PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: August 28, 2018

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: August 28, 2018

Present: Pam Fitzgiven, Judy Stockrahm, Melissa Moore, Lance LeVar, and Dr.Charles McNulty

I. Call to Order: 4:50 p.m.

II. Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve agenda with flexibility was made by J. Stockrahm; second by M. Moore; Motion carried.

III. Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve May 14, 2018 minutes was made by R. George; second by M. Moore; Motion carried.

IV. Certified Personnel Policies: Chairperson Fitzgiven reminded Dr. McNulty that the 2018-19 policies needed to be posted online by September 15. Ms. Richards is working on finalizing all the changes.

A. Salary Advancement for Educational Credit: p. 170 #4 b of the 2017 policies, which is the same for the 2018-19 policies, states that all information to advance on salary schedule must be turned in by October 1 but employees won’t get check until October 15. We need to discuss changing this for employees who complete credits before the school year begins.

B. Employee Holiday and Vacation: p. 147 of 2017 policies. Chairperson explained to Dr. McNulty that 12-month employees had been able to accumulate unused vacation days and then when they left the district could get paid at their per diem rate of pay. The Certified PPC made some changes to the policy for 2018-19 school year but we need to look at making changes to the policy for next year. Dr. McNulty inquired about the committee’s responsibility for being charged with making decisions regarding administration. Chairperson Fitzgiven stated that certified employees included anyone holding a teaching certificate. Dr. McNulty stated he is against cutting any salaries or benefits for any group of employees. Chairperson Fitzgiven explained that there is no law in Arkansas that grants vacation days to employees. It is strictly up to the employer to offer vacation days. She then stated she is not against 12-month employees having vacation days, but she is against employees being able to accumulate vacation days just to receive payment at their per diem rate of pay when they leave the district for any reason.

V. TESS/Classroom Walk Throughs: Chairperson Fitzgiven stated that in the 2018-19 policies CWT is defined as being conducted by the evaluator. She also stated that it had been reported that at MHS Coaches were conducting CWT’s. Dr. McNulty stated CWT’s will not be evaluative. He stated it’s a feedback tool of the instructional process, not an evaluation tool and should be non-judgmental.

VI. Other: Monthly meetings will be held the 4th Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

Chairperson stated some teachers are over the 150-student limit. L. LeVar stated it’s because it’s the beginning of the year and they are still trying to hire. Chairperson Fitzgiven stated teachers should be receiving payment until that happens.

The procedure for donating sick days to teachers in need should be online. Chairperson Fitzgiven will follow-up with Shawn Burgess.

There are three positions for the PPC: 1. Replace Loveida Ingram for one year. 2. Melissa Moore’s position for 3-year. 3. Judy Stockrahm’s position for 3-year term. The committee set election timeline to be sent out to all classroom teachers.

VII. Adjournment: 5:48 p.m.

Minutes Submitted by Judy Stockrahm, Secretary