PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: November 10, 2016

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: November 10, 2016

Present: Chair Pam Fitzgiven, Judy Stockrahm, Loveida Ingram, Melissa Moore, Superintendent Jerry Guess, Paul Brewer

I. Call to Order: 5:05 Quorum Called

II. Approval of Agenda:

Motion to approve the agenda to table items V., VI., VII for next month was made by Dr. Guess; seconded by P. Brewer; Motion carried.

III. Approval of October Minutes:

Motion to accept minutes with any necessary corrections was made by L. Ingram; seconded by M. Moore; Motion carried

IV. Salary Schedule and Job Title for Vision and Hearing:

Bill Goff was unable to attend but Dr. Guess stated that he spoke to Mr. Goff and he had no legitimate reason as to why the Vision salary percentage is less than the Hearing salary percentage or why the job title was changed. According to Dr. Guess, it was simply an oversight and agrees it Vision salary percentage should be the same as the Hearing percentage. Dr. Guess stated it could not be changed until next year because the salary schedule is policy. He stated that the only way it could be changed for this the 2016-2017 school year would be to put it to a vote among all Certified employees. Chairperson Fitzgiven asked if the pay would be retro for the two Vision teachers if the change doesn’t take place until the 2017-2018 school year. Dr. Guess stated no because salary is already set for this year. Chairperson Fitzgiven stated she disagrees because she believes salary is treated differently under the law than other policies and does not follow the same course of action. She stated she will research it to see if there is a way to get the two teachers paid what they should be paid the 2016-2017 school year without having to put it to a vote.

V. PLC meetings: Tabled until December

VI. Assessment Dr. Mack Hines: Tabled until December

VII. Assessment “From the Heart”: Tabled until December

VIII. PPC p. 7 Language Change to Comply with ACA 6-17-203:

Chairperson Fitzgiven will send via email to Certified PPC for their input or acceptance of the language change.

IX. ESSA Committee for the District:

Chairperson Fitzgiven asked if the District knows anything about creating a Committee of if they have already done this. Dr. Guess stated he was unaware of this. Chairperson Fitzgiven requested that when a Committee is created the Certified PPC be a part of that.

X. District Calendar:

The tri-district met recently and P. Brewer gave a copy of what the District has put together for the 2017-2018 calendar. Chairperson asked if the District would look at requiring only 36 hours of PD rather than 60 hours of PD and have 4 days in calendar for teacher workdays. Dr. Guess stated he would think about it. The Certified PPC will finalize the calendar at the December meeting.

XII. Address email subject “class supply money”:

Chairperson Fitzgiven stated there is no law regarding instructional money for secondary teachers like there is for elementary teachers, but thought there was Board Policy that addressed it. She stated that there was for sure language in our Professional Negotiations Agreement (PNA) regarding instructional money for secondary teachers. Dr. Guess stated he could not find it in Board Policy. He also stated he was not looking at taking any money away from anyone but just wanted clarification on where he could find language addressing the issue.

XIII. Question(s) Regarding Policies:

Chairperson Fitzgiven asked, “Is administration considering changing or working on changing any of the current policies?” She stated, she did not want the Committee to be surprised with anything or given any changes at last minute like what happened in June of this year. Dr. Guess stated he won’t wait until April and May to make any changes but at this point he is not working on any changes. He also stated he doesn’t know what the new School Board will want from him. Dr. Guess stated that something will have to be done about absenteeism. The Committee had some discussion about having a positive approach if it is truly a problem rather than a punitive approach.

XIV. Adjournment: 5:36 p.m.

P. Brewer stated we need to select Chairperson and a Secretary. The Committee was in agreement that Pam Fitzgiven would continue as Chairperson and Judy Stockrahm would continue to be Secretary. 

Minutes Submitted by Judy Stockrahm, Secretary Certified PPC