Ms Watson of Mills Middle School and that the book study is not a punitive measure, but a book study for their staff.

      2. There is also not a “quota”, but that a group of teachers that work to support teachers that have have issues with discipline. Mrs Burgess did not have a “ magic number”, but that they were working to kid students in the classroom.  Chairperson Fitzgiven expressed concern about a committee that seeks to keep teachers from writing a certain amount of referrals per semester (5). Sylvan Hills Middle is reporting as having a referral quota, stated Fitzgiven.

      3. Dr. McNulty stated that it would also seek to help teachers deal with implicit and explicit biases. LeVar stated that this information was explained to the administrators at the Principal’s meeting that this was to be “teacher to teacher” support.

      4. Working? McNulty stated that progress seemed to be positive with better attendance, referrals down with assessments going in a good direction.

      5. Support? Mrs Burgess states that support for teachers would be co teaching, observing other teachers, holding each others class to give each other strategies.

    3. Dr. Mack Hines:White Teachers, Black Students: In the spirit of Yes to African American Student Achievement.

      1. Ms Watson stated that entire staff of Mills Middle is reading this book. It has been reported to Chairperson Fitzgiven that they are being told to read this book as a punitive measure after they have written 5 or more referrals.

  5.  New Business

    1. AVID- Dr. Warren unable to attend meeting.

      1. Chairperson Fitzgiven-Training is 5th, 7th and 9th. There is a questions about 4th and 3rd, because it is dependent on the school. LeVar stated that other teachers can be asked to participate in the rollout in AVID.

      2. Issue arises in elementary with how far they want to roll out. OakBrook wants to go to 5th, it is up to the principal, where other principal’s would have other schools have it in 3rd and 4th.

      3. Chairperson Fitzgiven asks how are teachers chosen? Burgess states that's 3rd and 4th train teachers on the WICOR strategies.

      4. Clinton- How were teachers selected? AVID secondary teacher was posted as a coordinator. The coordinator for the elementary would be the principal or administrator, stated by Burgess.

      5. Fitzgiven stated that teachers are being uprooted from their grades at Clinton to create her AVID program. This will not create a successful AVID program. Moving the teachers from the grades will hurt the teachers ability to teacher in their most comfortable environment.

      6. AVID Coordinator job was posted on the website for 10 days for the in district website. Renee George stated that you would need to have logged into the website to see the posting for the job. LeVar stated that Mr Whitfield said that there would be a position for AVID coordinator and if people were interested that they should speak with their principal. LeVar stated that the information was then sent to him, and he sent it out to his people  and that it was also on the web site. AVID team must be principal, counselor, and core classes.

      7. AVID contract will be changed. PCSSD contract regarding the reimbursement of the money owed to PCSSD if this person that goes to San Antonio/Dallas training. Fitzgiven states that all elementary teachers received one.

      8. Shawn Burgess states that the contract does not mean that a teachers employment contract could be nullified. Fitzgiven states that it could mean that it could mean that based on the verbiage. Burgess will have the contract reviewed. McNulty says he would be fine with a non compete clause, doesn’t necessarily need the money to be paid back.

      9. Questions over Little Rock’s AVID contract, McNulty states that it is very strict. District Office will work on the contract and will get back with more flexible language.

      10. Fitzgiven asks that all principals be apprised of the new information regarding the contract for AVID. McNulty states that he will go over this with the principals at the next principal meeting on March 6th.

      11. RISE/QUEST-- Dr. McNulty stated IFs are currently “framing the process” and it is still in the formative stages.  RISE is legislation and all teachers will be trained by 2023.

        1. Email received from principal states that PD for RISE needs to be this summer. McNulty states that it is mandatory from the state and that teachers have 3 years to get it.

        2. 3 days are being offered during the summer ( the first day)

        3. Some teachers only see the summer PD vs the “during the school year”  Appearance of inequitable training during on contract and off contract time during time.

        4. Renee George questions the creation of the QUEST committee the Math side of RISE.

    2. Personnel policies

      1. Shawn Burgess brings a change to the policy regarding grading periods and sick leave for the committee to review on March 26th.

  6. Adjournment  6:19pm

    1. Motion to adjourn by Shawn Burgess, seconded by Brenda Robinson. Motion carried.


Minutes prepared by Melissa Moore, Secretary Certified PPC