PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: October 11, 2016

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: October 11, 2016

Present:  Chairperson Pam Fitzgiven, Judy Stockrahm, Loveida Ingram, Melissa Moore, Renee George, Dr. Warren, Paul Brewer, Superintendent Jerry Guess

I. Call to Order: 5:07 pm Quorum called

II. Approval of Agenda:

Motion to accept the agenda was made by L. Ingram; seconded by Dr. Warren; Motion carried.

III. Approval of September Minutes:

Motion to accept the minutes with necessary changes was L. Ingram; seconded by M. Moore. Motion carried.

IV. District Budget (Denise Palmer) and Teacher Salary Increase:

D. Palmer was not present. Dr. Guess stated that he’s not ready to discuss budget issues including any salary issues or bonuses. Chairperson asked if the budget was turned in on time. Dr. Guess stated Yes. Dr. Chairperson Fitzgiven asked for the budget to be brought in so the Committee can see it. 

V. Salary Schedule and Job Title for Vision and Hearing:

Emails were sent to the Chair about their concern, but because administration stated they were not willing to collaborate on the proposed salary schedule, it was not addressed in June. The two vision and one hearing employees do not receive the same amount. They should have stayed the same but they didn’t. Multipliers were different. They are all three placed on the administrative salary schedule when they had a separate salary schedule before. They are not administrators. They are certified teachers because they have direct contact with students. Their job titles changed when they were placed on the administrative salary schedule. The Superintendent and P. Brewer both stated that there was a mistake but it cannot be fixed until next year or through a vote of the certified personnel. Chairperson disagreed and stated that since it has to do with salary it can be taken care of this year. Dr. Guess stated Bill Goff is responsible for the multipliers and he would be the one to answer our questions for the discrepancy between pay and the change in title.  Motion to place the visual educators on correct salary Index of 1.2 was made by L. Ingram; seconded by J. Stockrahm. Discussion was made and the motion was amended. 

Amended motion to include “for this school year, go through the correct steps”. 

Motion to place the visual educators on the correct salary index of 1.2 for this school year and to go through the correct steps was made by R. George; seconded by J. Stockrahm; Motion carried by way of roll call vote.

  • J. Stockrahm Yes,
  • P. Fitzgiven: Yes, 
  • L. Ingram: Yes, 
  • M. Moore: Yes, 
  • R. George: Yes, 
  • P. Brewer: Yes, 
  • J. Guess: Yes, 
  • J. Warren: No

The Committee agreed to postpone taking motion to CAB until next month in order to discuss with Bill Goff at our November meeting.

VI. PLC meetings:

PLC’s are inconsistent across the district. Chairperson Fitzgiven reminded administration this has been an ongoing problem and the teachers on the Certified PPC have been trying to get the district to create consistency with the meetings. Most elementary schools have them after school. Oakbrooke has PLCs once a week during the teachers planning time. Dr. Warren stated that is how she believes it should be done at the elementary and secondary schools—once a week during the planning time. Dr. Warren requested that it be placed on the agenda again for next month.

VII. Assessment Dr. Mack Hines:

Dr. Warren will supply the Committee with feedback. He has a leadership team that works with teachers. 

VIII. Assessment “From the Heart”:

Warren will supply the Committee with feedback. There is a student and teacher component. This is a secondary program.  Principal’s recommended which teachers participate. 

Committee’s question: What is the basis for how they select teachers? 

IX. PPC p.7 Language Change to Comply with ACA 6-17-203:

Chairperson Fitzgiven stated that the last paragraph on the page regarding the number of people on the PPC in the event of someone resigned is not in compliance with the law. Therefore, according to the current law, we can change this without having to go through all the steps. Dr. Guess suggested that the Chair draft it up, send it to him, and he would take it to Key. 

X. Adjournment: 6:33 pm

Minutes submitted by Judy Stockrahm, Certified PPC Secretary