PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: Nov. 06, 2013

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: Nov. 06, 2013

Attendance: Dr.  Guess, Attorney Allen Roberts, Bill Goff, Janice Warren, Jackie Smith, Paul Brewer, Pam Fitzgiven, Loveida Ingram, Joyce Bender, Judy Stockrahm

Call to Order: 4:42 p.m.

Chairperson Pam Fitzgiven asked Dr. Guess the reason for an “emergency” meeting and why there was a need to use the tax payers money to have an attorney present when there has never been one present for a PPC meeting. We did not see the need to waste members dues money to have our attorney present for a PPC meeting.

Dr. Guess indicated it was because the PPC had requested a copy of the budget and if the PPC had issues, Allen Roberts was there to assist and to ask if there was anything that the PPC thought should be looked at.

Bill Goff led the discussion by stating that there are 40,000 line items in the budget. He added that they use a computer system now, legal fund balance is used to pay all certified staff and the Teacher Salary Fund shows the gross salary. He stated that 80% of the budget is personnel cost. At the end of May 2013 everyone was moved to a personnel budgeting module. They looked at benefits and it’s like a “moving target to get precise”. He added that experience steps were included and the baseline for non-personnel was set at the beginning of January 2013. They looked at program needs at this time. The ALE’s were moved to secondary schools causing the need to hire new teachers. Money was based on the number of kids in ALE last year. Security officers were added. Other than that, Mr. Goff added, that there aren’t many changes. The excess of money left over is transferred to building costs.

Paul Brewer distributed a list of current FTE’s.

Loveida Ingram stated that we need May 2013 FTE’s numbers.

Dr. Guess stated that in the Legal Fund, we want 10% of the annual expenditures.

Bill Goff stated that debt service payments are due in August. December 31st is the high point. Bonds are required to transfer over to building funds. There was a $3 Million tax growth put over into the building fund. There is a $4 Million assessment growth expected this year.

Dr. Guess “Let me explain why we reached our goal early”. He stated that the Legislative Act 871 of 2011 allows that money collected by June 30 can be counted for that year. He adds that in 2011, we would have been in the whole $500,000. Instead we had a $15 Million “windfall”. He added it was a nervous time in 2011. The surplus of money was there because of a one-time anomaly. He added “the year-end balance is the only thing that is important”. “We’re repurposing money that we are able to because of how we are prioritizing money. We are going to continue on this path”.

Bill Goff stated that the classified schedule was redone last year. The focus was on keeping up with hours worked, simplifying and consolidating. “No one took a reduction” and “experience increment was given”.

Paul Brewer shared that for 2014-2015, we are “out of compliance” with the salary schedule and that the law requires administrators and teachers be on the same salary schedule.

Bill Goff stated that we’re needing to give certified money. He stated that one salary schedule is needed.

Dr. Guess reiterated on how changes are made with the PPC (vote by the teachers for it to go into effect the current school year or approval by board and Dr. Kimbrell). He discussed our Health Insurance. He said in ’14-’15, the focus will be in how public schools are funded. Dr. Guess stated that the question is “what can we do this year for teachers”. The $4 Million can be transferred. There is a 25 mill charge. Increase in URT for purposes identified to the district. 5 mills pay debt payments. There is a $250 Million in assessment increases. Insurance costs are still going to affect people. He then stated that he may propose a one-time bonus to staff members, given before Christmas. To use towards facilities, would be wiser, he added. Chairperson Pam Fitzgiven stated to Dr. Guess that if he wanted to do something for the teachers, why not a 2% increase to the base of the salary schedule? The Health Insurance problem will still be the next year and the years after.

Dr. Guess responded “I’m not ready to do that yet”. He then added “How do we neutralize the deseg money”. A question was posed if the bonus would affect salaries.

Bill Goff added “no district in fiscal distress gives money”.

Chairperson Pam Fitzgiven questioned then “Why are we in fiscal distress?”

No Response was given.

Bill Goff stated that classified got no cut. He added that “we do not want to reduce salaries”. Dr. Guess states that he is looking at revising the ’14-15 school year, effective July 1 but adds “We don’t know yet if it will be a reduction”.

Chairperson Pam Fitzgiven voiced her disgust with these statements. She stated that teachers have already lost thousands of dollars while not one of the administrators in the room took a reduction in pay or benefits. She asked to be corrected if that statement was wrong. Nothing was said. She said she was appalled that they would even consider a reduction in pay for teachers again.

She stated that the PPC will make a decision regarding the one-time bonus and the 2% salary increase at next week’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Dr. Guess added he has been told not to do this at all

Meeting was adjourned at 5:36 pm.

Minutes Submitted by: Judy Stockrahm, PPC Secretary