PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: October 23, 2018

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: October 23, 2018

Present: Pam Fitzgiven, Chairperson, Lance LeVar, Shawn Burgess, Brenda Robinson, Renee George, Dr. Charles McNulty, Superintendent, Melissa Moore    

I. Call to Order- 5:03 p.m. 

A. Brenda Robinson made motion to add AVID discussion to agenda.

Shawn Burgess seconded. Motion carried.

II. Elect Chairperson/Secretary of PPC

A. Pam Fitzgiven made motion to appoint Melissa Moore Secretary. Lance LeVar seconded. Motions carried. Brenda Robinson made motion to appoint Pam Fitgizen as PPC Chairperson. Renee George seconded. Motion carried. 

III. Approval of Minutes from August

A. Melissa Moore makes motion to accept minutes with any corrections. Fitzgiven seconded. LeVar stated the correct spelling of his name. Motion carried. 

IV. Old Business -Certified Policies 

A.(pg. 153) Salary advancement for Educational Credit does not pay until October 1. Paperwork needs to be in by July to get credit. It will be retroactive for those that are not paid on time. Teachers are encouraged to turn in documentation as quickly as possible to ensure salary payment will be updated. 

B.(pg. 132) Vacation and Board Holidays. Now reads that Administration can not carry over 15 days a year. PPC wants to revisit the vacation days for the administration to make sure that we are happy with the current policy, considering the ability of administrators that retire to receive payment of up to 30 days of unused leave.  Since we are in the first year of our transition of leadership, we will keep the benefits and vacation days the same. Administration is encouraged to use their leave. Discussion of wellness and mental health days took place. 

C.Discussed creating a google document of PPC policies to keep a tally of changes needed for January meeting.

V. Student Assignments

A. Reports from teachers in secondary that they are(were) over 150 students. Shawn Burgess stated that she would send out a report regarding the new class sizes.

Pam Fitzgizen stated that she had not received another call regarding the class sizes, however, was seeking to make sure the issue had been cleared up.    

B. Question of whether teachers that had more than 150 students (while in the midst of hiring at the beginning of the year) will be compensated. Yes, these teachers should and will be compensated. After the eight day count, these teachers should have been paid. Teachers that have not been paid need to contact their building principal. 

VI. New Business---Bonus/Budget

A.  Budget based on 5 million deficit

B.  We received the second lien for over 20 million, of which we owe 13.9 for facilities. 

    About 4 million of lien left, no bonus this year.

C.  Dr. McNulty discussed plan to budget in an  increase to the steps/salary in our district and a COLA for the Certified and Classified Staff.

D.  Dr. McNulty stated that his office would work to be transparent in his budget for the district. Stated that he hopes there are no personnel “people” cuts, but that there will be position cuts. 

Dr. McNulty stated that he wants people to expect an increase, but that we are over budget at this time.

E.  Need to look at ways to increase the revenue to the district or find more kids to enroll for PCSSD. Need innovative ways to save money, e.g., Breakfast in the Classroom program in elementary schools next year to help combat deficits in the Nutrition accounts. 

VII. Calendar--Movement of PD 

Seeking to support teachers with more PD in building/district.

Will always have AEA days.

Looking to spread PD out in calendar. 

40 days no more than 50 days

End the semester before Christmas

Have PD before the students come back during Winter Break?

Discussion of the 2019-2020 calendar.

VIII.Kindergarten Report Cards Changed 

A. Received one week before report cards were due.

B. Standards were not concrete on the report card, typos.

C. Dr McNulty stated that he would have this issue corrected for June 2019.

IV. AVID-Advancement Via Individual Determination Program

College readiness program that moves away from the consultant visit to a system team of support. Using NSLA funds, AVID would cost about 40,000 a school. AVID works to organize the school into thinking differently, while organizing the mind. “Not a program it's a way of thinking.”  Idea of having a writing approach as a district-WICOR AVID tool for writing. 

X. End of Meeting 6 p.m.

Submitted by: Melissa Moore, PPC Secretary