PCSSD - Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 13, 2012

Certified Personnel Policy Committee Minutes: March 13, 2012

Present: Robin Dorey – chair, Paul Brewer, Callie Matthews, Kristina Laughy, Nick Witherspoon, Veronica Perkins, Diane Wagner – minutes secretary Absent: Jackie Smith

1. Opening

PB opens the meeting at 4:08

2. Announcements and Documents Received

  • Introduction of the PBP*. Skipped to 4.
Documents Received:
  • PCSSD Proposed Board Policies* Section G – Personnel (Draft Copy 11.10.2011)
  • Professional Negotiations Agreement Between PCSSD & PACT (PNA)

3. Approval of minutes of meeting held March 7, as well as action list

The minutes are approved.
Item no.ActionByDeadlineStatus
1Replace Ella SergeantPBASAP

4. PB suggests changes to PBP

  • Professional Growth
  • Renumbering the document
  • Should we split into groups? Divide the work load?

5. Considerations for possible change

  • Professional Growth contract/credit/compensation
  • Severance packages
  • Fringe benefits (section gbdb)
  • Severance for support staff
  • Section gdm-r – prof. growth

6. Instructions

  • Group will “jigsaw” the PBP – each compare a different section to the PNA & propose changes.
  • PPC will not change/propose changes to items regarding “classified” personnel.
  • Sections gc-gcs – we’ll divide those 26 sections between the 7 of us.

7. PB directs us back to item 3.

8. Motion

RD motions to elect NW to replace Ella Sergeant as a PPC member. KL 2nds the motion. Motion carries with a unanimous vote.

9. Next meeting will be Wednesday, 28th March – 3:45, here.

10. Adjournment

PB thanks all participants for their presence and concludes the meeting at 4:41pm.

Action List, dated March 13

Item no.ActionByDeadlineStatus
1Sections gc through gcbcDWMarch 28
2Sections gcbd through gcebCMMarch 28
3Sections gcfb through gcgbKLMarch 28
4Sections gch through gciRDMarch 28
5Sections gcjb through gcocNWMarch 28
6Sections gcp through gcqeVPMarch 28
7Sections gcrb through gcsPBMarch 28