PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: October 23, 2017

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: October 23, 2017

Attendance:  Chairperson Pam Fitzgiven, Judy Stockrahm, Loveida Ingram, Melissa Moore, Renee George, Jeff Senn, Shawn Burgess, and Superintendent Dr. Janice Warren

  1. Call to Order: 4:38 p.m.
  2. Approval of Agenda: Motion to accept the agenda with a change to the order was made by J. Senn; seconded by S. Burgess. Motion carried.
  3. Approval of September Minutes: Motion to approve minutes with any necessary grammatical corrections was made by R. George; seconded by M. Moore. Motion carried.
  4. TimeClockPlus: Chairperson Fitzgiven asked what was the process for creating a procedure—how is that done? S. Burgess stated that typically a legislative audit births it. Then the Superintendent’s cabinet or the department approves it. Why do we have to sign-in TimeClock Plus if we are on a field trip or for testing? S. Burgess stated that it is because the District must account for the teachers if they are not in their regular assignment. Chairperson Fitzgiven stated that didn’t make sense because testing and field trips are all part of their regular assignments.
  5. Budget/Bonus: Chair Fitzgiven stated she invited Denise Palmer to attend meeting but at the last minute she was unable to attend. She asked, “Does our school district have a separate savings account?” NLR school district had a separate account with about $30 million. That is the money they used to receive their $2500 raise. Based on 900 full-time certified employees is will cost approximately $2.5 million. After some discussion, a motion for a bonus was made.

    Motion was made by L. Ingram to propose a $2500 bonus for all full-time certified employees and $1250 bonus for all half-time certified employees to be paid in December; seconded by R. George. Motion carried by way of  Roll Call vote: Ms Burgess: Yes, Mr. Senn, yes, Ms George Yes, Ms Moore yes, Ms Ingram yes, Mrs. Fitzgiven Yes, Stockrahm Yes. Motion carried.
  6. Unresolved Issues from September Meeting: Elementary Math (Ms. Townsend) and Literacy (Ms. Beckman) Coordinators were present tonight for clarification about roles and expectations. Ms. Townsend stated that Math is aligned with State Law and ADE regulations. They have a coaching cycle—modeling, watching strategies, collaboration between teacher and coach. The teacher and the coach fill it out together. The Coaches are to prearrange visits in the classroom with the classroom teacher. Ms. Beckman, Literacy Coordinator stated the Coaches are there to support the teachers but NOT the students. The academic interventionist works with students. Chairperson Fitzgiven asked if there was a standard form that was being used? Ms. Townsend just repeated herself that everything is aligned with State Law and ADE regulations. Chairperson Fitzgiven asked about the coaching cycle and who places the teacher on a cycle. J. Senn stated the principal places the teacher on a coaching cycle. The cycles are prearranged with the teacher.

    In the district, RMS use a triplicate copy of an observation form. The Coach completes it and a copy is given to the principal, the teacher, and the Coach. Burgess states that when schools reach a certain “status”, extra documentation is required.

    Dr. Warren wants a district wide form for the Coaches to use. The triplicate forms that are being used in some secondary schools for observations are not PCSSD approved and are not need to be used for observations/walk-throughs.

    Psych examiner salary: The support staff and certified staff were on the same pay scale. Then they separated out. All were on certified scale. Chairperson Fitzgiven asked if the job description requires an examiner to be certified. The answer was “NO”. The concern is that there is one examiner that is not certified and is on the support staff pay scale and is paid more than those on the certified scale, yet the job description is the same. The committee will discuss further at a later date.

    NSLA money: Chairperson Fitzgiven reminded administration that any NSLA money left from last year could be spent on teacher salary as per the Commissioner of Education. According to administration, this money has already spent. What is it being used for? Secondary money uses it for different things: Parent/teacher PD, From the Heart, Looking at SOI schools, facilitators, etc.
  7. Certified Personnel Policies: Members of the committee received a copy of the 2017-2018 Certified Personnel Policies. Chairperson Fitzgiven charged the committee to check over the policies for things that need to be addressed, i.e.: cell phones, sick leave policy, etc. Dr. Warren pointed out the “Administrative index” for Deputy Superintendent as something that needs to be addressed.  
  8. Planning Time: Chairperson Fitzgiven voiced her concern that teachers at Harris, Bates, Mills, and Fuller are being taken advantage with their planning time because they are focus/priority school. They are mandated to look at data. 200 minutes per week of planning time still pertains to these teachers.
  9. PLCs: Some secondary schools are directed to have PLCs before or after school. It was recommended that J. Tackett can send an email out saying that they will be compensated. SHHS is a site-based school. They meet once a month for an hour and a half. Robinson Middle was directed to do it during their planning period. Maumelle HS has is it once a week during prep-time, which still leaves the teachers with 200 minutes of planning time per week. 
  10. Adjournment:  7:06 Motion to adjourn was made by L. Ingram; seconded by J. Senn. Motion carried.


Submitted by: Judy Stockrahm, M.Ed.  

Secretary of the Certified PPC