PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 7, 2012

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 7, 2012

Present: Robin Dorey, Callie Matthews, Kristina Laughy, Paul Brewer(?), Nick Witherspoon, and Diane Wagner
Absent: Jackie Smith, Veronica Perkins


The meeting began at approximately 4:00.

Announcements received


  • All present introduced themselves.
  • Original committee member Ella Sergeant has resigned. Nick Witherspoon is serving in an unofficial capacity as her replacement until such time that an official replacement is secured.
  • Concern about the lawsuit directed toward RD, CM, KL, and DW was brought up. PB told us to “throw it in a drawer and forget about it”. He assured us that the District would “take care of [us]” should anything come of it.

History Lesson

  • PB gave a brief explanation of why last year’s attempt to form a PPC failed. He feels that this year the district is better prepared and the installation of a new PPC should be successful.
  • PB stressed that the PPC must be led and run by teachers, not administrators.

Election of Chair and Secretary

  • Robin Dorey was elected Chair
  • Diane Wagner was elected Secretary

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 13.

Because of erratic schedules of the PPC participants, it was decided to plan meetings only one week at a time for awhile. Some like the idea of rotating the meetings among the different schools.


The chairman thanked all participants for their presence and concluded the meeting at approximately 5:30.

Action List, dated March 7

Item no.ActionByDeadlineStatus
1Replace Ella SergeantPBASAP