PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: January 29, 2019

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: January 29, 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Central Office

Present: Pam Fitzgiven, Chairperson, Melissa Moore, Renee George, Shawn Burgess, Lance LeVar, Dr. Charles McNulty; Guest: Denise Palmer

I. Call to Order:  5:10 p.m.-- Quorum called.

II. Approval of Agenda:

  • R. George made motion to accept the agenda with flexibility; L. LeVar seconded; motion carried.

III. Approval of October Minutes:

  • L. LeVar made motion to accept minutes with necessary corrections; R. George seconded; motion carried.   

IV. PCSSD Employee Benefits JTS:

  • P. Fitzgiven requested Paul Brewer and Denise Palmer be present to answer question. P. Brewer was unable to attend.
  • Denise Palmer explained that the Money Steps program was only used by 8 certified employees. District Office “team” met with JTS and made the decision to go back to Short-Term Disability (STD). The District will pay $45.00 towards STD, but teachers could pay for buy-up. The change for the buy-up for employees is that on the 15th day teachers who have sick leave no longer will use sick leave with the buy-up plan. Employees on the buy-up plan will receive 60% of salary after using 14th sick leave day. Dr. McNulty and D. Palmer both stated that it should be 66% and not 60%.
  • P. Fitzgiven expressed concern that the PPC was not included in that decision as the law allows regarding Money Steps and STD. Dr. McNulty stated that he was not aware the PPC was part of the process of making decisions regarding benefits. Dr. McNulty wants to find ways to make STD more “employee friendly” and will work with the Certified PPC to correct the issues that are present within the system.
  • Dr. McNulty assured the Committee that there will be an extended deadline for teachers to either buy-up or to change their enrollment based on the new information presented. He stated he would inform the Committee of the new deadline.

V. Tabled Items

Old Business

  1. Bonus: P. Fitzgiven stated the need to ask for the School Board for a bonus. She stated that she will go before the Board upon the approval of this committee and ask for $1250.00 for full-time certified employees and $625.00 for part-time certified employees. M. Moore stated that it would not hurt to allow the Board to consider the bonus, as many teachers have asked if the Certified PPC will we be seeking another bonus on behalf of the teachers.
    • Motion to propose a one time bonus in the amount of $1250 for all full-time Certified employees and one time bonus in the amount of $625 for all part-time Certified employees to be given in a separate check during the 2018-2019 school year was made by R. George; seconded by M. Moore .  Motion carried by way of roll call vote:
      • Kami Barclay YES
      • Shawn Burgess  NO
      • Pam Fitzgiven YES
      • Lance LeVar NO
      • Renee George YES
      • Dr. McNulty Not Present
      • Melissa Moore YES
  2. Dr. McNulty: Salary Increase Plan: Not Present to Discuss
  3.  Student Assignments (150 per class): Shawn Burgess stated that she is unaware that any teacher is currently teaching with over 150 students on their rosters. Teachers with more than 150 students have agreed to it and are getting paid according to the overage. S. Burgess believes it’s around 3 teachers.

New Business

  1. Student Discipline Referral Form Quota: P. Fitzgiven asked S. Burgess if the District had created a “quota” in the number of referrals teachers could write. To her knowledge, “No.”
    • P. Fitzgiven stated that she had been informed that SHMS and MMS have Discipline Committees formed to address referrals that are being written by teachers and that there has been a “quota” set for teachers-- 5 referrals per semester totaling 10 for the entire year. S. Burgess stated she was unaware of this but would check into and try to have answers to my questions for the next meeting.
    • Questions:
      1. Who directed the schools to do this?
      2. What schools have a Discipline Committee?
      3. Who forms the committee and how are they selected?
      4. What is the purpose of the committees?
  2. Dr. Mack Hines: White Teachers, Black Students: In the Spirit of Yes to African American Student Achievement: P. Fitzgiven stated she was informed that once “quota” is reached, teachers are required to read the book listed above.
    • Questions:
      1. What is the procedure for when the book is read?
      2. What happens if the teacher does not read the book?
      3. Who has paid for the book?
      4. How much did the book cost?
      5. What happens if the teacher writes another referral over the “quota”?
  3. PCSSD Budget: Denise Palmer states that McNulty has spoken with Principals about their discretionary budgets. Palmer states that the balance of funds at the end of December was around $12 million due to payments in escrows. District will also be able to use NSL funds with AVID that will also help the budget.

VII. Certified Employee RIFs   

  1. Currently seeking to RIF 60 teachers. Hoping to deal with this issue through attrition. The goal is to reduce positions through attrition.

  2. Principals are currently looking at their schools expenditures to look for extra savings for the district; this could also help with the RIFs.

VIII. Adjournment: 6:13 p.m.

  • L. LeVar made motion to adjourn; K. Barclay seconded. Motion carried.

Minutes Submitted by: Melissa Moore, Secretary Certified PPC