PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: January 3, 2017

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: January 3, 2017

Present: Pam Fitzgiven, Judy Stockrahm, Loveida Ingram, Melissa Moore, Dr. Janice Warren, Paul Brewer, Jerry Guess, Denise Palmer, Shawn Burgess

I. Call to Order:  5:07 pm.  

Quorum called. 

II. Approval of Agenda:

Motion to approve was made by Dr. Warren.2nd by Ingram. Motion carried. 

III. Approval of December Minutes:

Motion to approve with specific change to amount of money for losing students to approximately “2 million dollars” and with necessary corrections was made my L. Ingram; seconded by M. Moore. Motion carried. 

IV. 2017-2018 PCSSD Calendar:

Motion to accept 2017-2018 PCSSD calendar with two 3 hour PD days on April 19th and 26th after the workday, August 10 will be half day PD and half day classroom prep, and August 11 will be full day Classroom Prep was made by J. Stockrahm; seconded by L. Ingram. Motion carried.

V. Budget Cut Concerns:

It appears cuts are being made at the building levels with no cuts at the Central Office Level. Chairperson Fitzgiven voiced her concern with making cuts to programs and personnel that directly impact students and student achievement. She reminded administration that student achievement should be our top priority and when it comes to making cuts to the budget, the District needs to look at cutting positions and programs that do not directly impact students.

Fitzgiven stated in the meeting she requested via email a spreadsheet with specific information regarding certified positions that were not considered classroom teachers or building principals but did not receive all the information requested. Dr. Warren asked if she could give an example of a position so the committee could better understand the concern. Fitzgiven used Beverly Williams position as an example of what she was requesting. She stated she is making over $92,000 a year, but did not have the information as to when her position was created or how long her position has been in place and what exactly does she do in the District. Dr. Warren stated that her position was created 2 years ago. Fitzgiven stated that is the kind of thing the District needs to look at to cut—Why are we paying someone that kind of money with a job that was created two years ago and who does not directly impact students? Fitzgiven requested another spreadsheet be done to reflect the information requested on other positions.

Dr. Warren stated there has been jobs cut at Central Office last year. Learning Services cut clerical and 2 certified positions. Two positions were cut from HR. Each department at Central Office had to cut positions last year. Dr. Bednar’s job had not been filled. Fitzgiven asked if that was a position the cut or just didn’t fill. Dr. Guess stated it wasn’t a cut, and that it is possible they will fill the position. Fitzgiven requested a list of all positions cut at the Central Office last year.

Fitzgiven asked why IF’s are being cut? Dr. Warren stated the District needed to change the job description of the IF’s. In order to do that, they would have to non-renew them and then rehire them. She stated the District is looking into only having 1 rather than 2. Fitzgiven voiced her concern about the workload for one individual to take on Math and Language Arts, especially with the testing. No final decisions have been made about IF’s. Fitzgiven requested a copy of the current job description for the IF’s and a copy of the one the District is working on when finalized and stated again that the District needs to look more closely at cutting positions that do not directly impact students.

VI. Non-Unitary Concerns (Discipline, School Facilities, Staffing, Student Achievement):

Fitzgiven stated she understands why the District is focusing on school facilities and staffing because those are the two areas that are the easiest to try to fix especially that the last year of Deseg money must be spent on facilities. Our focus must always be student achievement. She questioned the Kindergarten report cards and why the District has placed the Reading level in which a K student must read at a higher level than the State Department requirement. Are we setting our students up for failure even as early as Kindergarten? Dr. Warren stated that the report cards were created by K teachers. Fitzgiven stated that was not her understanding of what took place. Fitzgiven stated the District should be looking at what they can do in Kindergarten to create an atmosphere conducive to learning not one that will frustrate students.

Dyslexia training-- IF’s can’t continue to do it by law because they are being funded by Title I one funds and the District cannot use state funds for Dyslexia. Therefore, the District is looking at hiring 8 people to be trained solely for the purpose of working with students that are identified as dyslexic.

Fitzgiven questioned about cutting the Scholars program in the Mills feeder pattern. Shawn Burgess and Dr. Warren stated it was not working and hasn’t been working. Fitzgiven asked them why it wasn’t working when at one time Mills was recognized Nationally as a scholar school. They were unable to tell the committee why it was no longer working. She stated it should be the District’s responsibility to determine why a program is no longer working and fix the problem rather than doing away with the program. Once the program is cut there will be about 6 certified positions cut as well because they will be going back to a 7-period day instead of block scheduling. P. Brewer stated he anticipates that those jobs along with the IF’s positions will be absorbed through attrition and no one will really be cut.

Financial report was sent by Denise Palmer to us by email. We’re asking for copies of her charts from the first board meeting. Palmer reviewed her reports with us and stated she would email the charts to the committee.

VII. PLC Meetings:

Dr. Warren stated that there will be no “before or after school” PLC meetings starting the 2017-18 school year for elementary, but is not sure about secondary schools. PLC schedules for Oak Grove Elementary were shared with Dr. Warren. 

VIII. Assessment Dr. Mack Hines:

(Elementary discipline program) Fitzgiven asked if the two programs were the money the District spends on them—Do they help with student discipline? Dr. Warren stated that the District would not be cutting those two programs because of the Deseg plan. She shared an assessment with Chair Fitzgiven. 

IX. Assessment “from the Heart”:

(Secondary discipline program) AIMMES (used to be Pathwise) Dr. Warren shared an assessment with Chair Fitzgiven. District plans to keep this program as part of Deseg Plan. 

X. Adjournment: 7:04 pm

Motion to adjourn was made by L. Ingram; seconded by M. Moore. Motion carried. 

Minutes submitted by Judy Stockrahm, Secretary Certified PPC, M. Ed.