PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 2, 2016

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 2, 2016

Present: Chairperson Pam Fitzgiven, Judy Stockrahm, Melissa Moore, Loveida Ingram, Renee George, Dr. Janice Warren, Paul Brewer, Superintendent Jerry Guess

I. Call to Order: 1:27 p.m. 

II. Approval of Agenda:

A motion to accept the agenda was made by Paul Brewer; seconded by Melissa Moore. Motion carries.

III. Approval of February Minutes:

A motion to accept by the minutes was made by Renee George; seconded by Paul Brewer. Motion carries.

IV. Referred Item from Classified PPC:

The Classified PPC referred a letter to the Certified PPC from a group of classified employees regarding a pay increase for nursing certification. After discussion, a motion to refer back to the Classified PPC was made by Dr. Warren; seconded by Loveida Ingram. Motion carries. 

V. Sick Leave:

Chairperson Fitzgiven stated that we were here to discuss changes to the sick leave policies due to the fact that Certified PPC administration confirmed in last month’s meeting that principals were told that the sick leave policy will be changing. Chairperson Fitzgiven requested that the conversation start with Superintendent Guess. Dr. Guess stated he did not have his recommendation ready to present and that he is going to present it to the Community Advisory Board (CAB) and after Commissioner Key approves it, then it will come back to the Certified PPC. Chairperson Fitzgiven voiced her concern and frustration that he would allow the teachers serving on the Certified PPC committee to take a ½ day of work to come to discuss sick leave policy changes knowing he was going to bypass the Certified PPC and go directly to the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for approval, then to the Commissioner, and then back to the Certified PPC—a two to three month process verses a one month process. 

VI. Professional Development:

PD located on page 55 of the Certified Personnel Policies. Chairperson Fitzgiven stated that the District has not been in compliance with the law regarding a Professional Development Committee. There needs to be policy addressing how the committee will be created, the number of employees serving on the committee, and the responsibilities of the committee. Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Rules Governing Professional Development of February 2016 was distributed. ADE PD regulations allow for some college credit to count toward required PD. Dr. Guess stated that PCSSD will grant PD for college credit but that it must be used as Flex/PD. Chairperson Fitzgiven stated that is not what ADE regulations state. The committee discussed many items of change for the PD policy for the 2016-2017 school year.

PD committee: The Certified PPC agreed that the following people would make up the PD Committee: 

  1. 4 classroom teachers: 2 Elementary and 2 secondary (One of the 4 classroom teachers will be the Chairperson Certified PPC) 
  2. 2 administrators: 1 Elementary and 1 Secondary 
  3. 3 classified employees: 2 of which must be paraprofessionals and 1 of which will be the Chairperson Classified PPC
  4. 2 Central Office employees

The changes to PD policies need to state what the District expectations are for acquiring PD hours. The District will require 60 hours of PD. 

August 5, 2016 is labeled Flex/PD on the District calendar for 2016-2017 school year. The District will not offer Professional Development on that day. Teachers will need to get this PD on their own. 

Teachers first day to report to work is August 8, 2016. 

November 4, 2016 is a Flex/PD day. 

November 21, 2016, the District will offer Professional Development-- it is NOT a Flex/PD day. 

The new policies will need to define flex/PD and mention there will be times in which PD needs to be taken “off contract”.  

If a teacher actually misses a PD day because of a true illness, what is happening? Dr. Warren states she told principals that teachers are to make up the FEPSI day. Law allows a teacher to make up any missed required PD due to illness throughout the following school year.

Administration states that PCSSD will continue with the PD year beginning June 1 and ending May 31. 

Dr. Warren distributed a handout from the Arkansas School Boards Association regarding PD for the committee to refer to.

We need to make sure that all PD forms are updated to match our PD policies and District calendar.

The Certified PPC committee agreed to allow Chairperson Fitzgiven to draft a PD policy proposal for next month’s meeting. 

VII. Jacksonville Detachment Concerns:

Clarification on whether or not employees were allowed to transfer from a Jacksonville school to a school in PCSSD or vice versa this school year. Administration stated this is the transition year and there are no transfers accepted between what will be the new JNPSD and what will be the remaining PCSSD. 

VIII. Adjournment:

A motion to adjourn was made by Dr. Warren; seconded by Loveida Ingram. Motion carries. Adjourned 3:27 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Judy Stockrahm, Certified PPC Secretary