PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 10, 2015

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 10, 2015

Superintendent's Boardroom

Present: Chairperson Pam Fitzgiven, Judy Stockrahm, Loveida Ingram, Robert Austin, Renee George, Paul Brewer, Superintendent Jerry Guess, and Dr. Janice Warren

I. Call to order:

5:05 p.m.

II. Approval of Agenda:

Motion to accept the agenda was made by Loveida Ingram; seconded by Dr. Warren. Motion carried.

III. Approval of January 27th Minutes:

Motion to accept minutes was made by Loveida Ingram; seconded by Paul Brewer. Motion carried.

IV. Staff Development:

A. Plan for Next Year:

A plan for the 18 hours of PD for the 3 days off Thanksgiving week was discussed with the Committee.

  • Taking 18 hours of PD online is not possible—law states 12 hours of online PD is the limit.
  • Having a November 1 cut-off date for the 18 hours poses problems for new hires and for teachers that must get their Professional Growth Plans signed by their principal. Also, PD options are offered throughout the year that might be beneficial to teachers and their PGP. May 1 is a better date because it allows teachers ample time to receive 18 hours of PD, and it is a date for which teachers are used to having their credit completed.
  • The 18 hours will no longer be called “flex credit”. The District will not offer PD during the week of Thanksgiving.

A motion was made by Judy Stockrahm and seconded by Superintendent Guess to accept the following PD plan for 2015-2016 school year:

Teachers will have until May 1 to complete 18 hours of PD with no District wide PD provided during the week of Thanksgiving. The 18 hours of PD will be taken in collaboration between the teacher and the principal. A copy of ACT 44 was distributed by Chairperson Fitzgiven. It states that districts have to provide no Less than 6 days a year of professional development for teachers to renew their certification.

B. Make up Day:

Dr. Bednar’s email went out today giving an explanation of options to make up the missed staff development day from February.

V. Inclement Weather Days:

Act 286 was distributed by Chairperson Fitzgiven. This law allows the Superintendent to add an hour to the beginning or end of the day. The Committee agreed to send out a survey Wednesday, March 11 to get teacher input before deciding how the days will be made up. Committee member Renee George was put in charge of creating the survey and sending to teachers. The survey will end at 4:00 on Friday, March 13.

VI. Plan for Northwood:

Community Advisory Board voted last night to close Scott and Northwood.

M to M transfers will continue for 2 more years. For the 2015-2016 school students at Northwood that live in PCSSD will be moved to SHMS. Students living in Jacksonville will stay at Northwood. Northwood will then become the JMS for one year. Jacksonville Middle school teachers will move with the students.Chairperson Fitzgiven stressed her concern as to what will happen to the teachers at Northwood for next year and stated that the involuntary transfer policy should be followed for these teachers. Dr. Warren stated teachers should be told that they will be involuntarily transferred so they can begin the process of completing the paperwork. Teachers will first be placed at SHMS or other secondary schools that need them. Other teachers can’t be hired until all Northwood teachers are placed in a PCSSD school. They get first choice of where to go.

Plan for Scott:

M to M transfers will continue for 2 more years. Scott students will be going to Harris. They can get a permit to attend another school but transportation will not be provided. The process for teacher placement will be the same as Northwood.

VII. Plan for JNPSD:

Chairperson Fitzgiven asked why the plan wasn’t brought to the PPC first when the Committee has asked at every meeting what the plan was for JNPSD. She acknowledged the law that allows the Superintendent to have a choice to approach the Board or the PPC with a recommendation, but she voiced her frustration with the Superintendent to exclude teachers or the Certified PPC from creating a plan that ultimately affects licensed personnel. The Commissioner has already been made aware of the Superintendent’s plan. Therefore, it is highly likely that it will be approved as a proposal and sent back to the Certified PPC. Chairperson Fitzgiven stated that she would not support the recommendation as written. She stated there should be only one seniority list and teachers in PCSSD and Jacksonville should be allowed to choose which school district they would like to remain a part of. Then allocations should be made based on teacher choice. There was much discussion among the Committee and the teachers on the Committee voiced their concerns with the Superintendent’s recommendation that was made to the CAB. The Superintendent stated that if the recommendation becomes policy, it would not go into effect until July 1. He did agree that allowing teachers to indicate an interest in a school district was a constructive idea.

A motion was made by Judy Stockrahm and seconded by Robert Austin to accept the following proposal:

Teachers will choose which school district they would like to stay in and to use only one (1) seniority center.

Roll Call Vote:

  • Robert Austin: Yes
  • Loveida Ingram: Yes
  • Superintendent Guess: *abstain
  • Renee George: Yes
  • Paul Brewer: *abstain
  • Pam Fitzgiven: Yes
  • Judy Stockrahm: Yes
  • Dr. Warren: Not present to vote—left meeting early

    *Abstaining from a vote is considered a NO vote.

Motion carried.

Superintendent Guess explained why he abstained from voting on the motion. He stated that he doesn’t want to vote for it because he doesn’t agree with it. He doesn’t want to vote against it out of respect for the committee.

IX. Adjournment: 6:30 p.m.

Minutes Submitted by Judy Stockrahm, Secretary Certified PPC