PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: February 7, 2017

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: February 7, 2017

Present: Chair Pam Fitzgiven, Judy Stockrahm, Loveida Ingram, Melissa Moore, Dr. Jerry Guess, Paul Brewer

I. Call to Order: 5:03 p.m.

II. Approval of Agenda:

Motion to approve was made by L. Ingram; seconded by M. Moore; motion carried. 

III. Approval of January Minutes:

Motion to accept with any necessary changes was L. Ingram; seconded by M. Moore; Motion carried. 

IV. Budget Cut Concerns:

Dr. Guess will make an announcement next Tuesday, February 14 at the School Board meeting regarding budget cuts. Chair Fitzgiven asked to get a copy. Dr. Guess stated he did not want to give a copy until the Board saw it first, but would share with the committee. The District is looking at approximately $66,000 more in cuts.

Instructional Facilitators: If an elementary has 300 or less students, it will have 1 IF—over 300 students the elementary will have 2 IFs. This will be a million-dollar savings to the District. Secondary schools will have a team of 6 IFs to work within the feeder patterns with the exception of Mills. Because Mills is still in academic distress they will have 4 Ifs—2 at Fuller and 2 at Mills.

Cuts to classified—The District will lose 20 buses next year. Cuts will be made to maintenance as well.

Special Ed is looking at how they can make changes. Para educators for CBI may have to get CDL license. 

V. Certified Personnel Policies:

Chair Fitzgiven discussed the need to make some language changes to the following policies:

  1. Non-Instructional Duties: #2 pay for going beyond the 60 minutes
  2. Lunch Duty: need language for secondary teachers who do lunch duty and get paid. When do they get paid and how much they get paid
  3. Professional Development: p. 107 flex vs. off contract day. Language is confusing and needs to be rewritten. Dr. Guess gave his input on the wording.

R. George reminded the committee that language regarding Department Chairs needs to be changed to reflect payment each semester. 

Dr. Guess agreed to let Chair Fitzgiven write language changes to bring back to committee next month.

Chair Fitzgiven stated that as a committee we all need to be looking at the language in order to make any necessary changes prior to May.

VI. Make-up Day:

The District will follow the 2016-17 calendar for the one make-up day.

VII. Adjournment:

Motion to adjourn was made by Guess; seconded by Brewer; Motion carried.